Should TNA Have The TV Title? Also, D’Angelo Dinero And Kenny King


The Television Championship was first the Legends Championship. It was a title that Booker T gave to himself and was a part of the Main Event Mafia story. The same month next year, it turned into the Global Championship. Eric Young defended the title and said that he would not compete against any American wrestler. Yet after he said that, he defended the belt against American wrestlers. It was very confusing. Next, AJ Styles turned the championship into the Television Championship. This brought on some excitement for me because the championship would be defended on television. It brought up an issue of who would get a shot and if people would just randomly get title shots. This soon faded away in a couple of months.

If we do bring the Television Championship back, I do not think that Abyss should be the champion. At least not how his character has been under Eric Bischoff. Before Bischoff and Hogan came to TNA Wrestling, Abyss was a monster. He was scary. He had James Mitchell as his manager. They would do promos in the back with a red light. He would come out with a chain and usually bring out thumbtacks or glass in his matches. He was well respected and a great force in TNA.

When Hogan and Bischoff came, everything about his character just instantly changed. It seems Bischoff and Hogan wanted to make everything just like WCW including the original TNA wrestlers. AJ Styles was turned into Ric Flair and Abyss was turned into Hulk Hogan. Abyss would come out in red and yellow and try to be like Hogan. It was bizarre. It wasn’t even funny how ridiculous this was. It was just sad. It reminds me of what WWE did to Kane.

The Television Championship has lost credibility. It has lost credibility because the belt was constantly changing hands. It also lost value because it was constantly being renamed. There has been a lack of stability. It reminds me of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. It was good for a time but then it turned into a big gimmick. I would rather see TNA scrap the Television title than bring it back and use it like they have been. But I do believe that a mid-card Championship could be great for TNA.

In WWE, there are two main mid-card belts of credibility. These are the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship. These belts have much credibility because so many future championships originally had these belts. Instantly when I think of the Intercontinental Championship, I think of two things. One of them is the ladder match at WrestleMania 10 with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. The second is Randy Orton’s incredible title reign. From the start, you could just tell that he had potential to be a star.

The other mid-card belt in the WWE is the United States Championship. When I think of this title, I also instantly think of two things. The first is JBL’s long reign. JBL’s reigns are always memorable because of how great of a heel he was. The other one is the incredible three out of five series matches between Booker T and Chris Benoit. Incredible superstars and future world champions held these championships and they were given great credibility.

Looking at TNA’s roster, the only people that I see that can truly benefit from being the Television Champion are Magnus and Gunner. These are two men who have potential and might be a star one day. I will also say that all three men of EGO could easily make this title very credible and highly respected. Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian are all great wrestlers in their own right. I don’t know how it would benefit them to be the TV Champion. It seems like it would be a step down for Roode. Daniels and Kazarian seem like a natural fit together as a team. If those two ever break up as a team, then they should feud against each other.

With that being said, if those are the only people that would legitimately have something to gain from being the Television Champion, then it should be scrapped. If you truly look at the roster, it is very thin. In saying that, Abyss is on the roster but does not wrestle. Chavo Guerrero, Eric Young, Garrett Bischoff, Hernandez, James Storm, Jay Bradley, King Mo, Knux, Kurt Angle, Rampage Jackson, Rob Terry, Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Sam Shaw, Wes Brisco, and Zema Ion have not been in action as of late. If you truly look at the roster in who TNA has and do not count those men, there are few.

With this roster that TNA has right now, the TV title should be scrapped. There would be no division for it. It is like the Knockouts title. In the Knockouts division, there is Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell, Gail Kim, ODB, and the new knockout Lei’d Tapa. If we are honest, ODB does not really have wrestling skills. Velvet Sky, Taryn Terrell, and Gail Kim are entertaining to watch. I can’t see myself getting behind Lei’d Tapa. So in reality, there are three female knockouts that actually get my attention.

WWE has beaten TNA out for many years in the recruiting process. WWE will recruit Mascarita Dorada, Low Ki, Consequences Creed, Bryan Danielson, Tyler Black, CM Punk, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Evan Bourne, Pac, Lance Hoyt, and many others. If TNA will recruit top talent from other promotions and bring them in, then a mid-card championship could work. When I say talent from other promotions, I am talking about Adam Cole, Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, and Elijah Burke. I am considering Ohio Valley Wrestling another promotion since D’Angelo Dinero is not on TV and could still be injured or released before that happens. It seems that a mid-card championship needs to be given to someone with great talent that can be a future World Heavyweight Champion. It needs to be something to give to a superstar and see if he runs with it.

With that being said, I do not think that TNA should have a TV Championship. For one thing, TNA does not have the division for it right now. There would have to be great recruiting for TNA to be able to have a solid division. Also, the championship needs to be given credibility and value. It cannot be a gimmick belt such as the Global Championship or Legends Championship. It needs to have feuds and rivalries come out of this division. Last, a star that the fans connect with, as a face or heel, needs to be the title holder for a long time.


I have heard a few times that The Pope D’Angelo Dinero is in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Coincidentally, he was the Television Champion before he lost it to Siloh Jonze on Saturday. My only thing is that I really hope that he doesn’t get injured or something with politics happens to get him out of the company. I do not feel this is comparable to the Daniel Bryan situation. When he came to WWE, he told them that he wanted to go down to developmental for six months to learn what they wanted from him before he went to the big show. Now, Elijah Burke is a different story. He was in TNA and a star in TNA for a long time. The fans loved him. He has great mic work and wrestling ability. While there were other people that saw it when he was in WWE, I didn’t. I just couldn’t get behind him. When he came to TNA, I became a big fan of him. The guy has tremendous potential. If a mid-card title is brought to TNA, one hopefully other than X Division title, he would be the perfect fit for the belt. The belt is to give to people who have great potential and should be a future heavyweight champion. I feel that description fits him perfectly. He has the charisma and fan appeal.

