Prepare For Impact! – Hardcore Justice Fallout

The smoke has settled over Impact Wrestling with two dynamic shifts in the landscape. The two week Hardcore Justice event set a new tone heading into the BFG Series finals at No Surrender and the continuing battle for supremacy with the Aces & 8′s. Tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling broadcast will hope to answer the questions coming out of Hardcore Justice. But will more questions be asked?


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For months, AJ Styles has let TNA know that he is in it for himself. So why the sudden change of heart? Go back in time where Kurt Angle, Sting and AJ Styles were in the same ring during AJ’s decision to join the Aces & 8′s or Team TNA. Sting was the man who looked to be getting through to AJ Styles. The fans in the arena and the fans at home could see AJ’s face and knew the wires were beginning to repair themselves. However, Kurt pressing AJ to give an answer drove him away. Fast forward and Sting is decimated by the Aces & 8′s at Slammiversary. A little further down in time, The Main Event Mafia is betrayed by Tito Ortiz and are left in a predicament. Looking back at this short history, the words of Sting many months ago remained in the heart and mind of AJ Styles. This could be the reason why AJ decided to help Sting and the Main Event Mafia. He is expected to speak tomorrow night, so his intentions will be made clear. Unless the Aces & 8′s have anything to say first.

By this time, the wrestling community is aware that Brooke Hogan is no longer with TNA Wrestling. Bully calling and introducing Brooke infront of last week’s crowd was a ploy to reveal his true girl, Brooke Tessmacher. With Bully embarrassing the absent Brooke Hogan again, Hulk Hogan is set to face Bully tomorrow night. There was talk several months ago of a Bully Ray/ Hulk Hogan matchup for the world title. Though one would assume the world title would not be a factor, there would appear to be seeds ready to be planted for a possible in-ring confrontation. The need to defend one’s honor can outweigh the need to preserve health, as is the case with Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan cannot go toe to toe with someone the caliber of Bully Ray. In this feud, Hulk Hogan needs to execute by way of his managerial powers: payback by matches set up to test Bully Ray and wear him down enough heading into Bound for Glory.

What do Sting and the rest of the Main Event Mafia have to say following last week’s huge 5 on 5 tag team match up? With Devon gone from TNA Wrestling, the Aces & 8′s are down another member this year. It would look as though the Aces are losing steam. However, The Mafia need to keep focus. Just because the party isn’t as big as it used to be, it’s still a party and the Aces always play until last call. Anderson is picking up the leadership role nicely and making his presence felt within the group. Bully, on the other hand, looks to be distancing himself with Tito Ortiz and Brooke Tessmacher by his side. He called Tito club business last week, but is it really just Bully business? This is another aspect of the story The Mafia needs to take advantage of. The cracks are showing, so Sting and the rest of the team need to start kicking and breaking. Tomorrow could be another night for The Mafia in the game of one-upmanship, but watch for Anderson to not take last week’s loss lightly.

On top of the drama, there are three scheduled BFG Series matchups that look to tear the house down:

- AJ Styles Vs. Bobby Roode
- Austin Aries Vs. Christopher Daniels
- Hernandez Vs. Kazarian

AJ Styles Vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries Vs. Christopher Daniels will surely be memorable matches. Hernandez Vs. Kazarian has the potential to be a very entertaining contest itself. Will all three members of EGO pick up their respective wins tomorrow night? Every man in every match is on a role in some way, shape or form so to choose a winner will be a gamble all the way through. Just sit back and watch the action unfold!

Impact Wrestling will emanate from Cleveland, OH for what is sure to be a telling night of TNA Wrestling action. Are you prepared for Impact!?

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  • The Boss

    After months of teasing the Hogan/Bully match I have been crushed by this revelation that Hogan can’t wrestle after all. I go into this and every Impact through BFG expecting to feel disappointed as a result.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    the only reason tna put aj in the mem is becuase angle is in rehab and they need someome to take his place in mem and they pick aj styles for that role

    • Ric Santos

      Punctuation, capitalization and spell check my friend.