MVP Is Ruining TNA


On the March 3rd, 2003 weekly pay-per-view, the show opened up with Raven and Kevin Sullivan on the mic. After that, there was a great X-Division match between Jerry Lynn and Super Crazy. Also on that show, the first ever Clockwork Orange House of Fun match took place between Sandman and Raven and an amazing X-Division title match between Amazing Red and Kid Kash happened. Back when these shows were going on, every show had important things going on. Every show felt like it was important. Nowadays, all Impact is basically “Lets see how MVP abuses his power this week!”

What happened? What happened to these exciting, entertaining shows that also fulfilled any fans wrestling needs? As much as I hate to say it Impact is starting to become…boring. Other than the knockouts segments and Samoa Joe’s return, I was not happy with Thursday’s Impact honestly. Bram vs Tigre Uno could have been really good, but instead they just used Tigre as a jobber. This leads me to another topic, where the hell is the X-Division? There is no match scheduled for the title for Slammiversary and the only X-Division wrestler who was on Impact on Thursday was Tigre Uno jobbing in a like one minute match. I still enjoy watching and will continue to do so, but TNA has fallen so far since its earlier days.

Most of you are probably like “What the hell does MVP have to do with the product getting worse?” I am going to make a bold statement here; MVP is the worst thing to happen to TNA since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in. Yes, I seriously think that. Why? Its simple. Earlier in the year, TNA started a youth movement. Finally, after years of the product revolving around Sting and Kurt Angle, they were beginning to move forward. People like Magnus, EC3, Rockstar Spud, The Wolves, The BroMans, and a few others were given more important roles that gave them a lot more TV time. All of these people are young and are the future of TNA. MVP is 40 years old and is main eventing Slammiversary. Why, when TNA has people on the roster like Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray is MVP main eventing one of if not the biggest PPV of the year!? MVP has already taken TV time away from countless young stars and if he wins at Slammiversary it will only get worse. PLEASE TNA, don’t let this guy be your world champ. He doesn’t deserve it.

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  • Luchador

    That’s the reason I didn’t want MVP in TNA no more WWE veterans

  • CJ Blaze

    You definitely make good points and I agree. MVP is appearing the show way too much.

  • TNA Chris

    It’s what always happens when they get a veteran from the wwe. Look what happened when RVD signed or even Christian.

  • Jamie Corcoran

    Well in kayfabe he has gone over Aries and Roode and in reality EY ain’t a star player and MVP is a. Bonafide face in the wrestling world, hey I’d rather Aries but they gotta make the main event more than an Impact main event. MVP as champ gives Roode, Joe and said Aries a title feud pottentialy, EY as champ gives us nothing, plus Kings push is only via this angle same for many others

  • Josh Melton

    Problem is TNA has lost it’s cute identity and Consistency”.