Six Sides Of Steel: At Least For One Night


The six sided ring was always one of my favorite things in TNA. I thought it had given TNA something special. It was a way to set them apart. When you saw the six sided ring you knew you were watching TNA. When Hogan and Bischoff came in they changed everything that made TNA what it was, including getting rid of the six sided ring.

The six sided ring seemed like it was more suited for the X-division then it was for the heavyweights. The ring was bigger. The X-division wrestlers could move around faster, fly further, and had more ropes to jump, bounce, and fly over. The ring also created different angles for different variation of moves. Watching the X-division is always special but watching it in the six sided ring always made it that much more amazing.

Another element I think is missing without the six sided ring are the gimmick matches. We still have the same gimmicks in the four sided ring but it is my opinion some these matches just looked better with six sides. Looking at Ultimate X, the ring wasn’t completely over taken by the X. With only 4 sides the X is congested and lack something. Maybe the six sides could fill that void and if not at least it looks better.

One more match I feel is lacking and this also pertains to an entire ppv. That is the steel cage match in TNA. I always felt that the six sides of steel was more than a cage match. There were two more sides to bash your opponent into. The six sides of steel was a spectacle. Lockdown a ppv where every match takes place inside a cage was always a great ppv especially the six sides. Now this is where the inspiration for this article came from. Watching Lockdown this year something was bothering me. They showed the cage in the arena and right from the beginning Lockdown didn’t have that magic it used to. It just didn’t feel the same without the six sides.

Some would argue that the six sided ring made TNA look “indy” or “carnival.” I get that. But my argument would be they seem to be doing worse now without it. People watch TNA for an alternative. They want TNA to be the alternative. What better way to set yourself apart then from the moment people tune in and see something different. I understand not everybody liked the six sided ring or even wants it back. So here is my compromise. For one night a year, Lockdown preferably, bring back the six sided ring.

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  • Jeff Elliott

    No offence but the ring does’nt make the company. Al admit I really liked the six sides. Actually it was my favourite but I heard wrestlers were complaining about how hard it was to work around so I understand if they got rid of it but bringing it back for special occasions wouldn’t be bad ether.