Possible Member Choices For The New Main Event Mafia

Sting New MEM

Last week’s Impact Wrestling featured a in-ring segment with Sting as he discussed his title match he had with Bully Ray at Slammiversary. Sting brought up that no one helped him in the match while Aces & 8s were all over it. He said the Aces are like family, so now he should create a family. He is going to create a new family called the New Main Event Mafia! After this was announced, the wrestling world blew up. Some liked it and some didn’t, but almost everyone gave their opinion who the members of the group may be. I will be taking a look at choices that I’ve mostly seen and other choices that could work within the realm of the storyline!


Samoa Joe

Now anyone who is against the Aces & 8s have a great reason as to why they are in the new group. Samoa Joe has been against the Aces since day one! He has been attacked by the faction and even lost the Television Title to Devon, who is part of the group. Joe has been taken out for several weeks by Aces, but is now back. The only thing that may be stopping him from joining the New Main Event Mafia is the Bound for Glory Series. Joe is entered in the series and I would think that may be his soul priority. Who wouldn’t focus on that? If you win that series, you can get a TNA World Championship match. You could become champion! Joe can very well be a member as he was once a member of the original Main Event Mafia. That didn’t work out very well, so maybe he can rebound. It will certainly make him relevant again after seeing Joe become obsolete as I discussed here.


AJ Styles

AJ was one name that everyone brought up when they gave their predictions as to who will join the New Main Event Mafia. Let’s run through AJ’s recent history. AJ came back at the beginning of the year with a dark and quiet look. He was in it for himself. People saw him as a huge star though and that can directly be seen through Team TNA trying to get AJ on their side while Aces & 8s were trying to get him in their club. AJ went on to join Aces for a couple minutes, but ultimately turned on the club. Now they want him. They are out for revenge. Is AJ part of Team TNA though? AJ is still there for himself. While Aces are after him and New Main Event Mafia are going after Aces, AJ is still walking alone. No one can get inside his head. Hulk Hogan couldn’t. Aces couldn’t. Can Sting? I don’t see AJ joining with anyone, but that’s just me. I already mapped out where I see AJ going here.


Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was also a name that everyone mentioned and for good reasons. Kurt has been with Aces & 8s for months. In fact, Aces played mind games with him! Remember when Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff were around Kurt as he was teaching them the ropes of the business? Well, they turned on him and revealed that they were part of Aces the entire time! Kurt felt betrayed. They took advantage of him and he wanted payback. Each side had their own victories as Aces took Kurt out in the ring and out of the ring. Kurt evened the playing field by beating D-Lo Brown in an I Quit Match. Kurt probably still wants revenge as now they cost him a spot in the Bound for Glory Series. We do have to think about the story between him and Rampage Jackson. Kurt and Jackson went face to face two weeks ago and then Jackson came to the aid of Kurt last week. They want to fight each other, but it seems like they are building some type of friendship or alliance. Kurt can’t forget about Jackson though. Will he be part of the New Main Event Mafia for a short time? Don’t forget his history though! He ran the original Main Event Mafia and it broke up within the walls. Sting went against the group and it led to a massive brawl between Kurt and Sting. Will Sting take that into account? This is his family anyway… not Kurt’s!

TNA Magnus


Magnus has also been one of those people who have been against Aces & 8s since their inception. Magnus has been receiving a slow push as of late. I mean slow because he is talked about the guy who can help Sting and Kurt Angle take out Aces, but then Aces attack him backstage and he goes on his way through the mid-cards. He is now part of the Bound for Glory Series, so I think that, just like Joe, may be his soul focus. While Magnus wants to get his hands on Aces, I don’t see him being in a group that revolves around big star talent. Magnus is still growing. While he is the future, the company has to book him as such. Growth is key and growth will come from the Bound for Glory Series.


Joseph Parks/Abyss

I decided to combine these two characters because it is quite obvious that the same person plays both of them. Either way, one or both of these characters could be part of the New Main Event Mafia. Joseph Parks has also been against Aces & 8s since the beginning. The group captured him, held him hostage, and finally let him go, but they continued their path of destruction as they beat him up backstage and in the ring. Parks is the one guy who never stops getting bullied. Abyss, however, is someone who went after Aces, took the Television Title from Devon, and is making some little cameo every now and then. Clearly Aces want Abyss taken out, but can they do it? I can see Sting going directly to Parks and asking if he can get in touch of Abyss. He may reward Parks by giving him a spot in the Mafia, but the focus could be for Abyss. Who knows, Parks may finally reveal that he is Abyss the whole time! Wouldn’t that damper Aces’ fire?!

