New Investors Catching Dixie Carter Off Guard

During this week’s Impact Wrestling Genesis themed episode, we saw the debut of The American Wolves. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards appeared in a segment backstage with Dixie Carter.

While Dixie tried to tell them about their tryout match next week, they he’d to stop her and state that they are already with TNA Wrestling. She questioned them. She didn’t understand. Suddenly the team said, “They said she’d react like this.” They handed her their contract and walked off. She then hushes, “New investor?” The whole segment can be seen below:

The wrestling world started to light up once the segment played as people starting through the name of Jeff Jarrett around. While we will have more coverage of this coming storyline and who might be the new investors, sound off below on who you might think it is or who you want it to be!

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  • Thomas

    I find this segment interesting. With the rumors that Jeff Jarrett is starting a new promotion, this could be huge twist and could result them making the IWC look irrelevant.

    • Alex Barie

      Absolutely! Someone text me last night after the show about the possibility of it being Jeff Jarrett and how it would make the IWC look very foolish. While it would be the ultimate work, I really think they should not worry about what the IWC thinks.

  • Mike

    The way it should be is that Jarrett worked things out with Toby Keith and has re-purchased a stake in the company from Dixie's parents. However, this would have to hinge on Jarrett's leaving the company being an internet ruse. If it was a ruse, then I hope the AJ Style leaving is also a ruse and he'll be back by Lockdown.

    • Alex Barie

      When I heard of Jeff Jarrett resigning I just couldn't believe it. After gathering information I understood why he would leave. However, never say never in the wrestling business.

    • Jimmy Donuts

      Amen on all of this

  • Mark

    AJ Styles has a contract with ROH so he will not be back by lockdown.

    • Alex Barie

      From what I heard last he didn't sign a contract with them but was going to add more dates. He may be working on a per shot deal with the company. I haven't really heard but he could very well stroll back in TNA sometime.

      • Shanna

        You know what's kind of interesting about that. (Just yesterday (1/21/14) AJ said he hasn't signed any contract!) But a few days ago, AJ did an interview where the guy said something like "There's all these rumors that you will be back on the UK tour and back in TNA this year. Can you tell us about that?" And AJ answered something like: "Well there's people that think this is all a work and no matter what is said they won't believe me. But no, I will not be on the UK tour. Sorry but no." Hmm I'm not believing anything until I see him or hear it from AJ himself. I just thought that was something to think about.

  • les

    how about a sting, Jarrett , and Keith wouldn't that throw a monkey wrench in things

    • Alex Barie

      Very interesting indeed!

  • crazychrisr

    Impact opens with The Wolves in the ring and ready for action. Richards says "we don't have any entrance music or video yet, but we don't want to wait…we want to fight right now. Anyone in the back who wants to test the strength of The Wolves – come get some!"

    This brings out Rockstar Spud who gets in the ring and let's The Wolves know that Queen Dixie is out on business, but she clearly stated that The Wolves are not officially under contract until she confers with her lawyers. The Wolves insist that they have TNA contracts and that they aren't waiting around for a bunch of lawyers – they want to fight now. Spud demands to know who these mystery investors are.

    Over the speakers "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by The Smashing Pumpkins blares over the crowd as Billy Corgan walks out to the main stage. As he stands there, Jeff Jarrett comes out and stands beside him.

    Commercial Break

    Back from commercial, Jarrett, Corgan, and The Wolves are in the ring. Jarrett cuts the promo of his life and gets over that this IS a new era – the era of The Wolves. He warns Dixie that her time is coming to a end quickly. "You'd better watch your back"

    • ty roth

      When was this very interesting that would be so cool

  • Shanna

    I think there were supposed to be some big hints in that "message for dixie carter" video the wolves did tonight. Just the way they were talking :/

  • Profit With Gold

    Hopefully the investment is worth it.