Prepare For Impact! – Suicide, The Game Changer (Possible Spoiler)

We are one night away from a highly anticipated Impact Wrestling broadcast presented by TNA Wrestling. If you have been left out of the loop, the big story for tomorrow’s show is a situation involving Suicide and the X-Division championship. TNA released a great teaser trailer for tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling that can be viewed by clicking here. What’s in store for Impact Wrestling and how does Suicide play into the big picture?

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There hasn’t been a time in recent memory where TNA Wrestling previews its next episode of Impact Wrestling by showing the outcome of a match from a taped show. This is rare and a fantastic idea on the part of TNA. Even if you have read spoilers for tomorrow’s broadcast (taped on 6/20), the ramifications warrant your live viewing. Why is tomorrow’s reveal important? There are several reasons but two come to mind, the first being Chris Sabin.

Chris Sabin returned to Impact Wrestling after two years of rehab and hard training to become the X-Division champion. This was Sabin’s time to shine; having a chance at challenging for the world title the night of Destination X. It seemed as though Chris Sabin would be having a lengthy X-Division championship reign, if he did not challenge for the world title. The loss of the X-Division title to Suicide last week for tomorrow’s episode was a shocker. What does this mean for Sabin’s future?

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Chris Sabin is in a safe place. His title reign should have been lengthier but this is a case of the big picture scenario. After the show’s revelation is presented, Sabin can expect to get his chance at the X-Division title and become champion again at a later date (patience Sabin faithful). The next reign can possibly lead into a higher spot on the card and an eventual look at the title picture. The X-Division title is prestigious and a stepping stone to becoming world champion. Now that we know who the new X-Division champion is, this leads into the second reason as to why the reveal is important.

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Look at the faces of Hulk Hogan and Bully Ray in the trailer for tomorrow’s broadcast (which can be viewed again by clicking here). The man behind the mask is an established superstar without question and a threat to Bully Ray. This man is now X-Division Champion, so he will keep the gold long enough to make it to Destination X and challenge for the world title. If it weren’t someone who has the potential to dethrone Bully as champion, would there be so much hype and controversy leading into Impact Wrestling tomorrow?

This individual has been involved in interesting situations recently and, knowing who this individual is, should be rewarded with a shot at the world title. This individual should be a threat and a legit contender, which begs even more questions:

- What is his true agenda?
- Will there be an alliance with The Main Event Mafia to knock off the Aces & 8′s?
- Is the goal of stopping the Aces even in this man’s to do list?
- Will there be consequences for this individual because of his actions?

The main event landscape will change tomorrow night on Spike TV so don’t miss a second of Impact Wrestling! Are you Prepared For Impact!?

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  • Brad Drysdale

    You really should have warned for spoilers dude!

    • Ric Santos

      Haha, hey, they’re out there. It’s the fans choice to read the spoilers or not ;) I’m just trying to get the fans hyped, haha.

    • Ric Santos

      Plus the trailer spoiled it (the match outcome) so its fair play, haha

  • TNA Chris

    Possible spoiler, more like spoiler alert. Abe Lincoln dies at the end of Lincoln.

    • Ric Santos

      If you saw the Impact Wrestling trailer/ preview for tomorrow, they already teased the Suicide situation so it’s not really a spoiler. I didn’t reveal the main spoiler.