Questioning The Status Of Austin Aries (Update)


The last time we saw Austin Aries in TNA Wrestling was when he was part of the Lethal Lockdown match at Lockdown on March 9, 2014. After the match, TNA filmed around a month’s worth of Impact Wrestling television shows. Austin Aries wasn’t part of any of those. Austin Aries also isn’t advertised for any of March’s live events shows and even the April 4th or 5th live events shows TNA has scheduled. Austin Aries tweeted out the following on his official media account last week:

The first thing we have to realize is that Aries is on an “extended vacation”. The question is why though. Is TNA just giving him a long break just to reward him as it is deserving or is it simply a creative booking move? Is TNA writing him off so the fans can temporary “forget” about him just so he can come back in a surprise return? Will he have a new look? Will he have a new character? We also have to take into account when he says, “Change is in the air.” Is that a character change that I referred to? I contacted several of my sources to see if I can get anymore information about Austin Aries and his status with TNA Wrestling. I wasn’t able to get any further information. I was even able to ask one of Aries’ closest friends. We do know that Christopher Daniels and Kazarian‘s contracts with the company expires in April; as a result, they weren’t at the Impact Wrestling tapings for the rest of March. Is this the same case with Austin Aries? It’s certainly something to take note of and to watch carefully.

Update: March 18, 2014 4:22pm ET After I sent this article out via social media, Austin Aries posted the following tweet:

I am not saying that his response is directly related to us, but from the time we posted the article, plugged it on social media, and Aries’ tweet, we can certainly assume. I would like to thank Aries for clearing things up as any other wrestling websites wouldn’t even bother figuring anything or trying to get answers. While the “extended vacation” and “change is in the air” might not be anything newsworthy, we can certainly still question when Aries will make his return to TNA shows.

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  • Chris

    If I was to rank the top 10 wrestlers that I would feature in TNA for the next 5 years, Aries would be on that list (along with Roode, Magnus, Storm, Joe, Daniels, Kazarian, Richards, Edwards, Sabin). Losing Aries is a non-option for TNA. I have survived the departure of AJ Styles. I could not survive the departures of Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. TNA would loose me if this happened.

    That is just one man’s opinion

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