After a few weeks off with some personal issues, I HAVE RETURNED!!!!

Okay, now that I have my little promo out of the way I just want to say thank you to Alex Barie, for being patient with me and allowing me the time away I needed.

Now let’s get started! I’m rejuvenated, and back with a new column I like to call MY IMPACT INSIGHTS! so sit down, shut up, and tune in, because this is the best place, for the best opinions, on the best 2 hours of pro wrestling today!

After all these years, so much controversy, and humiliation, it is amazing he reaction The Hulkster can still generate. Say what you want about him IWC, but you cannot deny the man can transcend anything! I’m pretty sure he could kill, and would still be more popular than OJ!

Good opening segment, to those who are whining about the current Abyss/Parks storyline, just remember if it’s not Abyss being set up for the big push, you’d probably be getting Hogan V. S Bully. Yeah Abyss not so bad anymore huh!?!

I don’t understand Roode facing Chavo…. Isn’t the unresolved issues between Dirty Heels, and Bad Influence?

Storm spitting beer at Roode was a weak segment.

Kurt Angle is definitely looking like me! No not fat and bald! Rejuvenated! There’s a passion in Angle that’s been missing until recently.

I like the reintroduction videos for the Gut Check contestants, I’m sad that they need to have them.

Brooke is not as bad at acting as most say, she’s also not as good as your assuming I’m saying she is.

Jay Bradley winning surprises me. York definitely looked better tonight than he has in awhile.

Knockouts are still superior in every way compared to Divas.

Hopefully James Storm on the mic can save the weak segment earlier.

Suicide is returning… I wonder who is under the mask this time….

It looks like TNA is finally starting to tell some stories in the X division. There’s no big stories yet, but they’re building.

This is a much better paced match than previous X Division matches. There’s a story told in the match and one being told out of the ring.

Has anyone else noticed a whole lot of the TNA roster seems to drink a lot….

I don’t think DLO against Parks is going to pop a rating in the main event.

I LOVE BAD INFLUENCE! Daniels has taken the ball he was given and is scoring left and right!

Well at least Storm is actually in a story now instead of just being a random fill in. This tag match doesn’t get me too excited, seeing who is Storms partner does.

Is anyone else dying to see DLO shake his head?

I love the Joseph Park Character, I love the story they’re telling, leading to the eventual full time Abyss return, I just wish Abyss was better in the ring.

Umm did TNA just spoil an X Division match that’s happening next week?

Bully Ray is by far the best heel in wrestling today! No one is on his level right now.

No holds barred will help the world title match. The stipulation of Sting never being able to challenge for the title again is a good wrinkle.

Well that’s all for tonight folks. It was a pretty good episode that forwarded stories and built towards Slammiversary. That’s a passing grade in my book. What do you think? Pass or Fail? Let me know in the comments!

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