Remember The Time: VKM Declares War On VKM

2006 was a crazy ride for TNA Wrestling. While it was a crazy weird it was a great year for the company. TNA made an agreement with Spike TV to have Impact on primetime. TNA was gaining momentum as they been seeing their ratings climb from a .70 cable rating to 1.19 cable rating near the end of the year. The company had some of the top stars that were former WWE workers. They had Rhino, Kevin Nash, Team 3D, Christian Cage and Kurt Angle who just came into the company the very same year. Two stars that had been with TNA since 2002 and who were major names during The Attitude Era were Billy Gun/Kip James and Road Dogg/B.G. James.

As I stated, 2006 was hot for TNA. They were gaining viewers and the star power. Impact aired at 9PM EDT. They were glowing. People truly thought that TNA will be a major factor in just a matter of years. November 16, 2006 rolls around. This is a 2 hour Impact special. We hear some strange music and out comes Kip James and B.G. James. They get in the ring and announce the formation of Voodoo Kin Mafia! For short, it is VKM. They call out Michael Hickenbottom, aka Shawn Michaels, and Paul Levesque, aka Triple H. They also call out Vincent K. McMahon! They go on to talk about D-Generation X as that is what is headlining WWE Raw at this time. Check their debut here:

The war just got started. In the course of several weeks, TNA taped and aired many video segments of Voodoo Kin Mafia from them going to WWE headquarters all the way to invading the outside of an arena that WWE is holding a house show at. They also cut several promos in the Impact Zone where Voodoo Kin Mafia sent out a $1 million challenge, mocked and impersonated Shawn, Triple H, Spirit Squad and the fat oily guy. They also went to Shawn’s hometown to meet up with him. Check it out for yourself:

Voodoo Kin Mafia went to The Alamo to meet with Michael/Shawn, but they were unsuccessful. Kip and B.G. declared “Victory” against Paul, Michael, Vince, and WWE. As the feud ended, Kip and B.G. still went under the group name VKM but they changed direction and started a storyline with Christy Hemme. They knocked her about being part of WWE and it went on from there. Nothing more was said about their controversial videos.

I remember watching this when it unfolded. It was unpredictable. It was unique. It was edgy. We all missed the Monday Night Wars, and we still do. Having this unfold was bringing that time in the 90s back. It certainly caught people’s attention. The numbers don’t lie. The ratings increased and stayed steady throughout those couple of months. Seeing TNA go after WWE from their headquarters to a live event show and even calling out Vince McMahon on television was something that no one expected. We thought competition was dead. TNA lit a fire. They made it burn.

The fact that TNA took direct shots at WWE from what they did in the past to what they were doing at that moment with their storylines is controversial. Years went by and each company took their own shots at one another, mostly indirectly. These shots are one liners and usually don’t flare up into anything controversial. The fact that TNA did this being only 4 years old is something that is risky and dangerous, but could also be rewarding. Voodoo Kin Mafia lasted until 2008, but nothing after that was memorable. They were put into TNA’s vault under the controversial early storyline category. VKM was going after VKM. This was the first war between TNA and WWE.

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  • tnaisbest

    I totally remember that. I loved it. It was exciting to see TNA stars (most likely Vince Russo's idea) going after WWE. Especially guys that had been in DX and were now going after DX. I mean, after the 90s, whenever DX was brought back, it was way worse. Fat oily guy? Spirit squad? Shoving Vince up Big Show's butt? Always props to Vince for doing absolutely anything on TV. They were trying to make it all look cool but it came off as lame and boring. TNA was countering it with edgy stuff like when DX went over to WCW. I knew it wouldn't last because WWE wouldn't do anything, but it was very exciting. Rhino/Angle/Cage/Team 3D were the ones that I remember that took shots at WWE. It was the thing to do. I'd love to have those days back other than reading every interview from Bischoff and Hogan and Dixie with all of them praising WWE.