Should Austin Aries Go 2 For 2 At Destination X?

Austin Aries


Another Thursday night is said and done and another great episode of Impact is in the books. Some great performers put on some great matches and some great storylines progressed.

As good as Impact was a whole last night there is no denying that the Austin Aries twist stole the show. Austin Aries dressed as Suicide won the X-Division title in a triple threat match and then proceeded to announce that he would be cashing it in for his World Title shot against Bully Ray as Destination X. This was a great twist and it certainly seemed to shake things up a little bit in TNA. We all would have loved to see Chris Sabin get a shot at the World Title but Austin Aries VS Bully Ray has much more of a main event feel to it.

Last year Austin Aries talked Hulk Hogan in to creating the option of letting the X-Division champ cash in his title for a shot at the World Title. The whole idea was fresh and interesting. It came off as a TNA version of Money In The Bank but more prestigious due to the fact that the title had to be won in a fair match as opposed to just cashing in whenever you wanted. The stipulation worked wonders as Austin Aries was absolutely on fire at the time and the fans pretty much demanded that he get a shot at the World Title.

All of the hype made Destination X must see TV last year. As we all know Austin Aries went on to become to TNA World Champion after a successful cash in on Bobby Roode. This was a great moment for TNA and seemed like the right move at the time. When a guy has as much momentum as Aries did at the time it makes a lot of sense to give him the title. Like I said the match itself and the victory that followed was a great moment for TNA. Unfortunately the title reign that followed wasn’t nearly as memorable.

After winning the world title Aries seemed to lose all of the direction and momentum that he had before the win. By no fault of his own really his title reign was lackluster. It seemed as if him winning the title was another case of hotshot booking with no real plan after that. I think we all figured Austin Aries would win the title then lose it back to Bobby Roode so Roode and Storm could have their title match at Bound For Glory but that was not the case.

Aries became the victim of bad timing. We were treated to what seemed like a last minute main event in the form of Aries VS Hardy at Bound For Glory. The match itself was very enjoyable but the storyline leading up to it was awful. The story was based around Austin Aries being jealous of Jeff Hardy. Why on Earth would the TNA World Champion be jealous of anyone? He’s THE champion. It just didn’t make any sense and it made Aries look weak. He went on to lose the title and now his reign is mostly looked at as transitional. With all that being said it must be asked should Aries go 2 for 2 at Destination X?

If you have Aries lose you run the risk of decreasing the value of the whole idea but does the company gain anything by having him win? This whole year has been one big buildup to Bully Ray losing the title at Bound For Glory and to pull the plug on it now would seem like a waste. At the same time if you give Aries the title and then have Bully win it back before Bound For Glory it also makes Aries look like a weak champion.

It would seem to me that this entire idea is falling victim to bad timing. It’s a great idea but putting it smack dab in the middle of the build up for Bound For Glory seems to shake things up and not in a good way. You really have to praise TNA for building up their storylines long term but not letting them follow through by changing course mid-stream could ruin the whole Aces & 8s angle.

I for one would love to see Austin Aries as champion again, but I just don’t think that now is the right time. What do you guys think should Aries go 2 for 2 at Destination X?


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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    they made the x-division title feel worthless to us by just using it ot get aries in the world title picture and fucking over chris sabin big time and not trusting him or believing in him enough to put him in a match with buly ray for the title and tna proabbly thought a bully ray and sabin match would not draw ratings but aries and bully ray won't either i don't think but u never know

    • Josh Foster

      I do agree they are decreasing the value of the x division title. They need more wrestlers in the x division too. They should bring back sonjay dutt and use petey Williams and Christian York more.

  • TNA Chris

    He’s going to almost win it, but Hulk is going to heel turn to help Bully retain the title.

    • Josh Foster

      That would actually be kind of cool but I just don’t see Hulk turning heel at this point.

  • the unwashed masses

    A.A. is the best in the world