Reaction To: TNA Wrestling Weekly PPVs Vs. 2013 Impacts

Hey Jake. It’s fun seeing your comments on articles on here and now very pleased to have you as part of the team.

The old TNA PPVs are great to watch. I am a big fan of independent wrestling and the old TNA feels like an independent show. This is the best thing about TNA. TNA has stranded away from its roots by getting big names from other companies. True that in TNA’s beginning names were brought in from other places, but the names were Scott Hall, Jeff Jarrett, Ron Killings, Marcus Bagwell, Brian Lawler. It could be because I just started watching wrestling in 2002 but those names do not sound big.

As stated in my The World Heavyweight Championship Dominates TNA Wrestling; Part Two article, the only thing that TNA cares about is the World Heavyweight Chamiponship. The X Division is what TNA was built on. Now, there are many gimmicks being thrown at it. It had a weight limit. It had triple threat matches for every match. There was the X Cam on the referee’s head. It seems like every time TNA tries to do something with the X Division, there has to be a gimmick behind it.


“TNA needs new young X-Division guys.” That might be the best sentence of the article. There are many names out there. There are wrestlers in Ring of Honor, WWE, and TNA who are young and can make the X-Division a legitimate division again. Whenever people think of who they want from WWE to go to TNA, they will think of names such as John Cena or The Undertaker. It makes no sense to me why we should take the biggest names and transfer them to TNA. Take the younger stars who have not had main event spotlight and get them on TNA. I hesitate on stating wrestlers’ names of who I am talking about since I will be hiring people from WWE in a few months in my Who TNA Should Hire And Fire segment.


“The Ultimate X match at Bound For Glory OPENED UP THE SHOW!” The Ultimate X opened up the show because there was no story behind it. This goes back to Bischoff and the WCW method. The only thing that mattered in WCW and now in TNA is the World Heavyweight Championship. There has hardly been any quality stories in any division in TNA that is not the heavyweight division. Right now, we see Mr. Anderson/Bully Ray, AJ Styles/Dixie Carter, Bobby Roode/Kurt Angle. There are no other memorable stories going on.

Who is Chris Sabin feuding with? He is the X Division Champion yet competing in the World Heavyweight tournament. This goes to make the X Division look very weak. It makes it look like Sabin doesn’t want to be the champion. He regrets being the champion and just settles for it. What he really wants is to be the World Heavyweight Champion.


“TNA needs either to bring back some originals or get some new talent, because right now the X-Division is a mess.” Where is Kenny King? He has been buried recently in TNA. On the two shows before Bound For Glory, he looked like he was a jobber in the matches. It was as if he was out there only to make the other person look good. He didn’t seem himself. He is one of TNA’s brightest stars. “Manik is young, he is fast, he could be one of TNA’s top stars, if they ever booked him.” Also, where is Manik? T.J. Perkins is one of the best wrestlers in the independent scene. He is always one to watch out for as his moves are very unique. He is unlike any other wrestler out there. In this respect, you could compare him to Rob Van Dam. Sam Shaw is a wrestler who won the TNA Gut Check. He shined when facing off against Alex Silva on November 22, 2012. They faced off on Open Fight Night. We have hardly seen him since. TNA needs to use the young that they already have as well as bring in new talent. One question TNA needs the answer to is if fans care more about legends such as Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Abyss, Kurt Angle, and Sting or the X Division such as Manik, Sam Shaw, Kenny King, and many great talent that TNA could hire from the independent scene and even from WWE. If TNA can hire big names from WWE such as Kurt Angle, they can hire lower names that the fans love and can shine in the X Division. In March, I will be hiring WWE superstars to the TNA roster. This is why I am hesitant on giving examples of who I am talking about and spoiling the surprise.


“The old tag team division had so much talent.” There are so many great tag teams of TNA’s past. We could mention The Naturals, Beer Money, Disciples of New Church, America’s Most Wanted, Team 3D, and so many more. James Storm is one of the best tag team wrestlers in the business today. Gunner does not seem like a tag team wrestler. The BroMans is a team that never won one single match until Bound For Glory. They have the look but no wrestling ability.


Christopher Daniels and Kaz have chemistry together. They have the kind of chemistry that Beer Money had. They should be the TNA World Tag Team Champions or break them up. It is sad seeing them together being jobbers to BroMans and the team of Joseph Parks and Eric Young. I will stay behind what I have said before about Christopher Daniels. He should not be in TNA anymore. Still, if you are going to have him in TNA, make him respectable. He is a legend in TNA Wrestling. He is a fan favorite. Anyone that knows anything about TNA knows that Daniels is one of the best at promos and has much experience in the business. If he is in TNA, he deserves a push.

This brings me to my point of why I have been saying for Daniels to be fired from TNA Wrestling. He is holding Kazarian back. Now, it is debatable whether it is Daniels or TNA management. Whoever gets the blame, Kazarian has much potential. Potential means that you have not done it yet. You have not reached your peak. You still have many peaks and mountains to climb. Kazarian is a wrestler that shines every time he is in a promo or enters into the ring. He is someone that could pull off five star quality matches with main eveners such as Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy. If Bad Influence is going to be a team in TNA Wrestling, they need to have a push and be a team that no one wants to face. If they are not used in this way, then they should break up.

