Photo Of The Masked Aces & 8s Member – Who Can This Be?

Last week on Impact Wrestling saw a brawl between Kurt Angle and Aces & 8s. Kurt took down member by member. He went through a doorway and met one big Aces & 8s member. There have been discussions for the past week on who this might be. Thanks to Ric Santos, we got the pictures of the man!

(Kurt Angle infiltrates The Aces and Eights clubhouse.mp4)[]

(Kurt Angle infiltrates The Aces and Eights clubhouse.mp4)[]

The pictures may not be the best resolution but you can certainly pick out the masked man.  Now the question is, who can this be?

By the way he is wearing a long sleeved shirt gives you the idea that he either wears tattoos on his arms or he is trying to hid his skin because he is D-Lo Brown.  The size certainly eliminates a lot of people, but there are quite a few left.

Can it be D-Lo Brown?  What about Abyss?  There is also Bully Ray!  Certainly some people make more sense than others, but is that it?  What do you think?  Who can this person be?

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