Making The Most Of Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is the biggest star to sign with TNA Wrestling. Not only that but one could make the debate that Kurt Angle is one of the best professional wrestlers in history. When he came to TNA, he put TNA on the map. He made every professional wrestling fan not want to miss a minute of TNA. I heard there were some people who, around this time, started calling TNA Total Nonstop Angle. I very much disagree with this. I have a huge amount of respect for Kurt Angle. For many years in WWE and TNA, Angle was been my favorite wrestler of all time. I remember that I used to always play him when playing wrestling video games.

Kurt Angle’s nickname is The Cyborg. This is for good reason. This man works harder than everyone else. Even at his current age, 45 years old, he is still one of the best workers in the business. Fans everywhere still want to see him wrestle. We cannot get enough of Kurt Angle. In everything this man does, he does with all of his heart. For a long time, I have thought of this man as an inspiration. Watching him do what he does best makes me want to do everything better than I have before. Remember his feud with Samoa Joe? Even though the feud was arguably given to the fans far too early, this was the most exciting feud that TNA has possibly ever had. Every time someone gets in the ring with Kurt, they come out as a better wrestler.

In 2013, Kurt Angle was officially inducted into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame. May I say this: he absolutely deserves the award. You would be hard pressed to think of others who are better suited for the Hall of Fame. Kurt has had his best matches in TNA Wrestling. Kurt is a wrestling machine and a true legend in this business. Including his WWE and TNA titles, Kurt has been a ten time World Heavyweight Champion. He is also a TNA Triple Crown Champion, having held all three titles (X-Division, Tag Team, Heavyweight) at the same time. One thing that you always know when you see that Kurt Angle is wrestling, you are going to see a high quality match.

On May 9, 2014, Kurt was scheduled to have ACL repair surgery. He is also scheduled to be out for 4 1/2 months. Kurt has said, “I was limited in the ring and don’t want to be anymore. I injured it 5 years ago. Held up until now. I love going 150%.” If you fast forward four-and-a-half months from his surgery, Kurt should be back by the end of September. But will he be back in TNA Wrestling? His TNA contract is set to expire in September 21st. This is an issue. We all know that Kurt thinks wrestlers that attack promotions are very dumb as they are limiting the places that they can work at. He has said before that he would like to return to WWE. With Kurt Angle’s TNA future in doubt, how does TNA make the most of him?

TNA Wrestling is still trying to set up a new deal with Spike TV. I am very confident that the new deal will happen. One thing that Spike wanted was established faces on TNA. They were worried that with Sting and Styles gone, TNA needed well known wrestlers. With Kurt having surgery and being out until at least September, his role is very limited. He certainly cannot wrestle. I cannot imagine him being a manager. I had no clue of how to include him on the show. At the same time, Kurt is one of TNA’s top stars. To not have him somehow included on the show would be a major loss and make no business sense on TNA’s part. So what is TNA Wrestling to do? How should they work Kurt Angle into the product? How can they make Kurt Angle still relevant during this time? On June 26, one month ago, to this very day, the announcement was made that there would be a new Executive Director of Wrestling Operations for Impact Wrestling. This move was absolutely brilliant.


MVP had overstepped his bounds as the Executive Director of Wrestling Operations. He now had a faction. He was taking over Impact Wrestling. He named himself the number one contender for the championship. MVP became all about power. In other words, MVP became like Dixie Carter. The difference is that MVP is a wrestler while Dixie Carter is the President. For Dixie to lose her power to MVP for the role of Executive Director of Wrestling Operations, her team had to lose in a match at Lockdown. For Kurt Angle to become the new Executive Director of Wrestling Operations, an unknown man from the offices of TNA came to announce that MVP was stripped of the role and TNA assigned the role to someone else. No matter how this was accomplished, this seems to be the perfect role for Kurt Angle. Kurt has stated that his next contract deal, whether it’s with WWE or TNA, will be his last. We do not know how much time Kurt has left in TNA Wrestling but TNA is utilizing him the right way for the time being. He is in the role of the champion of change. In this way, Kurt can be seen as one of the main faces to represent the company. At the first New York City show one week ago, Kurt was at the beginning of the program welcoming the fans to the first New York City show. This was also brilliant on TNA’s part. During this time of speculation about how long Kurt will stay in TNA, and how long Kurt will be out with his injury, TNA is making the most out of “the legend” Kurt Angle.

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  • Luchador

    I think that’s the best way to use him and to promote TNA but who knows if he will stay, in interviews he said he wants to go back to WWE, for me it would be hard to want to keep a wrestler that wants to be somewhere else but if he leaves it opens the door to hire maybe 3 more wrestlers from what Kurt is getting paid, fresh faces, its a win win if he leaves or stays

  • Luchador

    One thing I forgot is that they do have to build their own stars promote them everywhere for exposure and stop getting ex WWE guys to put them over TNA guys, I think WWE its ok that TNA hires ex WWE guys for the same reason that they see that TNA never grows own its own for using ex WWE roster so they never become a threat

  • James

    As much respect as I have for Kurt Angle, he is not the biggest star in TNA history. Hulk Hogan is way bigger then Kurt is or ever will be. Hulk Hogan helped and hurt TNA more then Kurt did. I do think Kurt is done with TNA and will be going with WWE. Which will be great, I don’t know if I would rather see Kurt more as a heel or face with WWE, but one thing is for certain. I want them to be doing the original “Medal” song aka the You Suck song.