Ric Says – TNA’s Move To Wednesdays & Social Media “Bravery”

Impact to Wednesdays

Welcome to “Ric Says” here at TNANews.com, a blog style piece discussing a topic or topics involving TNA Wrestling along with my own personal thoughts about anything that sticks out in my mind. Thank you for reading and let’s get this started.

As Alex Barie pointed out on Twitter/ Facebook during this week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, the news of TNA moving to Wednesday nights starting this coming week was very last minute and was evident in no promotion of the move on commentary as final edits were in before the decision was made. One concern can be made that, ideally, is very short term.

With very limited advertising of the move from Spike TV during commercial breaks, and TNA using social media to heavily promote the move, do not be a little surprised if ratings are lower for the Wednesday premiere. Some fans may completely forget about the move and tune in Thursday only to get a rude awakening. This is really the only issue and that can be remedied the following week once the message is made very clear that TNA is now on Wednesdays. If this is the case, Spike TV should give a pass as people will need to adjust to the new slot. The haters need to also take this into consideration if the ratings are lower, but they most likely won’t and keep their sophomoric comments going. Outside of the initial air date ratings, there’s upside to the move in terms of competition.

With NXT airing on the WWE Network on Thursdays, there is a segment of the wrestling fanbase that is watching one hour of NXT instead of an hour of IMPACT Wrestling. With the move, more fans can tune into TNA and bring in that extra ratings kick that NXT may be taking. While initial ratings may take a small dip, ratings could actually grow with the Thursday WWE crowd coming over to watch TNA on Wednesdays. A big rumor making rounds is SmackDown! possibly returning to Thursdays. TNA would lose a significant amount of viewership even if they aired one hour after WWE, so finding a slot for that wrestling exclusiveness on prime time is just good business. Spike -fingers crossed- can push IMPACT Wrestling on Wednesdays and truly make it a TNA night. It would be negligent not to mention Spike TV executives attending the recent TNA tapings in New York City and the move to Wednesdays possibly discussed and decided on during the visit. With television negotiations, these executives, hopefully, took notice of the great NYC crowd’s love of the product. Not because “big name” stars are on the roster, but because TNA is offering an exciting alternative to what people perceive to be the formula for great sports entertainment. If Spike catches on to what the fanbase wants to see, and really works with TNA to market and showcase the product accordingly on this new night, Wednesday IMPACT Wrestling will be a success.

Embrace the new night as much as the re-establishing of the TNA brand. Change is a repeated word when it comes to TNA Wrestling, and we move on to see what can be taken away or added make the brand even better than before. This is only another step in order to make TNA stand on it’s own to focus and make the product better without unnecessary pressure.

“TNA sucks”, “John Cena is the worst”, “MVP, no one cares about you and you’re a terrible wrestler”, “you are biased towards this promotion so admit it”, these are some examples of what people on social media spew when discussing professional wrestling to the performers or other fans. It’s okay to have an opinion about a product or wrestler, we all have our own thoughts that we are entitled to have and that’s perfectly fine. If you don’t enjoy a show or a performer, simply don’t watch the show or that segment and move along. Don’t watch a show religiously if you claim you can’t stand it. That’s just hypocritical. Also, do not put someone down just because they like John Cena, or they think TNA is a better promotion than WWE or vice versa. In wrestling, and other forms of entertainment, social media gives those cowards, who wouldn’t say a word otherwise to the performers who risk their health night in and night out, the “power” to express their ignorant opinions because they are not infront of them. It’s embarrassing to read these ignorant and childish tweets and the performers having to defend themselves or putting those individuals in their place brilliantly. The problem is these people think they know everything about the business and their egos are inflated when they get positive feedback for their idiotic message or a wrestler replying to their idiotic message. Another issue is these people are quick to assume one thing and call someone out on it when they don’t even bother to ask questions in order to have a healthy discussion. It’s okay to disagree! Just don’t spew non-sense for the sake of adulation from people who you’ve never even met or to inflate your own ego on something you think you know but do not.

Vent your frustrations on how a product is going and give your thoughts on how good or bad you think someone is while acknowledging it’s just your opinion, but just be respectful and don’t bash someone just because they are a fan of someone or something not to your liking. We all need to work on that aspect when dealing with social media, really. We all have opinions and we all have likes/dislikes/agreements/disagreements. When you only insult people because you’re safe at home eating Doritos behind a computer screen on your comfy bed or on your phone with no chance of the wrestler or twitter individual being in close proximity, then you need to look in the mirror and grow up. If adults we are, then adults we should be.

The Misunderstood Anti-Hero,
Ric Santos

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  • ThatAlternative

    Solid article Ric. When it comes to TNA’s move to Wednesday I think it was a good move. As you stated earlier it could be a night they can possibly to call their own but also to avoid the NFL which is also show on Thursdays as well. I think the ratings may dip some but not as sharp as some think. We as fans will do our part to pass the news on for sure.

    The trolls and haters on social media are just ridiculous. They feel power hiding behind their computers to down a company or talent to make them self feel like they have accomplished something or feel like they have succeeded at something. They often bait the talent to respond but then play the victim act when the talent responds to them in a harsh way. It’s a ridiculous game they play to brag to their online friends. If I don’t like something I simply don’t watch it. Some like to provoke others with their dislikes and get mad at them for disagreeing. In the end it’s all about opinions. We all know the old saying about opinions. In the end it’s best to agree to disagree and move on.

  • Hugh Kelley

    I agree w/ You , 100%…on the crux of your article – The ignorance , and hateful mentality of the IWC !!! But , to be honest , I feel that alot of fans would tell PW talent what they actually feel about their conduct , and performance , IF given the opportunity to confront that person !!! LMFAO…truthfully , what would happen if they did…the PW talent would beat them up ?!?