Sam’s Hall Of Fame: Best TNA PPV Posters Ever

So I was sitting down reading something when I saw an article on Bleacher Report that was about WWE’s best PPV posters. After taking a look at it I asked myself why not make one for TNA?!

As you can guess, this article is about TNA’s best PPV posters. For me a PPV poster is an important aspect of the event.  It tells you a story or it makes you want to watch the event. The poster makes you want to see more and sometimes it gives you an idea about the PPV’s theme. Like everything about TNA, the company either makes really, really great posters or awkward ones.

So I sat down and searched for all of TNA’s PPV posters and selected the ones that I personally like, enough with the talking and lets begin the list:

Bound For Glory IV


 For a lot of TNA fans this is one of TNA’s best PPVs. The card itself was one of TNA’s best offerings. Samoa Joe vs Sting, Angle vs JJ, a massive tag team match and other awesome matches. The great thing is not only is this one of TNA’s best PPVs but it also has one of TNA’s best PPV posters. How awesome is this poster???

You have Kurt Angle, Booker T, Christian, Gail Kim, Samoa Joe and Karen Angle at the time. A really attractive poster with mega hot super stars.  Now that is good for business. The thing that also makes me love this poster is it seems to be inspired by famous gangsters and neo-noir movies like “The Untouchables”, one of Brian De Palma’s masterpieces.

The Untouchables

Against All Odds 2012

Against_All_Odds_(2012) This was the final Against All Odds PPV event since TNA decided to decrease the numbers of its annual PPVs to 4. The PPV itself was good since it kick started the awesome feud between Sting and Bobby Roode which cemented Bobby as one of wrestling’s best heels. The PPV also saw the continuation of the war between Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and the AJ/Daniels and Kazarian saga.

The poster describes the name of the event in the best way possible.  In a game of poker anything could happen which suits the name of the PPV “Against all odds”. The good thing about the poster is the choice of stars (Storm, Roode, Hardy, Sky and Kim). A really well done poster.

Lockdown 2012


Storm and Roode, without a doubt, was one of TNA’s best rivalries and one of the highlights of the Hogan/Bischoff era.  The poster reminds me of MMA events posters as it gives you the feeling that we are going to see a fight not just a wrestling match. The poster summed up the PPV in a simple way – two fighters in a cage fighting for the gold.  Simple but awesome.

The rivalry between these two were so hot and the fans loved that they faced off once again at Bound for glory in a Street Fight Match with King Mo as a Special Enforcer. Great poster and a really great way to market a hot rivalry.

Victory Road 2009


 The beautiful people with bikinis, enough said.

Slammiversary 10


10 years of TNA.  Last year was a really important year for both TNA and the fans. I was really happy to celebrate the company’s 10th birthday. I was like, “In your face you IWC douchebags, hahahahahahaha.” A lot of people were predicting that TNA won’t last for a long time, so 10 years was a milestone, something that the company was proud of.

Slammiversary is TNA’s birthday, so how should they design a poster that represents such an important event?? Well they decided to keep it simple and decided to write the names of those who helped TNA to survive for 10+ years. This poster is great tribute for those who helped to build, shape and expand TNA. A great design without a doubt and a big thank you to every name on this poster.

Lockdown 2006


 Without a doubt Sting is one of TNA’s main attractions.  Think of it as the pyramids. People go to Egypt to see the pyramids and a lot of people watch Impact to see Sting. In 2006, Sting was the biggest name in TNA, so it was obvious that the company must use him to market their PPV. The great thing about the poster that it gives you the feeling that you are entering Sting’s backyard.  The cage and the baseball bat do a great job in making Sting look as if he isn’t joking around. Sting along side his team won the match against Jarret and his crew so welcome to Sting’s backyard.

Slammiversary V


Well the poster isn’t unique or 100% original since it is actually taken from the awesome movie “Walk the line”. Regardless, this poster is a great way to market the event since it was held in music city Nashville, Tennessee. Plus hey, who suits holding a guitar better than the master of crushing them Jeff Jarrett?

So the poster sold the idea of  being in music city very well plus the card was really good.  It had names like LAX, Sting, Kurt Angle and others.

Turning Point 2012 


Oh hell yeah I can’t wait for the next season of Sons of Anarchy! Well the thing is this isn’t a Sons of Anarchy poster. But I really have to admit that this poster is really cool. It showed how important the Aces & 8s are at this point of TNA’s history. The group at the time were causing anarchy and chaos in TNA plus they look like the sons of anarchy which was a unique idea for a wrestling stable. I love the Aces & 8s and, yes, I love the poster.

