New Talent Coming To TNA Wrestling?


There have been two recent tweets that were sent out earlier today that is starting to make us quite curious. The first one is coming from TNA Wrestling‘s own Christy Hemme. Below is her tweet:

Obviously we are just speculating at this time as it could revolve anything from a Knockout having a movie role or a Knockout having a magazine cover shoot. However, Christy Hemme has been receiving more backstage power and has even taken over the Knockouts division in terms of scouting and bringing in talent. We seen the Alpha Female debut on Impact Wrestling last week and there are talks about Shanna and Santana Garett possibly signing a deal. Another interesting tweet that was sent out was from Chase Owens:


The March 1st show is a live event show that will take place in Johnson City, TN. Chase actually live in Tennessee, so this may be the case where TNA is calling an indy talent or two to be part of the show. Whatever the case may be, Chase will be at an Impact show next month while his future is unknown.

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  • Kazamaniac Brother!!!

    And in 3 months, they either…

    A, Do nothing with them.

    B, Release them due to “cost cutting”.

    3,Why the f%+k don’t they rehire Crimson or Hendrix or Cheerleader Mellisa or Iveliese, Dixie is so full of Sh_t sometimes!! New talent( SMH)

  • Priya

    Girl power!! Alpha Female is so cool