Remember The Time – The King Of The Mountain Match

Have you ever thought of a match a wrestling company could do? Did you ever make one up with rules and stipulations and think it will work? Well, that is basically what TNA Wrestling did, in my eyes! Welcome back to “Remember The Time” and this time we will be looking back at TNA’s King of the Mountain match. First of all, what exactly is the match?

King of the Mountain

To clarify everything, here is one of The King of the Mountain Matches. The match has 5 stars. There’s no DQs or countouts in the match. If you pin or make someone submit, that person has to go in the penalty box for 2 minutes. There can be more than 1 person in the box. Once someone pins or makes someone tap, that star will be eligible to win the match. To win the match, you have to retrieve the title from the official at ringside, climb a ladder, and hook it to the wire that is hanging down. The fun part is that other eligible stars can take the title from someone who is holding it and go to climb the ladder. Once the title is dropped and no one is able to go for the win, the title goes back to the official. It’s almost like a reverse ladder match!

There were 8 The King of the Mountain Matches in the history of the company. Most of the matches were for the major title, either TNA or NWA, but there was also a match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA World Title and there was one that actually housed the X-Division Title. We haven’t seen the match since 2009. Where did it go?

The last King of the Mountain match.

The last King of the Mountain match.

Well, like most things in 2010, it left. The match was on its way out just like the 6 sided ring. This match was the stable of the company though. It was mostly used at Slammiversary, except one instance where it was actually used on TNA Impact. With the match leaving like most stable things in TNA, what does that actually say?

We know Hulk Hogan thought that the 6 sided ring looked like a playground. I loved that ring, but I would have to agree with him. Did The King of the Mountain Match give the same vibe? The match does have a lot of steps. The match can get a bit crazy. Describing it is hard. Did it even make sense to you? It almost seemed like this match was drawn up from some teenager on a wrestling video game.

I loved this match. I looked forward to the match every year. To me, it was TNA’s stable for Slammiversary. It was like WWE‘s Royal Rumble. It felt like a yearly match. This match would not excite the fans who aren’t into gimmick matches, but for people who do like gimmick/hardcore matches, then this was your type of match! I certainly miss it! With Slammiversary coming soon, will the match be making its return? I sure hope so!

What did you think of the match? Did you like it? Was the match too confusing? Do you want to see it come back?

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  • tom

    It gave viewers a chance to see more contenders for the belt when the champ was stuck in a one challenger program

  • Alex Barie

    Why is it that you are so negative any chance you get against Hogan and Bischoff?

  • Joe

    I loved this match wish they still had it