Prepare For Impact! – The Three Point Preview

Tomorrow night on Spike TV, TNA’s Impact Wrestling comes to us again from Duluth, GA for what is sure to be another great night of action. Last week, Sting’s cryptic tweet left us wondering what’s next for The Icon. The saga of Bully Ray, Hulk and Brooke Hogan has taken a turn. “Rampage” Jackson is set to make another appearance on Impact Wrestling. Let’s take a look at these three points as we Prepare For Impact!

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Last week, Sting sent out a tweet following his loss at Slammiversary to Bully Ray stating: “Sunday I was left to fight alone… Message received!

Some have speculated that this is Sting’s farewell from professional wrestling. Others believe it is Sting sending a clear message that he will no longer be taken advantage of in TNA. Can there also be a possibility that this is a sign of a darker Sting coming for the Aces & 8′s?

Sting can no longer wrestle for the world heavyweight championship in TNA wrestling. Tomorrow’s broadcast will shed some light into Sting’s current predicament: What will happen going forward regarding Sting’s in-ring career and the mindset Sting is in. It was a bold move setting up this kind of stipulation and going forward with it took creative guts. However, Sting will challenge for the world heavyweight title again somehow. Never say never in professional wrestling.

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Is Bully Ray true to his word in telling Brooke he still loves her? Does Brooke still love Bully? One thing we know for sure is that Hulk Hogan is still angry as hell and is looking to take Bully out of the equation.

It would appear that Brooke clearly still has feelings for her husband. She even stopped Hogan from knocking Bully out cold in the backstage area at the end of the night. This begs the questions: Was Bully pulling on Brooke’s strings to get into her head and was shocked when she essentially saved him? Was he acting out of relief that his wife may finally be seeing his feelings for her? What about Bully Ray’s proclamation that he wants the Aces & 8′s in the Bound for Glory Series?

There should be clarity in this situation from either Bully or Brooke; something that further pushes Hulk closer to the edge. Bully Ray, as history shows, is playing puppet master with the Hogan family but expect Hulk to have some kind of ace up his sleeve. In Bully Ray’s case, it’s important to establish, or enhance, the dominance held by the Aces & 8′s since the BFG Series is starting to pick up and AJ Styles is not aligned with the Aces. It is believed that Angle is still a factor along with “Rampage” Jackson, so the Aces have alot to worry about.

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What better way than to get your professional wrestling career started than by starting it with Kurt Angle? Making his impact last week, expect “Rampage” Jackson to make his presence felt again. Will it be at the expense of Kurt Angle?

Another obvious situation is the status of Angle defending TNA’s honor against the Aces & 8′s. Where is that story? Will “Rampage” get involved with the Aces & 8′s? Is he even under their radar?

Whether or not the Aces have a hand in the Angle/ “Rampage” story, these two need to address the matter. “Rampage” is advertised to appear, so some kind of follow up is expected; either in-ring or backstage meeting between the men. The confrontation last week ended in a handshake, but this was clearly the first blank page of a story which is about to be written.

Other great talent will have a hand in making tomorrow’s Impact Wrestling one to remember. The BFG Series, Mickie James and the Knockouts, all are set to end their time in Duluth on a high note so don’t miss Impact Wrestling tomorrow night. Are you Prepared For Impact!?

Spoilers are available here, but read at your own risk of missing out on a great show as it unfolds.

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