Sting, EC3 And Kenny King

Magnus Sting

Are we all forgetting how horrible Sting looked in his match against Magnus at Bound For Glory? Whether it is balance problems or knee problems, he can’t even lock in his own finisher the Scorpion Deathlock anymore.

It is sad to see him wrestling like this and it’s embarrassing to see him out there trying to live up to all of the hype. Why don’t we just face facts and say that Sting is just going through the motions? Does Sting even have that much charisma? Whenever he comes out, he does not high five the fans and hardly even acknowledges the crowd. Whether he is a face or a heel, it always seems like the crowd does not matter to him. Sting does not have that hunger inside of him that he used to. Why are we even still talking about this guy?


The EC3 character is very interesting. It is interesting that he is Dixie Carter’s nephew. “We are Carters. The world needs us.” He is getting a lot of time in the spotlight. He looks to be TNA’s new star for the future. He might be compared to Magnus in the only sense that he is being built up as a future star. Where will this story go with him being a Carter? Will he try to take out AJ Styles when he returns?

EC3 is facing jobbers. Not only that, he is facing jobbers who are getting in an offensive move or two on him. The jobber always seems to do a move off the top rope. This seems to build up EC3′s confidence and arrogance even more. He is getting a great reaction from the fans. His character is building very well.

One great thing that can be said about EC3 is that he is a new face in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. TNA needs new faces. They need faces from the past who are fan favorites and skilled wrestlers who have not been in TNA for a long period of time. TNA needs to always be cutting the dead weight. By dead weight, I mean those wrestlers who are very much past their prime or bring nothing beneficial to the overall product. Examples: Sting and Knux.

Since TNA always needs new faces, here is the question: Is EC3 the right kind of new face for TNA to bring in? He has the charisma. He has a character. Right now though, I have no idea about his wrestling ability. He needs to face someone that is an actual professional wrestler. Fighters in Resurrection Fighting Alliance and Strikeforce can look dominant. Once they get into the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it is a different story. The competition is very different. As far as character goes, it seems to be building very nicely. Does he have the athleticism and wrestling ability to be a future star in TNA? It remains to be seen.


We talked about a wrestling legend in Sting and someone who might be on the rise as the next star in EC3. Someone else who should be the next star is Kenny King. Kenny King has shown me incredible wrestling skills. I have been a fan of his for years. Ever since I saw him wrestle in Ring of Honor, he blew me away. He has amazing athleticism.

This man knows how to get his character over. His charisma is through the roof. He strikes me as someone who can easily get the crowd to love or hate him. He can be polarizing. His arrogant character can easily be compared to Adrien Broner or even Floyd Mayweather. It’s just unreal. He is a true diamond in the rough.

Two episodes before Bound For Glory, the Kenny King character was buried. He wrestled and didn’t get a good move in the match. The whole match looked against him. He was even bloodied in the match. The next week, he was bloodied once again and lost in dominating fashion. At Bound For Glory, he was nowhere to be seen. He has still not shown. Can someone please tell me where Kenny King is and why TNA has buried one of their most charismatic stars? I would say that in terms of charisma, he is right up there with Austin Aries and Bully Ray. Fans love to hate him.

Would we rather have Kenny King or Magnus? To tell you the truth, I think I might rather have Kenny King. I see better wrestling skills out of King. Comparing athletic ability, there is no doubt that King has the edge. Magnus is a wrestler who can shine and is a future star in TNA. But so is Kenny King. Does anyone even remember his long run as X Division champion? TNA just made him look like a jobber in his last two matches and then he is randomly gone. TNA tried to play it off by saying how badly he was busted open the week before in his match. It just makes me shake my head thinking, “TNA, get real. It’s obvious that you are burying him. Whether it is political reasons or that he is going to be gone from the company soon, it’s obvious that he is getting unfair treatment.” He is perhaps the brightest future star in professional wrestling today.

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  • Ryan b

    Kenny King beats Magnus & EC3. Under rated.
    Sting, a legend profile, helps others. Not his best. He still creates a buzz. Magnus match had anticipation

  • Steven kelly

    Sadly they are still failing the x division title buried yet again by a tournament. I mean wheres sonjay dutt wheres petey williams wheres sam shaw wheres that bfg jobber(i forget his name) wheres rob terry wheres zema ion oh and rockstar spud so many could be used to further the x division hopefully after the bully ray mr anderson match in orlando they cn use that tv time to rebuild x division AGAIN

    • Luchador

      lets hope that after they settle at Universal like many say they'll reboot

      • Sean

        The X Division is sevrely undermined indeed. I writ that in my latest article, the halloween one. The X Division needs to be focussed on.
        I like how Christopher talks about the need of bringing back Kenny King, who i also highly rate, with an article solely based on him, done before, which he gave me feedback of appreciating it. I like Christopher's insight in giving a balanced argument, and his view. I dont agree with his view on Sting, but you can appreciate his argument. Sting isnt the same force today. But he has people watching. It is why people want him for an 1 off Wrestlemania.
        Sting losing his title rights, is a good way of having alternative major matches, to build the overall match card

  • Andy rollins

    Watch yourself when ur talking about sting before I kick ur fucken ass he made wresting what it is today. snd ec3 needs to face a real opponet not handpicked nobody’s .mr entitlement. U need to work for it and earn it

  • Natb

    The bottom line on all this is that TNA has dropped the ball. It's all fake but it's also terrible story telling. EC3 against losers and weak opponents does nothing to enhance his character. My guess is that the good wrestlers like Kenny King are victims of behind the scenes politics. Also both WWE and TNA have to stop copying from each other. They need to be original and take chances with fresh story lines. Turning Dixie Carter into an evil boss like Vince McMoron doesn't work. Dixie first needs a couple of years of acting lessons. The wrestling is fake and the acting is just ridiculous nonsense. I guess most of their profits come from naive fans under 10 years old!


    you guys realize that e3c's real name is Derrick Bateman formally signed to wwe? he was on the main roster for a short time then was sent to fcw/nxt.