Sixth Scoreboard For Fantasy Wrestling Series Two – 2/6/14 Impact Wrestling


Welcome everyone to the sixth scoreboard for’s Fantasy Wrestling series two! We are certainly on a wild ride and we really saw that this week! There have been a number of talent who weren’t even showcased from the Knockouts to Gunner or James Storm, but there were others who were heavily featured like Dixie Carter, MVP, and Rockstar Spud. The numbers are really growing for some while others almost stayed the same or even fell. There is a huge gap between spot number one to spot number twelve but we aren’t over yet! I am here to announce that the last scoreboard will be on March 13th. That is a live episode of Impact Wrestling and that is the Impact right after Lockdown. The winner will be announced then! So, keep that date in mind and start building your points to get to #1!

1. Jesse Sherwood: 83 points
Bully Ray: 4
Eric Young: 4
Rockstar Spud: 10

2. Jim Duff: 64 points
Bobby Roode: 4
Joseph Park/Abyss: 14
Kazarian: -3

3. Charlie Lowery: 60 points
Samoa Joe: 9
Jessie Godderz: 2

4. Jason Thorpe: 58 points
Magnus: 4
Brooke: -3
Gunner: -3

5. Aaron Jockers:: 55 point
Kurt Angle: 7
Manik: -3
MVP: 10

6. Ibrahim Fancis: 47 points
James Storm: -3
Ethan Carter III: 4

7. Jeffrey Elliot: 46 points
Dixie Carter: 12
Madison Rayne: -3
Kenny King: -3

8. Jake Mandell: 34 points
Chris Sabin: 6
Lei’D Tapa: -3
Samuel Shaw: 2

9. Andrew Kenyon: 29 points
Sting: -3
Gail Kim: -3
Robbie E: 2

10. Zeppelin Mayers: 22 points
Mr. Anderson: -3
ODB: -3
Eddie Edwards: 2
Davey Richards: 2

11. John Harris: 4 points
Austin Aries: 7
Hernandez: -3
Zema Ion: 2

12. Mack Scott: -4 points
Jeff Hardy: -3
Christopher Daniels: -3
Velvet Sky: 4

Free Agent
King Mo
Rampage Jackson
Rob Terry
Taryn Terrell

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  • Ibra

    Alex don’t u find it fair to give the person who has christoper Daniels 2 points since he was in a segment this week as curry man

    • Charlie

      probably because Curry Man isn't technically on the roster

    • Alex Barie

      Yes, as Charlie stated, Curry Man is not part of the roster. If he is showcased more I will certainly consider adding him to the list.