Prepare For Impact! – OFN And The MEM

The big news coming out last week’s Impact Wrestling was the announcement by Sting of the Main Event Mafia reforming. Speculation as to who Sting will recruit have been running rampant within the IWC. Will he further expand on this tomorrow night on Impact Wrestling? Will there be superstars vying for a spot? Don’t forget that tomorrow night is also the return of Open Fight Night!


The original Main Event Mafia consisted of some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, despite the opinions of the IWC: Sting, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash. This was a group that dominated TNA Wrestling during its run but ultimately, as with any stable, imploded and was no more. There was a tease of a return years ago, but that was before Booker T and Kevin Nash signed with the WWE. It seemed as if the Main Event Mafia were truly gone. However, the Aces & 8’s have done enough to push one of the original members to the brink and proclaim that a new Main Event Mafia will rise. So, who will join the new Main Event Mafia? Who is worthy of joining The Family? You can read a great article by our own Alex Barie here looking into this in detail.

Whoever Sting chooses to join the new Mafia, don’t expect name power like the original group. Instead, expect Impact Wrestling power: men who are known, respected by the TNA fan base and who are going to take the company into the future. Based on the reaction from the Aces & 8’s, there is a growing concern and concern is the right reaction. Sting knows what he is doing, but has never had the complete backing of those in the TNA roster and management. High respect no doubt, but he has always been met with some reservation in one way or another in these types of situations. In many ways, especially coming off of a high stakes loss at Slammiversary, Sting needs the Main Event Mafia to succeed in taking down the Aces. If not completely, then the Mafia needs to strike a blow strong enough to question the foundation of the Aces. Not only is this a situation where TNA needs an answer to the Aces & 8’s dilemma, but Sting needs to revive the credibility in his capabilities and decision making.

A “Sting Watch” will be in effect tomorrow night. What exactly will be revealed to the world? Tune in to Impact Wrestling to find out!


Open Fight Night also returns tomorrow with Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode kicking off the festivities, so to speak. Who will be chosen to make the first challenge on Impact Wrestling?

Not only is this Open Fight Night, but this is a BFG Series match. Each man needs a victory to begin building momentum as this is a chance for both men to return to the title picture. Along with these two gentleman, others on the roster have a chance to make a name for themselves via a call out.

The casual TNA fan may not think much of it, but Open Fight Night is a very important night for the up and coming stars. For that reason, the concept of OFN needs to be a TNA constant. The kind of match-ups we have seen and can see, plus new rivalries that can form, elevate its fun factor. It also gives TNA another platform to show how they are changing the idea of how wrestling can evolve. What other business will be settled in the ring? Who will step up to prove their worth?

Impact Wrestling has been on a role as of late and it is this author’s hope that tomorrow’s broadcast is another excellent night. Sting and the Main Event Mafia/ Aces & 8’s, Mickie James, AJ Styles, Bad Influence, so much to look forward to on Impact Wrestling. So, if you’ve read the articles here on, are you ready for Impact?

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