Samoa Joe Unstoppable Once Again?

Samoa Joe has not been used well in TNA really since he lost the World Title in 2008. There have been flashes of a push for him but nothing has really come of it. Now with Styles gone and Hardy out for a bit it looks like Joe might finally be getting the treatment he deserves.  Currently the rumors suggest that Joe will be the challenger for Magnus’ World Title at Lockdown and while I highly doubt he will win it is great to see him in this position.

Joe has had a lot of ups and downs in TNA but he has always seemed to try and make the best of it. I don’t think any of us can forget him being kidnapped by ninjas back in 2009. He returned with a new look that most hated and it was revealed that Taz was his new mentor. The ninjas were never mentioned again. Not long after Russo booked one of his famous swerves by having Joe help Angle the man he was after at Slammiversary that year. Joe became a member of the Main Event Mafia. This seems all well and good but he really took a back seat to the other members. He was in the X Division and given the title for a third time but like now the Divison was in bad shape and not a primary focus of the company.

The Mafia broke up later that year and Joe went off on his own. Hogan and Bischoff joined the company in late 2009 and it has been said that neither saw much in Joe especially Bischoff.  Finally in 2012 he formed a very good team with Magnus and they went on to win the tag team titles. The team didn’t last long and Joe was back out on his own. At Slammiversary 2012 he had a really good opening match with Austin Aries in a losing effort. By this point I felt Joe would never see a decent push again.

In 2013 Joe spent much of the year battling the Aces & Eights. He became a member of the new Main Event Mafia along with Sting, Angle, Magnus and Rampage Jackson.  The new Mafia didn’t last long and once again Joe was back on his own.

Flash forward to now and finally Joe is being focused on and given a push. It is sad that it took budget cuts and talents leaving to pretty much force TNA in to pushing him but I am just glad it’s happening. While I don’t see Joe winning the World Title quite yet I wouldn’t be shocked to see it later on in the year.

Joe has always been over with the TNA audience and he has a unique look and style like hardly anyone else in the industry. It’s about time he got the push he deserves and finally it seems to be here. Let’s just hope Lockdown is not the end of it.

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  • Christopher Bell

    Hey Chris. Not sure I've met you before. I loved reading this. It was informative. I liked how you mentioned him being kiidnapped by ninjas and coming back with the new look back in 2009. He has had as many character changes as Kane yet fans love them both, no matter how TNA and WWE book them. With who TNA has on their roster and lack of top names as babyfaces, especially with Jeff Hardy gone, AJ Styles gone, and Kurt Angle going to have surgery, they need Joe be their top babyface. It makes perfect sense. I hope it lasts. If it doesn't, then they should release him.

  • Chris Johnson

    Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you liked it.

  • Ryan b

    We need to bring back, Joe Is Gonna Kill You ! Chant

  • Johnnyboy5

    A great article to read while I was sitting on the toliet. Can you smell what the rock is cooking.