Reaction To Lockdown: Part Three


Magnus talks to the camera backstage about having to do everything himself. He has go into tonight’s steel cage match against Samoa Joe by himself. Also, this match is Joe’s Rules. Magnus says that he has Joe figured out. He says that Magnus is smarter than Samoa Joe and will prove that in his match. He says that Joe will bow down to the Reign of Magnus. I loved this interview. This interview, along with seeing Magnus arrive backstage at the start of Lockdown, made Magnus look like a legitimate champion. These backstage segments did a great deal in building up his image as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.


Up next is the match we have all been waiting for. We finally see a X Division match. Manik walks out to the ring followed by a vignette of Tigre Uno. Tigre Uno walks out and the match starts. Mike Tenay built up Tigre Uno as a huge star in AAA and a former tag team champion. Manik and Tigre Uno had a very back and forth fast paced match. This match showed all of the potential that TNA’s X-Division can truly be. Manik and Tigre Uno are truly two of TNA’s best athletes. Tigre Uno was very impressive in his TNA Wrestling debut. His finisher off the top rope, the Sabertooth Splash, is possibly the most exciting finishing move in TNA. People have said that since we rarely see a X-Division match, the ones that we do see become overrated. Other people say that this match stole the show. I lean toward the latter. This match could certainly be considered the most exciting match of the night.


A video package of the James Storm/Gunner rivalry was shown. I truly find it amazing how fast Gunner’s character has developed. He has almost instantly become a crowd favorite. Everyone used to beg for TNA to make Gunner a heel. Now, people love Gunner for his patriotism. This is evident when the fans at Lockdown chant, “Lets go Gunner!” This match was a Last Man Standing match and the most physical match of the night. The crowd loved this match. I have to give this match much credit as the match took its time and told a story. Gunner won the match by superplexing James Storm off the top rope onto two steel chairs. The Gunner/James Storm rivalry looks to be almost over after their Unlocked match last week. Ever since James Storm turned heel, I have been begging for a Beer Money reunion. I still hope to see them together as a team again.

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