Reaction To Lockdown: Part Four


When Madison Rayne came back to TNA, she was immediately feuding with Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship. I was not in favor of this. This felt very rushed and felt that the only reason Madison Rayne was challenging for the championship and feuding with the champion so early was because there were no other Knockouts around to feud with. I still believe this is true. Every other Knockout was busy in a story and was unable to feud for the Knockouts Champion. I do not mean this as a knock for Rayne. I have seen Rayne show great athletic ability in many matches in the past. She is a very good Knockout.


There have been many times that we have complained about the Knockout division. We have complained that the division was not getting the attention that it used to. This division used to be a highlight of the company. We would feel that the Knockout division was being neglected. No matter what you say about the division, the Knockouts bring the action far more than I have ever seen in a WWE Divas match. Gail Kim hit a flying neckbreaker off of the top rope. Madison Rayne ended up retaining her TNA Knockout Championship after delivering a spear to Gail Kim from the top rope. Madison Rayne needed this win. Several times, she had been beaten before while she was champion. I was starting to wonder about why Madison Rayne was champion when she kept losing non-title matches. This win was big for her title reign and to earn respect as a champion.


All of us fans love seeing Samoa Joe cut a promo. He brings aggression and energy into every promo that he does. Samoa Joe has a backstage promo talking about how close him and Magnus were. He says that he brought Magnus in to TNA. They became TNA Tag Team Champions and traveled the world together. He brought Magnus in to the Main Event Mafia. He said that Magnus threw it all away for the quick ride to greatness. Joe calls Magnus a paper champion and says that he has come to collect his belt.


The crowd was very much behind Samoa Joe in the match. Samoa Joe looked like he was going to win the title for sure. At the end of the match, Samoa Joe hit a muscle buster from the top rope. Since this was a Joe’s Rules match (Knockout, Tapout or Submission) Joe locked in the coquina clutch. While Joe had Magnus in a rear naked choke, an arm came up from under the ring and grabbed Samoa Joe. Joe fought the person on the way down. While Joe and the person were underneath the ring, the crowd started chanting “Bullshit.” I have to say. I can’t blame them. I also have to say that I can’t blame fans for saying afterward that Vince Russo must have booked this. Even though I believe that Russo had nothing to do with the match, this match had a very bad ending. Samoa Joe crawled out of the hole toward Magnus. Joe looked like a man possessed. Joe walked over to Magnus and choked him with one hand while Magnus was on the top turnbuckle. Abyss came from behind and turned Joe around, hitting him with Janice. Abyss hit the black hole slam on Joe and Magnus won the match by using Joe’s submission move the coquina clutch.


There are a few things that need to be said about this. First, I half understand this. Magnus’ role in TNA is to be a paper champion. This is his current character and how TNA is booking him. Throughout the night, Magnus was saying that he was going to be alone that night. Nevertheless, Magnus needed to have help to win the match if he was still going to be a paper champion. For the match to end in this way was wrong. I never understand whenever a monster is booked to align with someone. The monster character should always walk alone. The monster character is the best alone and as a heel. The perfect example of this is Kane in 2003. A monster on the loose creating chaos everywhere he goes.

Another thing I have never understood about this is why Abyss is suddenly interested in money. I do not understand why Abyss would be bought out by Magnus when Abyss has no prior history involving anything to do with money. Since when does a monster care about money? This makes the monster look weak. If Abyss had to be bought out by Magnus to help Magnus retain the title, Abyss could have come out. Abyss would help Magnus retain the title. After the match, Abyss attacks Magnus with Janice. This would make sense. On the next show, Abyss could come out and tell Magnus that without his help, Magnus would have lost the match. Abyss demands a title shot and now becomes a top contender for the championship.

Even so, if I would have been booking TNA, I would have either done one of two things. If Magnus was going to win, Rockstar Spud or EC3 would help him win. Team Dixie would be in full force. Samoa Joe defeating Magnus and ending the Reign of Magnus would also make sense. He would now be the people’s champion. Everyone loves Samoa Joe and he could easily be the face of TNA Wrestling. With MVP being the new person in charge of TNA, Samoa Joe could be the new champion in TNA. This would truly be the start of a new era in TNA Wrestling.


Throughout the night, over and over again we heard that Jeff Hardy was still suspended from TNA Wrestling. Jeff Hardy would not be at Lockdown. This would leave MVP’s team at a 4-5 disadvantage. When it was time for Jeff Hardy to come out, Willow’s music played. The lights went out and Willow was on top of the steel cage. Willow stood on top of the cage until all of Team Roode were turned around and together in the middle of the ring. Willow jumped off the cage doing a crossbody. All of the members went down. The cage with all of the weapons lowered down to the ring.


Dixie Carter’s music played with Dixie walking out to the stage. She introduced her special referee and insurance policy. Bully Ray walked out looking pissed off. Bully looked at Dixie then walked slowly down to the ring. All of the odds seemed to be against Team MVP. The teams started hitting each other with weapons while Bully Ray watched in the corner. Rockstar Spud brought out a chair for Dixie to sit on and watch her plan unfold. The most impressive move of the match came when Robbie E was upside down in a tree of woe position in the turnbuckle. Jessie was sitting down in front of Robbie E with a trash can over his head while each member of The Wolves climbed separate turnbuckles. The Wolves flew coast to coast smashing the trash can that was on Jessie’s head into Robbie E’s crotch. Later, Austin Aries attempted a 450 splash on Willow. Aries missed and landed on a trash can. Willow hit a twist of fate on Aries then climbed the turnbuckle. Aries had the trash can lid on him and Willow hit the swanton bomb from the top rope. Bully Ray counted close to three but only a two count. Bobby Roode set up a table. Roode was about to RoodeBomb MVP through the table when Bully stepped in front of the table. Roode dropped MVP and pushed Bully Ray. Bully hit the Bully Cutter on Roode. MVP capitalized hitting a shining wizard on Bobby Roode and won the match. After the match, once Roode finally came to his feet, Bully Ray powerbombed him through the table. Last year at Lockdown, Bully Ray turned heel by announcing that he was the President of the Aces and Eights. This year, he turned face by helping MVP win control of wrestling operations.

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