D-Lo Brown

D-Lo Brown

One person that people are forgetting about is D-Lo Brown! D-Lo was part of Aces & 8s for several months. He even helped the group enter the company, but it all came crashing down for him once he lost to Kurt Angle. Aces wanted him to win. They needed him to win. They wanted him to take out Kurt, but he failed to do so. D-Lo felt the wrath of Aces. They kept him around to be their maid, but that didn’t even work out. Mr. Anderson attacked D-Lo backstage a couple weeks ago and we haven’t seen him since. D-Lo is long and gone from Aces. The group got rid of the weak, but we can’t forget about him. D-Lo has to want revenge. Sting could reach out to D-Lo. He could join the New Main Event Mafia and it would give them great advantage. D-Lo was directly involved with the Aces. He knows how they think and run. He knows their strengths and weaknesses. He can convey that to the New Main Event Mafia and all they have to do is listen to D-Lo. D-Lo could really be the deciding factor in helping Aces & 8s fall.

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

Out of the stars that people mentioned no one mentioned Jeff Hardy and that is a bit surprising. Jeff may be the biggest victim of Aces & 8s of the entire company. Aces took the title from Jeff, attacked him to the point where he has been absent for about 2 months and now is back and fighting Aces again. Jeff is the perfect person to be in this group. He is a main event star. He is established and he wants Aces. Aces & 8s caused him a lot of stress and he would just love to to be part of their demise. Jeff is a clear member, in my eyes. Maybe TNA still needs Jeff.

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett

Many people, including me, have mentioned Jeff Jarrett many times in the past couple of months. I first mentioned him as the possible leader of Aces & 8s. It would have made perfect sense with the whole element of realism. The next mention about him came when the TNA Hall of Fame was announced. I, and mostly everyone else, thought Jeff Jarrett would be going into the Hall of Fame. Well, maybe he deserved to go in more than we were thinking he was going to go in. At any rate, that failed to become a reality as Kurt Angle was announced instead. I discussed Jeff and Kurt’s amazing rivalry they had in TNA Wrestling and listed it as one of his top rivalries in the company. In fact, Kendra Bunyon even gave her prediction that Jeff would be the free agent that TNA signed. Now his name will be mentioned in regards to the New Main Event Mafia. Jeff hasn’t had involvement on Impact Wrestling since 2011. Therefore, he never been involved with the Aces & 8s. Does that matter though? Jeff is still the founder and part owner of the company. Jeff wants what is best for his company. He sees Aces as a huge threat and wants to get rid of them. Jeff returns and helps bring his company back from the darkness named Aces & 8s. It could very well happen. Sting could have Jeff up his sleeve. TNA could pull out a shocker. I just don’t know whether we will see Jeff back on TNA television though. He’s a great talent and he sure can be utilized. Jeff is a big name and with him being part owner brings the realism into play.

Who do you think is the most logical choices to be members of the New Main Event Mafia? Do you think there is a member that I haven’t mentioned yet? Sound off in the comments area!

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  • https://twitter.com/TNA_is_Best TNA_is_Best

    i LOVE the Jeff Jarrett choice. The Aces and Eights have defeated and humiliated all of TNA's heroes. Sting was left to fight alone against them at Slammiversary. I have never been able to take Abyss seriously since Hulk and Eric came to TNA. Jeff is the only one that makes sense. Think about it. Aces and Eights are a biker anti-TNA gang. Jeff Jarrett built TNA all the way from the ground up. Jeff Jarrett making a comeback against thugs who are the most powerful group and who are against TNA makes all of the sense in the world. Also, supply and demand. We haven't seen Jeff in so many years. Now him coming back to take on this biker gang that is very powerful and hates TNA, almost like Scum in ROH, is something that TNA fans are dying for. It's the only thing that makes sense and I would pay money to see the Founder of TNA Wrestling come back to defend his company against these thugs.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    those choices would have no logic at all and no one from the tna roster should be in the MEM because sting said he could not trust them becuase they did not him in his title match going againist bully ray

    • Alex Barie

      How can you say that these choices have no logic when I actually explained why each person would and wouldn't work?

      • steidman

        well i see his point, maybe not logical, but it would go against Sting calling out the TNA roster for not backing him up. Basically, Joe, Magnus, Angle were all at the show, were all victorious yet, did not back up sting against Aces and Eights.

        That same can go for both Hardy and Abyss, but you could cut them some slack as Hardy was out with injury and Abyss, well who knows where the hell he is half the time.

