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Impact Wrestling comes to us tonight from Las Vegas with the weight of last week’s show on its shoulders. Austin Aries’ X-Division title win, Bully Ray’s world title in jeopardy, The Main Event Mafia recruiting for its army and the Bound for Glory Series in full swing.

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Samoa Joe is a member of the MEM, along with Sting and Kurt Angle. Tonight’s broadcast advertises the latest member. It looks as though The Main Event Mafia is on a role and at this rate, they will be a stable strong enough to take on the Aces & 8′s and truly threaten their longevity. The Main Event Mafia is one of the best stables in wrestling history, if not by the obvious in-ring talents, then by name recognition alone. The elite are chosen to join so who will be its latest member? Who catches the eye of The Olympic Gold Medalist and The Icon enough where they have earned their spot into The Family?

Bobby Roode had a moment backstage with Sting and Angle on last week’s show with both members of MEM looking to consider The It Factor. Magnus has been improving his game and making a name for himself beautifully. He has the look as well as the in-ring abilities to be a force. Will one of these two men be the newest member or will the latest be someone we least suspect?


After Austin Aries won the X-Division title in controversial fashion by disguising as Suicide, rumblings have been heard regarding the future of Aries as X-Division champion.

Aries is the X-Division champion but Suicide is technically champion as well. Because Aries has revealed himself, it would appear that he will remain X-Division champion and, as long as he keeps the gold, will challenge Bully Ray for the world title at Destination X after trading in. This revelation throws an unexpected curve ball into Bully Ray’s plans. Bully Ray is not prepared for this new challenger and needs to come up with a new game plan in order to retain is gold. However, another outcome may be written.

What if Hulk Hogan decides to strip Austin Aries of the X-Division title? What if he decides to keep the title on Aries but forces him to defend it tonight and/ or every week until Destination X to prove Aries is worthy to be called X-Division champion? Austin Aries completed his grand scheme but he may have bitten more than he could chew.


As the Bound for Glory Series continues, Magnus is at the top of the list with 24 points. Tonight, Jeff Hardy will face Joseph Park and AJ Styles will face Kazarian in respective BFG Series matches. If two of the biggest names want a shot at the world title, Hardy and Styles need to step it up and earn major points starting tonight and going forward.

The dynamic here is AJ Styles as the chosen one to defeat the Aces and Jeff Hardy, arguably the biggest name in TNA, having unfinished business with Bully Ray. Who is perceived to be more of a threat to Bully Ray and the world title? Once the series moves on, will there be an AJ Styles/ Jeff Hardy match up to prove who will be the true “chosen one”?

All of this and more so make sure to catch Impact Wrestling tonight at 9/8C on Spike TV and visit after for more of your TNA fill.

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