Victory Road  2012

Victory_Road_(2012) GENIUS!! The combination between the crazy Sting and the GM Sting is a brilliant idea. The story was really good and the poster sold this story in a great way. Sting returned to his crazy joker influnced gimmick in order to teach Bobby Roode some manners. So, at the time, Sting was in the middle of trying to teach Bobby some manners since Roode was turning into a selfish and annoying SOB (In Sting’s mind).

The thing is, Roode was the one who taught some manners to Sting. 2012 was truly Roode’s year.

Final Resolution 2011


Well TNA PPVs are known with their weirdness.  They end up being a mixed bag of good and awkward matches. Final Resolution was no different. On one hand the match between The Motor City Machine Guns and  Generation Me was a great match. On the other hand the main event was meh. I love Matt Morgan but I never saw him as a main eventer.  Regardless, what made me love this PPV is seeing Jeff Hardy in his awesome heel gimmick. But, the best thing about the PPV was the poster.  Just look at it!! AJ Styles, Kaz, James Storm, Bobby Roode and Ric Flair, I mean God!

ef6   It has this awesome mix between the new generation and the old generation plus the design it self represented Fortune in a really great way, I really loved the whole Immortal story till things began to go south afterwards. This poster is best for business.

Genesis 2011


Kurt Angle is back. And he’s bringing hell with him

Kurt Angle and a thunder storm – this really summed up the situation of Kurt Angle back in 2011. Kurt wanted to kill Jeff Jarrett. I really love this rivalry since it produced some great moments and matches. The memorable thing about this PPV that it contained one of those short Ken Anderson’s title reigns. As for Kurt and his quest for vengeance, it took about 5 minutes but damn it was great to see him back.

Destination X 2011


Regarded one of TNA’s best PPVs by many fans, the event did deliver, to be honest. The theme of the night was taking a trip to the past so they brought back the 6 sided ring for 1 night only. This edition of Destination X was really important and special.  We saw Austin Aries win his TNA contract and we also saw the X-Division title go back to where it belongs and an awesome match between two X-Division veterans AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. The poster here represented the X-Division in a great way.  The big X and the 6 sided ring (not a big fan of the 6 sided ring but it was part of the X-Division history).  It was a great tribute to the division.

Turning Point 2011


2011 was a rough year for good old Jeff Hardy.  Back in Victory Road, Hardy was giving cloud 9 a visit so he ruined his employees PPV. Disappointing right??


But for Jeff Hardy it was his wake up call.  He was honest to himself that something is wrong and something like this could end his career. Luckily TNA believes in second chances so Hardy took some time off to go rehab and get his life together, plus he wanted to focus on being a good father. So life moved on in TNA and fans were waiting to see what will TNA do to Jeff – will they fire him or keep him?!

So Hardy came back and retired his heel gimmick and focused on 1 thing, redemption. Hardy wanted to seek forgiveness from his fellow wrestlers and management. The redemption thing is the main theme of the poster.  If you take a look at the words written behind Hardy you’ll see (One more time, forgive, redemption) which represents the phase that Hardy was in at the time. What was really great about this that Hardy changed his life and got back the respect of his fans and fellow wrestlers.

Bound For Glory 2011



This poster gives you the feeling that you are about to watch something MASSIVE. Hogan, Flair, Sting, RVD, Angle, Srorm and Roode in one poster with a great “We the People” amendment theme.  Great idea and it somewhat fits the the promotion at the time. The main theme of the show was about the fate of TNA.  At the time Hogan and Co. took TNA away from Dixie and Sting stepped in to save the day. People along side Sting demanded Hogan to go back to the red and yellow Hogan, not the black Hollywood Hogan. The thing is Immortal was a fun story but it got flat afterwards.  For me, I consider this PPV to be the end of the HUGE influence that Hogan and EB had backstage. Since this PPV, Hogan’s power began to diminish until he quit TNA. The PPV also saw the beginning of a new chapter in Bobby’s career.  After Angle defeated him, he began to gradually change until he reached the IT Factor gimmick when he smashed the beer bottle on Storm’s head. With out a doubt one of my favorite Bound for Glorys.

