Prepare For Impact! – The Phenomenal One Vs. The Boss

Impact Wrestling is back on Spike TV tomorrow night from St. Louis, MO with the fallout from last week’s No Surrender special. There’s heavy anticipation for the AJ Styles/ Dixie Carter confrontation, but we also have an interesting main event in TNA X-Division Champion Manik facing Jeff Hardy. Also on tomorrow’s program, what can we expect from Bully Ray and the Aces & 8′s? A look at the main points of tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling here on Prepare for Impact!


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Before complete focus on Bound for Glory, AJ Styles has called out TNA President Dixie Carter in what could be a volatile confrontation. There’s alot of frustration on the part of AJ Styles that we are all aware of so it will be interesting to see how Dixie Carter responds, both verbally and possibly through action.

This situation is very reminiscent of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin versus Vince McMahon: The face of the company is frustrated at the authority and looks to make an impact for himself and the world title scene. It’s too soon to make the assumption that this will boil into a full blown Austin/ McMahon type feud, or that it will even be as intense; however, seeds have been planted for some sort of long term conflict between the two. AJ Styles is coming to his own with his “No One” persona, so this is actually a chance for Dixie Carter to step up and become a personality for the program herself. If done right, the fans will know who she is and will have an investment into future storylines involving Dixie, much like how fans grew to invest in the McMahon family drama that ensued in the WWE’s Attitude Era. Tomorrow’s broadcast will shed some light on what the future may hold for AJ Styles and Dixie Carter.


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In what looks to be an exciting main event matchup, Jeff Hardy faces TNA X-Division Champion Manik. The premise of this bout is Manik’s desire to step up his game and elevate himself into a continually visible spot on Impact Wrestling. The obvious goal is also to be considered a player in the main event title scene in the near future.

The great thing about the Manik character now is that there appears to be stability. Along with the name change from Suicide to Manik, TJ Perkins is the man behind the mask and has been doing a great job in his role. The character of Manik is an interesting one and can lead to a deeper storyline for TJ Perkins should he continue to impress. In Jeff Hardy’s case, he can give Perkins the rub needed to be a staple in TNA. Remember when The Undertaker faced Jeff Hardy in the WWE and The Undertaker raised Hardy’s hand in the ring after their match? That moment cemented Hardy as a main event caliber competitor. Though not the legend The Undertaker is, Jeff Hardy can do the same for Perkins and present him with a stage to showcase his abilities and what he has to offer. This is Manik’s/ Perkin’s opportunity, so he needs to kick his game up a notch to hang with Jeff Hardy.

Along with Styles/ Dixie and Hardy/ Manik, expect the Aces & 8′s to tout their dominance and further explain the situation with Mr. Anderson, as well as the loyalties of the group itself. Along with the goal of making Bully Ray out to be the dominating and vicious TNA Champion for his Bound for Glory match, Mr. Anderson now has an opportunity to return as the Mr. Anderson of old and begin his own journey towards a main event spot in TNA Wrestling.

Also, The TNA Knockouts Championship will be on the line as ODB will challenge against TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James. ODB is back on the scene and the Knockouts division certainly needs to return to the prominence it once held. As Gail Kim has stated in various tweets: patience.

All of this and more tomorrow night at 9/8c on Spike TV as we Prepare for Impact!

NOTE: Though comments and discussion are encouraged, we ask that spoilers for this Thursday’s Impact Wrestling broadcast are NOT provided in the comments area in consideration of your fellow readers who do not wish to be spoiled. Thank you.

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  • cinimodyeslah

    i can't wait for Impact tomorrow i really enjoy these "Prepare For Impact" articles they make me even more excited for Impact keep up the great work on the Site:& i hope u enjoy Impact tomorrow:)

    • Ric Santos

      Thank you sir and enjoy as well! Should be an interesting show :-)

  • Chris

    The Knockouts division should be scrapped. It seems there are only 3 wrestlers (I haven't watched TNA in 3 or 4 weeks) but it's barely a division. I loved the Knockouts division, especially with Gail Kim, Alissa Flash, Sarita, and Awesome Kong. But it seems now that Mickie appears to be gone, there's only Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, and ODB. And giving ODB a push? Oh, I get it now! If you bring alcohol in some type of container with you (Steve Austin with beer can, James Storm with the beer bottle, and ODB with the flask) then you will get a push. How much talent does ODB have? I have never really understood why she gets a push in the first place. Scrap the division.

