Predicting The Future Of Aces & Eights (Part 1)

Hello ladies & gents, I am back with a new article. Today, I am going to predict the future of the group known as Aces & Eights. Well, most of them. I am going to exclude Bully Ray, Devon, and D-Lo Brown for now and focus on the other members such as D.O.C., Knox, Wes Brisco, Garett Bischoff, Taz, and Mr. Anderson.

I’ll start off with D.O.C. and Knox, the two big men of the group. D.O.C. has been destructive ever since he was unmasked by Joseph Park and has helped his club viciously attack Sting, Eric Young, Magnus, and countless others. As far as his future with the group, I expect his brutality to continue. Knox was unmasked by Kurt Angle back in January and he also put Angle on the shelf for a few weeks after attacking him with the ball-peen hammer. I predict that these two will eventually team up to become tag team champions, bringing more gold to the Aces & Eights.

Prediction: TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Next up is Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff who have worked pretty close together throughout this entire ordeal with the way they conned Kurt Angle. Wes competed against Kurt Angle at Lockdown in which he defeated him with help from Aces & Eights Vice President D-Lo Brown and Garett Bischoff competed with the rest of his comrades in a losing effort against Team TNA in the Lethal Lockdown match that very same night. I predict that Garett will become the weak-link of the group which will lead to him being removed as a member and Wes will go on to capture the X-Division title at some point.

Prediction: Garett will be removed, Wes becomes X-Division Champion.

Now, we are at Taz who revealed himself to be a member of the Aces & Eights at Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan’s wedding. However, Taz is “untouchable” due to a clause in his contract and if anyone touches him, he will sue TNA. This prompted him to be referred to as “Teflon” Taz. Taz remains as a color commentator at the table with Mike Tenay and Todd Kennelly but he’s now a spokesperson for the Aces & Eights and seems to be an active recruiter for the club as well, as you saw on last week’s Impact Wrestling when he offered AJ Styles a spot. I predict Taz will somehow getting taken out and TNA will avoid legal action.

Prediction: Taz no longer is “Teflon.”

Last but not least, we got Mr. Anderson who was recruited by Devon to join Aces & Eights. Anderson was brought in as manpower against a returning Sting. He also competed in the Lethal Lockdown match against Team TNA. Where do I see Ken’s path? Well, I unfortunately see him turning babyface yet again and turning on the club. Anderson will get pissed off that just about everyone in the group has titles except for him and this will lead to him Mic-Checking his way out of group and back on the Team TNA side.

Prediction: Anderson turns on Aces & Eights.

I could be wrong about these predictions but this is what I think what will end up happening with the Aces & Eights in the future. I must say that I’ve been impressed with the work TNA has put into these guys and I hope that the storyline progresses well in the coming months and weeks. Next week, I will do part two and I will predict the futures of Bully Ray, Devon, and D-Lo Brown. I will be back on Friday with my rundown of Impact Wrestling. Thanks for reading!

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  • Ric Santos

    Pretty interesting views on the "B-Team" of the Aces.

    I have Garrett Bischoff actually having a brighter future over Wes. Wes could have a strong future ahead but he needs MAJOR work on his mic skills and expression.

    DOC and Knux I could care less for. I think after Aces & 8's, these two will dwindle.

    I agree with your Anderson view point and Taz. Being a spokesperson for the Aces is getting a bit tiring to listen to, I must say. Time will tell.

    • Cody Springer

      Garett might end up being a big part of the Aces & Eights but in the Lethal Lockdown match he was clearly the weak link of that match as he was always running away from people or climbing up the cage. Wes does need more work but I think he has a bright future.

      I actually like D.O.C. but him as a person though outside the ring, I don't like him. He blocked me on Twitter for no reason. lol

      Knox ive never been high on.

      Anderson and Taz are the two things I can see happening the most.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    i hope aces and eights ends soon and doc and knox probally will get released after aces and eights is all done

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    i think Mr.Anderson will be released soon or will not renew his contract which has ot been expiring soon

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  • Aces&Eights4Life

    What's your predictions on AJ Styles with Aces And Eights?

  • David

    this is david R conn and i want aces and eights come back and dispan the main event mafa