Kenny King

It was years ago when I first saw Kenny King in Ring of Honor Wrestling and instantly became a fan of his. You could tell there was something special in him that would make him a star and it would only take time. Time passed and he came to TNA making an impact right away. Not counting Austin Aries, I do believe he is the best X Division wrestler. He has the charisma and wrestling skills. He can make the fans be in awe of him. He has the ability to be loved or hated.

Kenny King reminds me of Adrien Broner. Adrien is flashy. He is like a mini Floyd Mayweather. He weighs less than Floyd and Floyd is his mentor. He is just as flashy and charismatic. After his fights, he always has his father comb his hair for him. He has tremendous microphone skills and when he gets into the ring, he is the best at what he does. He is undefeated right now. One more thing about Adrien Broner is that he always gets a reaction from the audience and even the commentators. Everyone has an opinion about him.

The whole point of professional wrestling is to be able to make a connection with the audience. All of the greats such as Chris Jericho, The Rock, Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Austin Aries, and CM Punk have that ability. I mention those last two because it seems like the crowd is always behind him, or at least have a major reaction to them one way or another. The reaction is not as huge as The Rock’s but there is potential. I suppose you could also put John Cena in there since all wrestling fans have some opinion about him. I guess you could say it is like Tim Tebow. The point is to be polarizing and for every fan to have a passionate opinion about you. They either love you or hate you. The worst thing in professional wrestling is to come trying to make an impact and get your character over only for the crowd to laugh at you.

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  • Tna-babemagnet

    The worst thing fora wrestler is for the fans to not have any kind of opinion on them. if they are despised by fans, then that at least means that they are doing something right, because the fans talk about them. you can't make it in pro wrestling without people having an opinion on you. An example in my opinion is bully ray. he gets loads of heat at the moment from the fans in tna, but he is more than happy for that to happen, because that means that they have an opinion on him, good or bad

  • The Boss

    The problem with the television title is that all the major titles are defended on tv regularly these days. In the past, when TV titles were popular it was the only title regularly defended on TV. For the most part you had to go to the house shows to see the big championships. The TV title was a special title specifically to be defended on the TV show. It was defended every week and was a great way to get exposure.

    But these days with all the titles being defended on TV there just isn’t time for a weekly TV title defence. At least not as long as they have only two hours of programming per week. However, if TNA were to start a second show I could see the TV title being a major factor. Impact Wrestling would still be the flagship show where the big titles would usually be defended, but the second show would feature weekly TV title defenses and only sporadic defences of other titles. This will bring back the original purpose of the TV title concept which is to give exposure to lower mid card talent and help to elevate them.

    But of course this would require TNA to start a second show. Perhaps one on MTV which, like Spike TV, is owned by Viacom.

    • Chris

      I love the MTV idea. They have done Wrestling Society X and Lucha Libre USA. That channel seems like a perfect fit if they would have a second show.

  • Sean

    Hey Chris, welcome to the TNANEWS team. Interesting article. D'Angelo was indeed a good wrestler and is unfortunate how he has plummeted. Even his short comeback after his movie role didnt help. He should of been pushed more, and lets hope he gets the opportunity.

    Kenny King!!!! Yes he is the best X Division wrestler. I spoke to him a month ago and he is a good guy always welcoming to praise, when reading my article on him. I like how you acknowledge his mic skills with how he is so confident. This helps him to stand out, not only in the X DIvision, but in TNA in general.

    I like the praise of CM Punk and Austin Aries with their ability to generate a reaction. Some TNA fans have argued that Bully Ray is better than these guys on the mic which i strongly disagree with, so its always refreshing to see you write that point.

    Again good article!

    • Chris

      Hey Sean. Thank you for the praise. It's great to be a part of this team. It's always fun to read your articles. I can tell you put a lot of thought, effort, and time into them. Whether I agree or disagree with what you say, they are always worth the time to read.

  • KS160

    Nah hell Nah.TNA needs that TV Title if anything scrap that X-Division Title.Here’s why.Right now for BFG they should have had EGO beating down EY and Park each week until a return of Abyss to help EY and Park.Have a challenge issued by Roode to take on Abyss in a Monsters Ball for the TV Title.Here’s how Roode can benefit from being TV Champ.The title would look great on him and having him retain it each week and he and EGO cut a promo after the match saying how Roode is the it factor and how Roode will be the longest reigning TV Champ just like he was the longest reigning World Champ of TNA.Or TNA could have EY turn on Park and join EGO and eventually challenge Abyss to a Monsters Ball for the Title.Either way it would be done I do prefer it done one of those two ways.TNA scraping the X-Division title gives a better idea of things because well its only three active X-Divisoners and one inactive one which is dumb.Might as well scrap the title and for a few months have those X-Divisioners in the other Title Divisions.I mean honestly if OVW just merged its roster with TNA things would be better.I feel like TNA needs to push the TV Title as a upper-mid card title.Scrap the XD Title and wait a few months then introduce a new Global Title to take its place and be for the midcard and jobbers.Honestly I need a job in TNA to book SIMPLE stuff that only a person with a sane mind can book because idk what is up with the insane bookings and writing in TNA.