    Now that the Bound For Glory Series is over, I have heard many things. The main thing that I have heard is that the Bound For Glory Series was hard to follow or too complicated. To this, I totally agree. We saw competitors in random matches with each other. It was entertaining for a while, but then there seemed to be too many gimmick matches. Especially off of what I heard that it was over then another was added the next week so Styles could get in the final four. It seems they forgot all about their main superstar. It just seems bad. With the whole points system of getting so much for pins and submissions and disqualifications. For one thing, Joseph Park was a joke. I hope that angle is done with. Back to what I was saying. Ever since the start, it seemed hard to understand why anyone wouldn't just go for a submission after they would do their finisher to the opponent. Why wouldn't we see everyone go for a submission? To me, it seemed like the BFG Series was made up week after week.

    Even though I have not watched TNA in a very long time, I have kept up with it. I have read about last week's TNA show and seen a couple of AJ Styles' promos. (The one he did last week and three weeks ago.) I will say that it is interesting. I do like where this is going just because it's something very new, and something TNA fans can relate with.

    First off, it is something new by Dixie Carter seeming to now have a role as more than just the president of the company. Beforehand, she was a dull character that didn't do much. There have been moments where she has actually looked good such as when Sting was a heel a year or two ago but those moments are very few and far between. Dixie just hasn't wanted to be in that role. Now, it is instantly being seen as Austin vs McMahon. For one thing, I have to see it to believe it. I am just not convinced that Dixie Carter would be able to pull off being a heel. She is too much of a public relations girl and not a wrestling girl, in my eyes. I don't see her as a character that people can believe or want to watch on TV. It's just not there.

    For what TNA fans can relate with, AJ Styles being the go to guy. He has always been the go to guy. Hey, lets bring in Rob Van Dam. Let's bring in Sting. Let's get Christian Cage. Maybe Rhino. Kurt Angle would be great. Oh, I got it! Booker T and Scott Steiner. Even better, let's get the Nature Boy Ric Flair. I won't consider Jeff Hardy in this mix because Hardy has been around TNA since 2004. But TNA always thinks of bringing in the most recognizable names from WWE and WCW and try to make them a huge star in TNA. Meanwhile, lets have TNA guys receive less money and job out to these former WWE guys. It's crazy.

    Instead of getting these names from the other company, make your own stars. I don't remember The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, Undertaker and Kane being taken from another company. Sure, you might be able to say that Stone Cold and Undertaker and Kane were from WCW. The point is, none of these wrestlers were stars until they were in WWF. WWF made them in to stars and who they are to today. No one remembers Undertaker and Kane in WCW and some will remember that Austin was in other companies, but those companies didn't fully utilize them. They still had potential at the time and had not been given the right character or opportunity to shine.

    TNA is completely different. They are taking people who are already stars and have been stars for a long time. They take them and beat down everyone who was already in TNA. It makes no sense. TNA needs to make its own stars. This is how TNA will become relevant and people will want to watch. You know, like how before Bischoff and Hogan came and Styles, Daniels, and Joe were main eventing. Now, we have Sting, Jeff Hardy, and Bubba Ray Dudley main eventing.

    • Ric Santos

      You haven’t watched TNA in 3-4 weeks you say? That statement alone nullifies everything you just typed. Watch the show. Reading is nothing compared to watching.

  • TCB

    I was actually waiting for this to be posted hahaha.

    So that's two scheduled matches correct? Oh wait a minute, we also have that six-man tag between EGO and MEM (Magnus, Sting and Joe) correct? I can very well see a BFG feud take shape between Roode and Magnus; so we'll see if the seeds are planted tomorrow night.

    • Ric Santos

      Haha, thanks for supporting this series.

      Yes, I believe a six man was advertised but haven’t heard much. I’m sure it’ll happen though. There’s also the Knockouts title match so there’s 4 I believe.

  • Kazuya

    Hmmmm… Austin/McMahon feud. Is Dixie gonna turn heel? Shouldn’t AJ be focusing on Bully Ray? Am curious as to how all this will play out