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TNA Wrestling presents Impact Wrestling: No Surrender tomorrow night on Spike TV with the BFG Series coming to a close and the TNA Championship decided between members of the Aces & 8′s. This is also the setting for Bound for Glory’s final preparations. Everyone has to step up and prove their worth or be left behind, continually pining for the gold.


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Bully Ray is losing his grip on the Aces & 8′s faction as the distrust and dissension between he and Mr. Anderson has lead us to this world title matchup. There have been arguments on both sides as to who will leave No Surrender as champion.

Looking at the grand scheme of things, a proper Aces & 8′s Bound for Glory title main event would involve Bully Ray as champion. Mr. Anderson is deserving and can absolutely hold down a world title match himself, however, Bully has been the anchor of the Aces & 8′s storyline and the man everyone wants to beat for the title. For Bully Ray and his progression, he needs to win tomorrow’s matchup to further his status as the reason for the Aces & 8′s longevity to this point. Also, a Bound for Glory main event should feature the biggest heel in the company against the biggest babyface in the company.

For Mr. Anderson, a title win would place him in the position to finally begin the Mr. Anderson version of the Aces & 8′s. If this were to happen, what would it mean? Mr. Anderson is being portrayed as a die hard Aces & 8′g guy who wants to see the group remain loyal to its core values. When those values are tested, he becomes volatile. If Mr. Anderson were to lead the Aces as champion, these men could become more vicious and unpredictable. From No Surrender to Bound for Glory, Anderson could change the Aces into what they should always be: a dangerous team that commands fear and respect. A Mr. Anderson BFG main event would also be a memorable match after analyzing it further. Whoever the champion is after No Surrender, expect a shift in the Aces & 8′s.


AJ Styles Vs. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode Vs. Magnus. The winners of these two bouts will square off to end the Bound for Glory Series and determine who goes on to Bound for Glory for a shot at the TNA Championship.

Aside from the anticipation of who will go on, the matches themselves look to be pay-per-view quality on paper. Bobby Roode and Magnus will surely present a technical gem while AJ Styles and Austin Aries will take care of the fast paced side of things. If predictions could be made, AJ Styles and Bobby Roode will compete in the finale with Styles picking up the win. We are all well aware that AJ Styles could not compete for the TNA Championship for one year following a loss last year at Turning Point 2012. A BFG Series win and Bound for Glory title win, as stated previously here on, would be full circle for AJ Styles and makes the most sense in furthering his character and the world title picture. All competitors on tomorrow’s BFG Finals are worthy to be called champion, but this is AJ Styles’ time.

These matches and much more will lead us throughout the night into what will be Bound for Glory in October. Are you Prepared for No Surrender?!?

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  • Steven kelly

    I agree no matter what aces and 8s will have a new focus if not impetus you already know who i want to walk out champ but whatever happens will to quote edge reek of awesomeness