Memorable Heel Turns in TNA


Lockdown itself was an average PPV, but was made that much better by the showstopping main event. The match itself wasn’t even overly impressive, but Bully Ray’s heel turn…from nailing Jeff, to him berating the Hogans- it was just fantastic. Heel turns, more so than face turns, are the ones that capture your attention, and are truly memorable. Yes, Bully, your heel turn was one of the most memorable in the company’s history. Bravo to you. Let’s review some of the best seen in the past few years.

Jeff Hardy

This was my favourite moment from Bound for Glory 2010, and probably top 5 in company history. I watched Jeff’s heel turn on replay over and over and over again, and I still remember to this day my disbelief and shock. I was glad that I didn’t read spoilers about Immortal members, because not knowing made the surprise that much better. Jeff won his first TNA championship on 10/10/10 when he took Hogan’s crutch, squared up to Bischoff…then proceeded to break a crutch each over Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson’s backs. Pin, and win, to begin Immortal with Abyss and Jeff Jarrett, turning on best friend RVD, and nailing him in the face with his new title. Jeff’s championship run was marred by his infamous appearance at Victory Road the following year, but I had never been a bigger Jeff Hardy fan than for the few precious months. “Let the blood flow.” Jeff’s words to the TNA cameras after concussing Anderson.

Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe, along with AJ Styles, was leading the battle for Frontline back in 2009 against the Main Event Mafia, who at the time held every championship in the company. That is, bar one- the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Mick Foley walked into Slammiversary with the title, and defended in a King of the Mountain match (which they have to bring back!) against Joe, Angle, Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles. Frontline were looking to capture the belt, in order to prevent Angle from taking it back to the MEM, and Joe put Angle on his shoulders to help him hang the title back up, winning the match, turning on the Frontline, and cementing his spot in the Main Event Mafia. It was the swerve that no-one saw coming.

Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan spent 2009 trying to join the MEM, and after feuding with Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory 2009, he had a big chip on his shoulder. Enter Hernandez, who also had a good 2009- both competed for the TNA Heavyweight Championship at No Surrender. These two faces teamed up and eventually won the TNA Tag Team Titles from the British Invasion at Genesis. They defended up until Matt Morgan’s heel turn at Destination X, which effectively ended the partnership when Morgan nailed Hernandez with a Carbon Footprint with his neck on the ring post. This heel turn didn’t come out of nowhere, it had built for a while actually, but this team was so great together that you didn’t want them to end. Love for this team blinded me to the heat building between them, and personally I was crushed by Morgan turning on Hernandez, as these two are some of my favourite wrestlers.

The heel turns are the ones we remember most- especially when they come from characters we invest in emotionally, that we learn to love and want to see be the best they can be. When the superstars turn their backs on us, we never forget it. What are some of your favourite heel turns, the ones that left you devastated? Post them in the comments section below.


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  • cedric taylor

    I love Bully Ray’s Aces and 8′s swerve. It got me. What I really like is the The Band swerve. It didn’t trick me at all but the fact that everyone knew Eric Young was going to be jumped and it happened was priceless. I love Nash Hall and Pac….

    • Brad Drysdale

      Hey cedric thanks for commenting. I was going to include EY but I liked his World Elite turn better than when he jumped to the band, although that was awesome for the brief time it lasted.