Remember The Time: TNA ReAction Makes Its Debut

I wanted to start a new series titled “Remember The Time” and this series will take a look back in TNA Wrestling and showcase some project or idea that took place. It could look back at a title reign, a huge star’s debut, or something that really made an impact on Impact Wrestling. I welcome all of the writers on the site to participate. Anyone can write for this series. Hopefully topics will be brought up that most people forget or a topic that really changed the company. I don’t think this topic will fit in either of those, but I thought it was appropriate since the debut of TNA ReACTION took place April 12, 2010. With it just being a couple days ago, I decided to take a look at this lost art piece.

2010 was a crazy year for TNA on so many levels. If you watched the company since the beginning or a little bit after they started, you realized how different the company was changing in 2010. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff arrived in the company. The show aired the first Monday of the year and then aired on Thursday. It then moved to Monday and then back to Thursday. The days had a different time. Stars like Ric Flair, Nasty Boys, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy entered the company. Those are just a few. The format of the show completely changed as well as the ring in which battles were fought in. One thing that was added to the company was a new show titled TNA ReACTION!

TNA ReAction logo

The company aired the first episode of TNA ReACTION on April 12, 2010. It was a Monday night at 7PM. Impact has been airing on Mondays for a month now starting at 8PM. The company wanted to have everyone catch up with the stories from last week as well as educate people who never watched the product before. It was a great idea. It got great reviews that Spike TV picked up TNA ReACTION on May 3, 2010. It wouldn’t be till August 12th of that year till TNA ReACTION came back to television after being delayed and pulled from the schedule all thanks to Spike TV. Impact was now back on Thursdays and the show would be airing right after at 11PM. The show had 10 episodes, but Spike picked up 10 more episodes. The show ran all the way through December 30, 2010. Spike TV canceled the show. Season 2 picked up through TNA’s Youtube website February 2013.

We seen multiple shows from different wrestling promotions before this one showing backstage interviews and reactions, but TNA ReACTION had a very different feel. The show embraced a cinéma vérité documentary style. That is a type of filmmaking style of documentary. It was composed of segments showing backstage reactions of the stars while they were unaware that they were being filmed. It also showed stars preparing for their matches as well as interviews. The show gave a feeling of “spontaneity, candidness, and verisimilitude” which was different than anything we were seeing in wrestling at that time.

As the show continued, they had “Impact Player of the Week” as well as using it as an overrun for Impact. The main event would sometimes run 10 to 15 minutes into TNA ReACTION. The show even featured a match on November 18, 2010 as it was Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns.

Sadly, the show no longer airs on Spike TV but I still remember it. When it did air in 2010, I read nothing but good reviews about the show. The fans liked the way the show was shot. They felt like it was real. The camera angles of how backstage segments were shot were unique. The show recapped storylines and expanded them. It only helped TNA creative wise. On the flip side, the production of the show was not being seen by many fans. With the show being after Impact helped as the viewers would stay and watch it… others changed the channel. No one watched TNA ReACTION while not watching Impact. The ratings were sliding and Spike TV put the nail in it.

I honestly think the show could have been successful. TNA rolled out too many changes at once and no one could keep up. People probably still were thinking TNA was still on Monday nights. If TNA waited a couple of years, the show could have done better. While I love the style, TNA does not have the viewers to have two shows. It didn’t help if it aired after Impact, the main show. While I would love to see it on the air now, TNA needs to focus on Impact!

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