Seventh Scoreboard For Fantasy Wrestling Series Two – 2/13/14 Impact Wrestling


I am really enjoying this series. In fact, I am enjoying it even more than series 1! I truly love everyone’s interaction and anticipation to keep up with the updates and so forth. We had a potential trade during last weekend but it was declined. Remember, if you do want to trade one or more of your stars with someone else email me ( and I will put the trade offer right on the table. This week, Ibrahim Francis wrote to me before anyone else about picking up Alpha Female. It is a risky pick-up as she isn’t on the roster page yet; however, we will see if this pick-up will pay off. As far as Willow, he is simply a character of Jeff Hardy and I am going to treat it just like the Joseph Park/Abyss situation.

1. Jesse Sherwood: 93 points
Bully Ray: 2
Eric Young: 2
Rockstar Spud: 6

2. Jim Duff: 71 points
Bobby Roode: 6
Joseph Park/Abyss: 4
Kazarian: -3

2. Charlie Lowery: 71 points
Samoa Joe: 9
Jessie Godderz: 2

3. Jason Thorpe: 69 points
Magnus: 2
Brooke: -3
Gunner: 12

4. Aaron Jockers:: 62 point
Kurt Angle: -3
Manik: -3
MVP: 13

5. Ibrahim Francis: 53 points
James Storm: 2
Ethan Carter III: 2
Alpha Female: 2

6. Jeffrey Elliot: 48 points
Dixie Carter: 8
Madison Rayne: -3
Kenny King: -3

7. Jake Mandell: 35 points
Chris Sabin: 2
Lei’D Tapa: -3
Samuel Shaw: 2

7. Zeppelin Mayers: 35 points
Mr. Anderson: 12
ODB: -3
Eddie Edwards: 2
Davey Richards: 2

8. Andrew Kenyon: 25 points
Sting: -3
Gail Kim: -3
Robbie E: 2

9. John Harris: 0 points
Austin Aries: -3
Hernandez: -3
Zema Ion: 2

10. Mack Scott: -1 points
Jeff Hardy/Willow: 2
Christopher Daniels: -3
Velvet Sky: 4

Free Agent
King Mo
Rampage Jackson
Rob Terry
Taryn Terrell

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  • Ibra

    It’s Francis not fancis

    • Alex Barie

      Sorry man. I just fixed it.

      • Ibra

        NO problem alex

  • Phenomenal1

    All I have to say is thanks for dixxie lol. Without her I would be fighting a loosing battle that’s me been sixth for a while now hope Kenny king and Madison show up. Then it’s on no one will touch me lmao.

  • Ibra

    Personally I think Jeese almost got this series in the bag. Rockstar spud gets almost ten points every week.

  • Ibra

    The only person that could catch Jeese might be Jason he he drops Brooke so he can stop getting minus points if I was him