5176 - abyss james_mitchell mask pointing suit tna

“TNA needs someone like Father James Mitchell.” When you look back to the group The New Church, the only one that stands out is James Mitchell. He is scary. He always wears red with his gimmick being of the devil. James Mitchell is the best manager in the history of professional wrestling. If it wasn’t for him, New Church would be just like every other tag team. If it wasn’t for him, Abyss would not have been what he was.

The question is: should James Mitchell come back to be Abyss’ manager? I am against this. Abyss has went through many character changes over the years. Whenever he is shown on Impact, he seems very much past his prime. He is living off of who he used to be. He used to be a monster. Now, he is a shadow of that. Even if James Mitchell came back, would it be like it used to be? It would be sad if James Mitchell came back. It would not be anywhere close to how it used to be with Mitchell and Abyss.


“Don’t get me wrong, I legitimately enjoy the current product, I just really wish it could be as good as it once was, and I honestly think if they hire some young guys, have more matches, and less segments, TNA could be as good as it was back then.” It is starting to seem hilarious that we have to state that we are fans of the product after criticizing the product. I am also to blame of this. Just as there are marks out there who will say that everything that a certain company does is the best, there are also people who will hate on everything that a certain company does. This is not what a fan is.


Dana White expresses what a true fan is like. After the Georges St. Pierre/Johnny Hendricks fight, Dana said in the press conference that Johnny Hendricks should have won. He blames the judges and the athletic commission. All fighting fans are fighting fans because of the fight. If you are a fighting fan because of who wins and loses, you will soon be disappointed. “Never leave it in the hands of the judges” is something that Dana always says. I love that he says things such as this because he is the owner of the company yet still not praising everything that happens.

A fan shows that they are a fan by voicing their opinion about the product. A true fan will point out what is the best and worst about the product. No company is without mistakes. No company gets everything right. When there is something great that happens, we should celebrate. But if there is something terrible, we should be sad. It is like loving someone. If you love them, you are not going to always commend them for their actions. We all do things that are wrong and all have “bad days.” All of us could be rebuked from time to time. None of us are perfect. In the same way, if you love someone and you see them in need, you will help them. Anyone who is a fan of a sports team knows this. When the team does great or makes a smart draft choice, we cheer. When they obviously neglect a position on the team in fixing it, we groan. This is what a fan is. There are things that TNA is doing great such as the AJ Styles story. There are also things that many fans would change about TNA such as the X Division. It is all about balance.

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  • Tna-babemagnet

    i disagree on one thing- chris daniels is not by any means 'past it'. he is still a very good wrestler, and i want to see one of bad influence win the tna whc, and then have the other one supporting him during all of his matches, thereby having bad influence stay together, because as you state, they have brilliant chemistry

  • Mike

    Why do you think that the x division match opening the show is a bad thing?? Besides the main event, the opening match is the next best slot. It sets the time for the rest of the show. I’m a big lance storm fan and he’s stated this fact several times

  • Sean

    I think the world has been harsh on GSP. He had more hits, and as many takedowns as hendrix. Hendrix was more effective with his hits, but its not the only factor. GSP did some amazing hits onto his opponent Hendrix, like some smart kicks,

    "Christopher Daniels and Kaz have chemistry together. They have the kind of chemistry that Beer Money had. They should be the TNA World Tag Team Champions or break them up. It is sad seeing them together being jobbers to BroMans and the team of Joseph Parks and Eric Young." – I like this quote. Bad Influence are such a good team, but are being put down. BroMans and Young arent bad wrestlers, but hhow legitimate is their push? how long will it last? not sure at all

    I love the pic of peeing onto wwe and tna. All we are doing, is suggesting ways, how the companies can improve. We are here to help primarity tna, being tnanews writers, but our number1 love, is a wrestling fan.

  • TNAisamazing

    I enjoyed reading this but I COMPLETELY disagree with what you said about Daniels. He can still put on a hell of a match and is GREAT on the mic. I'm not sure whether or not I'd like to see Bad Influence break up, but that would be a good feud. If anyone other than Magnus wins the tournament, I want them to drop the title to Daniels, have him reign for a bit, and then let Magnus reign, and then Kaz. OR have Magnus win the tournament, drop it to Kaz, who then turns on Daniels, and then have them feud for it, eventually having Daniels win it. But then I don't know how they'd incorporate AJ Styles coming back into that. There is so many things they can do, I just really want both Daniels and Kaz to hold the title soon

  • Aundre’ Bryant

    I agree with this and I have to say this TNA needs to become more original (so does WWE) Abyss is basically TNA’s version of Kane, James Mitchell=Paul Bearer etc but anyway WWE has plenty of inappropiately used talent that could benefit The X-division and TNA as a whole here’s my list of those superstars & a few others:

    Alex Shelley(return)

    Kofi Kingston




    Santino Marella(if used correctly)

    Justin Gabriel

    Sin Cara

    Evan Bourne