New Talent Coming To TNA Wrestling – Who Do You Want To See?

TNA Wrestling published an #Impact365 video earlier today (one of many). One video in particular is of Dixie Carter addressing the current state of the company and changes coming to Impact Wrestling. Below is an excerpt of what she said:

You are going to see a lot of big changes in this company. You are going to see new talent, new characters, new energy.

There are lots of talk going around within the past week or so about new talent coming to the company. We seen two new talent enter the picture last week at Genesis. They were Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards, known as The Wolves. An article was published on last week about another new talent who TNA has their eyes set on (check that out here).

On the flip side, rumors about former WWE star MVP are making their rounds (see #AskWNW’s second question). While many are stating TNA signed MVP, MVP very much stated he is still a free agent.

With Dixie Carter hyping new talent, this leads me to ask – Who do you want to see in TNA? Do you want to see more indy talent? Would you like to see MVP in TNA? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • cowboy

    New faces don’t want to see mvp near TNA

    • Alex Barie

      I don't think MVP is a bad choice for TNA in terms of talent as I liked his work, but I don't see him as a well known name. He is one person who TNA may bring in as a big role but isn't well known or isn't a hot figure right now (like Tito Ortiz when he came to TNA).

  • Christian Werth

    I would like to see Shanna, Greg Marasciulo, DOC, Jeff Jarrett & Goldberg. I know, the last wish will never happen.
    2 current wrestlers i don't like in TNA are Godderz & Robbie E. I would like to see more of Kenny King (great talent) & Austin Aries (would love too see him as WHC again, amazing wrestler).

    • Alex Barie

      I actually like DOC as I think he really worked well in the Aces and could have went on to be quite a force as a baby face when he turned against Aces.

      • Allan

        I agree. I think DOC had great charisma and I was looking forward to him becoming a major force in TNA.

  • lord of honor

    I would love to see Natalya in Tna (To replace Lei'D Tapa, who clearly serves no purpose in tna), and John Hennigan to boost the x-division. Also, bring back DOC, but on a full-time basis this time. If MVP came to tna, i would be pleased, but not thrilled, because there are probebly better wrestlers who are free agents currently. Definetly need Nattie though, because she is everything tna needs, and she will be used a lot better than she is in the E.

    • seabee

      …but Lei`D Tapa with Rockstar Spud would make her useful and she would not have to change her hair!!

  • crazychrisr

    Bring back Kenny King, The Pope, Alex Shelley and Homicide.

    Bring in short term Japanese talent from New Japan, NOAH, ZERO 1, etc. They would come over for 6-9 months and then return to Japan. They could do some talent swapping. Some names that I have seen a couple of time but would like to see on a weekly program include KENTA, Kota Ibushi, Okada and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

    I know that Okada ad Tanahashi both had short stints with TNA a few years ago, but bringing them in during this "New Era" might produce better results this time around.

    The best thing to do would be for the "new investors" to bring in these talents from Japan and be the defacto managers for them so that they can help get them over with promos.

    That's just one man's opinion

    • Alex Barie

      The funny thing is, Kenny King is still with TNA. This just shows how bad they have been booking him.

  • Charlie

    The thing with MVP is I couldn't see him being a world champion in WWE, but I can totally see him being a world champion in TNA. Same went for Mr Anderson….Anderson

    As for people I would like to see: Ricochet, Trent Baretta, and even Chris Hero

    • Alex Barie

      I could see Anderson on the top in WWE in the past (but not now due to their limited main event spots), but I know exactly what you mean with MVP.

  • Mike

    I would like to see Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley and Low Ki return to TNA. I believe that Christian should leave WWE and go back to a company that values his in-ring work. I think that James Mitchell should return as a manager for Abyss because that would turn Abyss back into a monster that he used to be. He would be like having a new star. The Briscoe Brothers will make a massive difference to the TNA tag division. John Hennigan would also make a massive difference. Imagine the stars at the top of the TNA card then. Kurt Angle, Robert Roode, Magnus, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, John Hennigan, Christian Cage and Abyss plus a few others. TNA could be a global force in sports entertainment/wrestling that could rightfully challenging WWE’s dominance, but, they have a long way to go.

    • Alex Barie

      Seeing Christian back in TNA would be cool! While it probably won't happen, it would be a huge gain on their part. I always felt like James Mitchell was one of the best managers in the 00s. He certainly brought that eerie effect to the show.

  • Tom Bostock

    Alex shelley back with sabin as the guns, jack evans in the x division, kevin steen no need for explanation there and finally john hennigan he would be a great fit in tna.

    • Alex Barie

      I would love to have Alex Shelley back. While it would be great to see the Motor City Machine Guns back, I also wouldn't mind a personal feud between him and Sabin.

  • TT

    Dolph Ziggler – Great following but horribly booked like Christian before his move to TNA also bring back the Young Bucks

    • Alex Barie

      Agree. I feel bad for Ziggler as well. He has so much potential. I would totally be in favor for The Young Bucks! Great tag team!

  • matthoover40

    The only talents that should return are Shelley, Low-Ki (who is retired, right?), Awesome Kong, Angelina Love and Roderick Strong. No Homicide, no Lethal, no King, no Crimson, no Pope, no former Aces & Eights guys.

    Shelley & Sabin would be nice as MCMG again, but the 2nd time around is never as good; I'd rather see them feud over the X-Title.

    The tag team division needs rebuilt. The BroMan's are awful. Kaz & Daniels are awful and wasted together. The women's division is a shell of what it used to be. Tapa is terrible. John Hennigan would be a good signing, but MVP would not. They need to do what they did with The American Wolves, and scour the indies for talent that doesn't want to go through NXT. Oh – and Chris Hero, anyone?

    There's a ton wrong with this company, but they can start there.

    • Rich

      Kenny King's great why would you want rid of him? and Bad Influence are arguably the most entertaining on the roster for mic skills and when they break up and challenge for main event gold it will feel like a new signing.

  • King Tone


  • Tiny

    If they have money then there is only one person they should spend it on AJ Styles

    • Alex Barie

      I feel like it is almost time to move on from AJ.

      • Kronos


  • Rich

    Hopefully new talent means no more WWE has beens.

  • John

    A non wrestling tag team Toby Keith and Jeff Jarrett.

  • Kronos

    With ‘The Wolves’ now in tna. It’d be awesome to see shelly & homicide back like with kenny King due to bad booking not sure if Hernandez is still in tna if not obviously if he is gone then I’d like him back too as imagine whst the tag team division would with the wolves, motor city machine guns, LAX, bad influence and a potential Beer Money reunion(temporary). After that Awesome kong, Aj styles & Angelina Love , Kevin Steen.

    • Alex Barie

      Yes, Hernandez is still with the company. He was just featured in an #Impact365 video.

  • Jeremy

    How about Buff Bagwell.

    • Alex Barie

      I wouldn't find much interest in that, but that's my personal opinion.

  • obi1shinobi

    I like Tommaso Ciampa, no ones mentioned him. the Sicilian Psycopath would be a great new heel. John Hennigan is an obvious fit. Lo Ki, Jay Lethal, The Amazing Red, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Jack Evans and Teddy Hart. All the people just mentioned would bring the X division back where it needs to be. Kevin Steen would be great for the heavyweights, as would Michael Elgin. Bring back Homicide and reunite LAX. Adam Pearce and Brian Cage for the heavyweights too.

  • luck

    The N.W.O new breed

  • yank yank

    they should bring back billy and chuck