Rundown Of 4/25/13 Impact Wrestling

Hello everyone, I am back once again with my weekly rundown of Impact Wrestling! This week featured two title matches, and the return of Sting. Let’s go to my thoughts on what transpired on this week’s show.

High Points: 

  • Opening Segment – Solid opening segment. It really put over AJ Styles and Aces & Eights. I bet some fans had nostalgia hit them when Devon and Bully hit the 3D through a table on Joseph Park.
  • Chris Sabin’s return video package – A really nice video package hyping the return on Chris Sabin, cannot wait to see him next week.
  • Daniels & Kazarian attempting to reform Fortune – I felt this was a little interesting at first then it just became humorous later on as they unsuccessfully tried to recruit Bobby Roode to reform Fortune.
  • Roode & Aries lose rematch for tag titles due to Daniels & Kazarian – Daniels being Roode’s cheerleader on commentary was a little bit funny. The match itself for the tag team titles was alright but the main story was about the whole Fortune thing which drove a wedge between Aries & Roode. Daniels ended up inadvertently costing Roode and Aries the match which makes me believe we will see these four square off in tag team warfare in the near future.
  • Morgan/Hogan confrontation – This was really good. Morgan was really passionate and precise. Hogan had a good counter too for Morgan I must admit. That Andre The Giant comment was the exclamation point. However, I hope this isn’t over with Morgan and Hogan because if it is then this has been a disappointment.
  • Mickie vs. Velvet – Good to see TNA give the main event match to the Knockouts this week. A decent Knockout title match. Velvet sold the knee injury well and liked how Mickie went for submission holds. The ending though was a little awkward with the small package victory for Velvet but overall, a decent match.

Low Points:

  • Taryn defeats Tara – I know TNA is trying to build up Taryn Terrell but I think they need to slow roll her a little. I didn’t buy the win.
  • Jessie Godderz vs. Rob Terry – Was this really needed?
  • Sting returns, helps Hogan fend off Aces & Eights – This made Aces & Eights and Bully Ray look really weak. Sting coming to Hogan’s aid was expected. This segment would have been better if Bully and the Aces & Eights beat up Hogan and Matt Morgan came down to help a defenseless Hogan. That in my opinion would have been a lot better.

Overall, a decent edition of Impact Wrestling but I expected better. With Sting back, I expect him to make a push to challenge Bully for the TNA World Heavyweight title come Slammiversary. AJ Styles is also still in the dark about whose side he’s on. Things to keep an eye on for the next several weeks for sure.

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