        I think to make this "MEM" intersting, it has to be outside people. JJ is a good thought and really think he would make an interesting twist. Another name to look out for is Matt Morgan

  • NightWolf14

    I personally think Sting should bring some of his buddies from WCW days maybe JEFF BAGWELL be a possibility has worked with TNA before,Animal of the Road warriors would be another great choice be a surprise I am shore he still stays in shape and for a short feud with Aces & 8's makes since also has worked with TNA in the past,how about this would be the biggest shocker of them all are you ready for it Bill Goldberg has worked with Sting a lot and both appreciated each other when they wrestled in WCW be a big name and hasn't been seen in a while for short run and feud I could see it working out.

    • Eswar

      Goldberg please :)

  • NightWolf14

    Probably saying Bill has never wrestled for TNA but reason would work both STING and GOLDBERG had great respect for one another when they had their short feud in WCW I was going to say even a bigger surprise then GOLDBERG all the haterswould cry about it ULTIMATE WARRIOR him and STING did start together as BLADE RUNNERS so why knot be a short heard around the world HOGAN AND WARRIOR under the same roof imagine how Intense that would be.

    • Rich

      I would like to see Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg, Batista, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels Now That Would Rock !!

  • NightWolf14

    It would be another shot heard around the world sorry misspell knot even Hogan and TNA would seen that coming lol.

    • NightWolf14

      I mean we are talking about getting ratings right ULTIMATE WARRIOR being a member of the NEW MAIN EVEN MAFIA know body would see that coming be the best secret ever in wrestling if that should happen STING here is how I make it fit into the story line STING is seen talking in the back by his self on scell phone announcers wondering who STING is talking to and when the last member of the new main even mafia is revelled ULTIMATE WARRIOR comes running out talk about ratings then all the camera
      s pan back into the back seeing HOGANS reaction mouth wide open lol priceless.

      • NightWolf14

        Only person would know about it STING WARRIOR being the last member of THE NEW MAIN EVENT MAFIA known of the other wrestlers know body knot even the writers STING only.

        • NightWolf14

          Or even a better way to introduce WARRIOR as the last man in the new main event mafia the lights go out STINGS music plays all the member of ACE'S & 8'S standing in the ring lights come back on it is the ULTIMATE WARRIOR instead as he takes all of them out then STING drops in from the ceiling with his black bat.

  • http://TNANews.com Ric Santos

    Regarding D’Lo, I have an interesting twist. Lets say that D’Lo is a member of MEM and divulges the secrets of the Aces. But what if those “secrets” are smoke to another grand betrayal and the Aces “getting rid” of D’Lo was a hoax to fool TNA? Bully outlined a 9 month plan, why can’t this be another plan? I can see D’Lo playing double agent and revealing MEM’s plans to the Aces! #RicRules

  • Broc Harrison

    Everybodys thinking too high.. I wish it was bagwell, or warrior, or goldberg, but come on people.. Its TNA.. Bubba Ray Dudley is the world champ, and tna never uses its talent properly.. Probably be someone stupid.. But i will be watching regardless..

  • https://twitter.com/TNA_is_Best TNA_is_Best

    WCW guys? Blah. I wish they were out and TNA hired a bunch of others such as Lance Hoyt, Adam Cole, Jack Evans, Sarita, Hamada, Low Ki, T.J. Perkins, D'Angelo Dinero, Rockstar Spud, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Young Bucks. I'd rather see people like that any day in TNA than old timers like HH and Sting. Only one that's an exception is Angle because he's still one of the best. In regards to MEM, the only one that makes sense is double J Jeff Jarrett. D'Lo would make no sense at all being in the stable MEM. How is he a Main eventer at all? The whole point of the original MEM was main eventers that have held world title belts being in the faction. If you haven't had a world heavyweight championship, your not in.

    • Texaco-Davey

      you’re exactly Right! It Would Be Sorta Cool To See The Warrior There, But I Think It Would Be silly Still. 50 Something Year Old Warrior With Short Grey Hair And Pain, Yea That Would Be Cool. I Can Remember Watching Him Back In The Late 1980′S And 1990′S As A Kid, And The Short Run against NWO in The Late 90′S early 2000′S, That’s The Warrior They Would Need, But That’s Not Him Anymore. It Will Be Interesting Either Way To See What happens.

  • Broc Harrison

    iVe aslo never seen any of the guys you just mentioned in a MAIN EVENT either…

  • Bennerz

    For me there is only one person who can bring TNA back into the light. It's time for Christian Cage to come back. I know he is still injured and not been on WWE for a while but imagine the shock if he came back

    • Ant

      he returned to raw on monday

    • Futbol05

      He came back Monday to wwe

  • TNA Hands Down

    Can't believe people have overlooked one person 'Mr Monday (now technicially Thursday) Night' himself Rob Van Dam he'd be a perfect selection for the New MEM. I'd also like to see Amazing Red back in TNA because i love his Code Red finisher the sorta none leathal version of the Canadian Destroyer but thats a pretty sick move too.