Victory Road 2010


Without  a doubt Kurt Angle is one of TNA’s biggest assists and a fan favorite. The poster here has a “sporty” feeling with Kurt Angle doing a victory gesture and the USA’s flag behind him.  Great design. Choosing a gold medalist to make the promotional poster is a great idea even though Angle wasn’t in the main event. But as usual Kurt Angle nailed it and made a hell of a match with The Pope so the fans were satisfied.

Hardcore Justice 2011


Abyss without teeth – it can’t get more hardcore than this. The problem with the PPV is it doesn’t have anything hardcore about it, well, besides the Bully Ray vs Anderson match. The thing about TNA PPVs in general that they may help to move storylines forward but the matches themselves are either really really good or you end up asking yourself, “Why the hell was this match booked?!”


I love the PPVs but most of the times they felt like an episode of Impact.  Good thing that the company decided to cut the numbers of PPVs.  Kudos to the last regime for that.

Genesis 2010


I love these MMA/Boxing inspired posters.  It gives the event a more realistic feeling. AJ and Angle are two of the most hard working wrestlers in TNA and putting them in the poster like this gives their match a great push.  It gives you the feeling that this match matters. With the whole lightning thing makes things more interesting and most importantly there is no such thing as a bad Kurt Angle or AJ Styles match. A bad Angle or AJ match is like the yeti doesn’t exist. Oh, and we have Hogan down there saying hello.

Final Resolution 2011


This poster documented an important part of the TNA history, or in other words, one of the best title reigns in the history of TNA. Bobby Roode is one of the most talented wrestlers in TNA and if TNA is better than WWE in something (I find TNA more entertaining than WWE in general) then they have the ability to build massive heels. Roode is one of those heels that don’t give a damn about anything.  If getting DQed is the solution, so be it. In Final Resolution 2011, Bobby kept proving that he is a dominating force in the company.  He is the IT factor. His title match against Styles ended in a draw.  Say what you say about the booking but this was a nice touch to sell you the feeling that Roode doesn’t give a damn about the match.  He just wants his title. Roode gave us some memorable memories like spitting in Dixie’s face and beating the hell out of Sting in front of Dixie. I ‘m still  proud to be part of the “selfish generation” to be honest.

Genesis 2013


Well even though Bully Ray didn’t have a match on the card he was an important part of the TNA main plot equation. For me I wish that TNA would have used this poster at Lockdown instead of this it would have been awesome, if you ask me. The thing is Bully Ray brought back the Aces & 8s to life, plus he nailed his part. His transformation from a face to heel was awesome, to say the least. A really well made poster.  It represented Bully’s quest to gain the trust of Hogan and go on with his marriage proposal to Brooke.

Final Resolution 2005


Without a doubt back in 2005 Hardy was TNA’s biggest name.  Hey, he is Jeff freaking Hardy. In TNA, Hardy got the chance to be a main eventer, be the company’s face and poster boy unlike his WWE/F years. Back in the E Hardy didn’t really get the push that he wanted, on the other hand, TNA gave whatever Hardy needed because for them he is an asset. On this show Hardy wasn’t in the main event but he had a match though. But what I like about the poster that it tells you that TNA saw Hardy as an important asset so they used him as the poster boy to promote the event.  Plus, I love the Gothic/Chris Angel feeling that this poster gives me.

Bound for Glory 2009


So lets wrap things up with this – the poster here is simple and effective.  The main event here was between Sting and AJ Styles. AJ Styles wanted to retire but Sting said no and he helped him to get the World Title.  So, as a thank you, AJ offered a chance to Sting to fight him for the title. So, Sting here is the hero of the day.  He encouraged AJ to keep going and win the gold to pass the torch to him. You see, AJ is a fan favorite but the thing is he got lost in the shuffle because of a lot of factors.  The most important one is the limited time that TNA has. TNA has a big locker room but only 1 show to showcase all of those talents in the back, plus TNA is having trouble with having a strong midcard championship that could play a small transitional period like the Intercontinental Championship in the WWE. They tried to solve this problem with the the TV Title but the company never took the third gear with the title.  It was just there. I like the poster. I love Sting.  It is one of my favorite posters due to how simple and professional it looks.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this small gallery.  Tell me what do you think and tell me what are your favorite TNA PPV posters. And don’t forget to sign Alex’s petition to have Dixie make the long awaited interview.


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  • phenomenal1

    Nice piece, I enjoyed the article. If I had to pick i, I would say my favourites are slamiversary 5 and 10, It was short sweet and to the point, plus Jeff Jarrett is one of my all time favs and that poster sums up the man for me.