One Small Mistake From Mankind; One Giant Mistake From TNA Wrestling

People make mistakes. I get that. I make mistakes. I ADMIT THAT! No one is perfect. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be perfect. I am not the best writer either. I don’t claim to be nor do I try to be. That’s not who I am. I am a writer who pens my thoughts and emotions. I am a writer who writes from my heart. Everything I write I am passionate about. For years I have been writing about wrestling. I have been writing about wrestling for non-stop for over 6 years now. I love wrestling. It is my passion. I don’t need to explain that. And on a side note, while I am planning on expanding my writing topics as it relates to Vince Russo‘s, I will be passionate about anything I write outside of wrestling! With that being said, as you can see from my writings, I am passionate about TNA Wrestling. I love TNA Wrestling. I want them to succeed. I want them to prosper. While that is the case, I am not going to be biased towards them. I am not going to be a little kid and go crazy for every little thing they do. That’s not me. That’s not my job. I am here to analyze. I am here to give my true and honest thoughts. With that being said, there was an instance yesterday that I don’t want to go unnoticed. Something occurred yesterday that I really want to share with all of my readers! Why? Because it proves something on so many layers!

I am not here to be Negative Nancy Alex. I am not here to make TNA Wrestling look bad. Seriously, I’m not. Again, I want the company to prosper. The mere fact is, TNA Wrestling made themselves look bad! TNA Wrestling sent me an email yesterday of their official press release to hype up this week’s Impact Wrestling. The preview goes over the line-up and creates interest for the upcoming show. Well, I took a snapshot of the beginning of the email. Here it is:

TNA Email botch

Now, before I point out what is wrong with it, as you may see it yourself, let me ALSO state that this is the same thing that made its way onto TNA Wrestling’s official website:

TNA website botch

Do you see the problem? Do you see – “This Thursday night”? It appears on both. It is clear as day!

You have a show (Impact Wrestling) on a network called Spike TV. That network decides to move their highest rated show (Impact Wrestling) to a different day! They moved the show one week after announcing it. ONE WEEK! The final Thursday show scored an average viewing audience of 1,126,000. The week before that it scored a 1,411,000. The show was down quite significantly compared to the previous week. That show with the viewership drop-off was the only show where the audience would find out about Impact Wrestling moving to Wednesdays… THAT ONE SHOW! The first Impact Wrestling on Wednesday received an average viewing audience of 852,000. Last week’s scored an average viewing audience of 928,000. Alright, I see the pattern. A lot of people either didn’t know about the move or forgot about it. That’s fine. The second Wednesday episode of Impact Wrestling gained viewers. That’s great. People are finding it and are tuning in. Will the trend continue? I hope! Honestly, I seriously hope this works out for TNA Wrestling! While the assumption is that this week the viewership will be even higher than last week… TNA Wrestling makes a huge botch move and writes “This Thursday night”!

The company is doing everything in their power to promote, plug, and advertise Impact Wrestling airing on Wednesdays! They are flooding social media throughout the week announcing “This Wednesday”, “On Wednesday”, “#NotThursday”, etc. I have no problem with that. They should do that! They need to promote that they are on Wednesdays! But… BUT, BUT, BUT… they go and pull a move like this… sending an email out to all of their “email subscription list for press releases” and their official website stating that Impact will be on “This Thursday night”! Talk about confusion! Talk about a huge error. Talk about a botch! Yes, it is a mistake. Yes, mistakes are made! I can see a mistake being made as in writing the wrong talent name in a match or making a spelling error. That happens! But, writing that the show is on Thursday while it is on Wednesday? They know how hard they have to promote the show. They know they need to do everything in their power to tell everybody that… THE SHOW IS ON WEDNESDAY! A quick read through would have prevented this problem!

I sent these pictures out through my social media pages – My Facebook and my Twitter! I even sent the snapshot picture of the email that was sent to me to Dixie Carter on Twitter. Long behold, here comes TNA Wrestling knocking on my door!

We here at are familiar with TNA Wrestling. TNA Wrestling is also familiar with TNA Wrestling is also familiar with (Our big sister website). Lead editor of, Richard Gray wrote an article several weeks back highlighting the dysfunction in TNA through a wide variety of reasons but one in particular because of Bob Ryder. You can check out the story – HERE!

The point of that is… TNA Wrestling called out Richard and If you are calling WNW out, you are essentially calling as we are the sister website of WrestlingNewsWorld. Bob wrote to Richard stating that his report:

is an example of everything wrong with wrestling journalism on the web.

Why am I bringing this up? A member of TNA Wrestling’s Public Relations department emailed me yesterday in regards to the mishap of “This Thursday night” in the email and on their website. While I’ll keep the person anonymous, here is what I received:

We obviously sent the preview release out with an error in the first line. Would have appreciated you coming back to us directly rather than posting it on twitter.

I want to thank this person for contacting me about the mistake. I also want to applaud them for owning up to their mistake. It is the right thing to do.

Now I am pretty sure I can post whatever I want to on Twitter. I have done it before and I will continue to. I have also contacted TNA Wrestling on many occasions directly and received absolute zero response. Those contacts have been through telephone and emails about different news regarding TNA or about possible interviews. Was I wrong for sending the picture in a tweet to Dixie Carter? No! Not in my mind! Why? Because she saw it! She realized the huge error and ordered it to be fixed ASAP! She called whoever she had to call. She told whoever she had to tell and they quickly changed it on their website. The email couldn’t be changed. It was already sent.

I went to the top! I went to the very top of the pyramid. One great thing about Dixie Carter is that she is quite interactive on social media. Her tweets can be funny and informative. It’s great that a President of the company does that. However, I can only imagine how she acted when she saw the picture I sent. She probably freaked out. She probably hated it. She probably lost some bit of confidence that she gained that day. She became that little low self-esteem teenager that I wrote about last week! And you know what, I hope she realizes from that picture and the absolute confusion it caused that she can see how dysfunction TNA Wrestling really is!

I wish TNA Wrestling nothing but the best! Again, I want them to prosper. I want them to succeed! I want their audience to grow. I want them to sell out arenas. I want them to put on the very best show. I want them to sell all the merchandise they can! I want them to because it is not just about them doing better so this website does better… but it is because wrestling as a whole will be better! Face it, WWE is hurting right now from a business standpoint to a product standpoint. We just don’t need an alternative. We need a viable wrestling company that will continue for ages to come!

There’s a lot going on with TNA Wrestling right now from the upcoming Bound for Glory to contract statuses with Bully Ray and Kurt Angle to their television contract with Spike TV and the uncertainty that may bring them next year to them trying to get their full audience back to watch Impact Wrestling on Wednesday! TNA Wrestling can’t afford to make any mistakes at this point in time… they simply can’t let it happen!


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