Signs That Show TNA Is Willing To Compete

This past week we saw something that is rarely seen from TNA. Kurt Angle was seen at the TD Garden for the New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics NBA game, and took photos with Jason Kidd and other media celebrities there. Angle was there to advertise and promote Slammiversary, which is being held in the city of Boston on June 2. 

While I didn’t see the game or broadcast, it’s so refreshing to see TNA use their heavy hitters ,like Angle, to promote such events. Angle doesn’t need to be wrestling every week, but this is a role he is able to play, and the company definitely needs more of it. A former gold medalist and wrestling icon of the last decade is someone who ordinary fans will recognise, and even the casual wrestling fan will be interested in, if they were unaware of TNA and what Angle has been doing since joining in 2007.

TNA’s promoting and advertising of their product has possibly been their greatest weakness. I would never have heard of TNA if I didn’t stumble across the show while flicking channels 5 fateful years ago. But my confidence in them is renewed after seeing Angle at the Celtics/Knicks game. They have started doing some serious groundwork to build their fan base. And I’m disregarding Hulk Hogan “advertising TNA” on mainstream media, because usually he talks about things…other than TNA.

Keep going down this road: use Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy, even Hulk Hogan, who are established and well known and get the new fans interested and tuning in. Just make sure when they do appearances, that it is for the right reason!

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  • Cedric Taylor

    Applause….you told the pure truth. No bias, just an objective opinion and it makes people that follow TNA more optomistic

  • Brad Drysdale

    Thanks cedric-it's true. Free publicity is not a hard thing to generate with the names they have, yet it has been a huge struggle for the company. I was very optimistic myself after seeing this story.
    Soul fool- agreed. They have so much talent, and so many household names. People know who these wrestlers are! So capitalise on these performers' fame and generate them into even bigger stars.