    • steidman

      back in WWE on a short term contract

  • Broc Harrison

    RvD is returning to wwe @ TLC… And Cage is waiting on a storyline with wwe.. If anyone wants cage back, its me.. I named my son Christian for a reason.. lol Hes the greatest..

  • Eswar

    Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg, Goldberg TNA should bring him to take the company to next level, that how WCW came from their losing path… WE WANT GOLDBERG….

  • Broc Harrison

    wCW NEVER "CAME FROM THEIR LOSING PATH" They died out.. Idk wtf your talkin about man..

  • Adil

    I hope for JEFF JARRETT!

  • Lun

    The WCW guys would be a little too old. Bagwell? Not exactly main event! Goldberg? Too busy on other projects. Christian, I could see that happening.
    If I could turn the clock back, I'd love to see Great Muta in there with his power drive elbow. He could do one of those on Mr Anderson, and spray green mist in the face of D'Von. Nikita Kolloff with his Russian Sickle would take out Mike Knox.

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  • medve

    Umm what about psycho sid?????????

    • Texaco-Davey

      Sid vicious OR Sid Justice Or Whoever You Want To Call Him, He’s Too Old Too. It’s A Cool Thought Though If This Was 15 Or 20 Years Ago.

  • Chuckie Marshall

    Umm wht bout the deadman Undertaker

  • JanneZ

    Vince mcMahon would be a blast!!

  • brian

    i thought it would be ev2.0

  • Andrae

    Has everyone missed the point of the name. Has anyone been watching the past couple weeks? It’s the “MAIN EVENT” Mafia. I guess no one has been paying attention. Some of the guys on that list have never been in a Main Event. Sting also mentioned a New family. Goldberg I’ll accept but he may never come back. Besides him who else could be new & would shake up TNA and put fear in Aces and 8s? Think about it? He’s been on two if the past three weeks. He’s been in “Main Events” all over the world.
    And he’s been a champion and is a wrestler by trade. Anyone? No clue??? Your answer: former pride and UFC light heavyweight champion of the world.
    Rampage Jackson!!!!!

  • James Macy

    How bout Flair, and Flair bring Batista, or what about Bobby Lashley?

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  • Andrae

    How is everyone overlooking Rampage Jackson? He is a main-eventer. He is a world champion in his own right. He will bring more viewers and shake up TNA. Did u not see him swing that chain at Doc? He will strike fear in Aces & 8s. They talk about fighting. Who could really beat a Rampage Jackson who is a wrestler by trade and doesn’t have to exhaust himself by cutting weight like he had to in UFC ? Anyone??

    • Jeff

      I thought of Jackson for the Booker T role, but didn't want to sterotype

  • thelwstate

    If TNA is using the availble workers: Samoa Joe's personality wouldn't really fit in that Structure. Now Joseph Park..that would make sense.If He really can't beat Aces & Eights in the ring..he can beat them in the Court Room (he could file stuff like restraining orders,injuctions,help refs enforce the rules in matches and if A&8 don't toe the line their "iron clad comtract" or whatever taz talked about in that promo months ago could be revoked,disolved etc)Jarret might be an idea but he'd turn on tna cause tna WAS his company once. Outside talent A.J Style's would be something like a "Hip Pocket Associtate". GoldBerg would be somewhat interesting..Warrior?…too unstable and he'd want too much money.

  • Robert

    I want to see Big Kevin Nash , Scott Stiner .Has any one seen Booker on WWE recently .Ric Flair .you need people who can talk the talk.Ric and Kevin can both do that.Damm for the right amount of money Kevin would hold the belt for the summer.Jerret can also talk the talk.Goldberg….Warrior…BOORING they suck on camera.

  • Matt

    I honestly see jeff jarret joining MEM at first, but turning heel at the first payperview match he can.

  • Quinton

    I see rampage, jj, jh, abyss seeing he took the TV title, Goldberg would be nice, and one other surprise person like batista or bobby Lashley, or a king mo, or someone everyone keeps forgetting about that I feel need to come back, jeff Hardy older bro matt now that right there would shock not only tna but the world

  • Jeff

    I look at the old MEM and see Sting, check, Kurt, check, Steiner, I would go one of two ways, 1) people say Magnus, but here is a twist, The It Factor, is Steiner 2.0, Booker T, he has flash, so you could go Hardy, and Nash, who better than JJ, you have to remember the MEM wear suits most of the time, so who can pull that off, I think I nailed it with the IT Factor, Hardy, and JJ, plus their mission is to run off Aces and Eights, and just like the last group, they will breakup after their mission is done. JJ and the IT Factor would be the perfect fit to make that turn on the group.