Sting Officially Gone From TNA? – Going To WWE?

There is a huge report/rumor going around that Sting has officially signed with WWE. While we can’t confirm via, we are running the report, so it is in best interest of the site to follow up!


After last week’s Impact Wrestling themed Genesis part 2, I ran an article here on the site questioning whether we truly saw the end of Sting in TNA Wrestling. I also asked whether he is the “new investor”. If Sting did really sign with WWE, then obviously his name is out of the question for the new investor angle.

Kurt Angle was recently interviewed by The UK Sun and he touched on Sting’d departure with the company. Below is what he said:

Sting is the cornerstone of the company. Kurt Angle is not. A.J. Styles is not, as much as people want to say is the face of the company or Kurt Angle has helped the company more than anyone. Sting has always been our cornerstone and the man. He’s your go-to guy. To lose him is about as bad as it can get. Losing Sting is a big blow to the company.

Sting first appeared in TNA Wrestling in 2003 and his run lasted till 2004. He then returned in 2005 and remained with the company ever since. Easily Kurt’s thoughts are right as Sting is the cornerstone and the go-to guy. Kurt also stated that the company could count on Sting when they needed a rating boost.

I was told by one of my sources months ago that Sting actually talked about one Wrestlemania match. He wanted it. With time slowly fading, will he get that opportunity? Would this be the last year to get it or will it be next year? As time passes the time to wrestle decreases. Sting can dictate his future. He has the power to go wherever he wants.

My question is why would Rob Feinstein made this announcement public? Obviously Sting would want it a secret. Sting is easily a veteran of the game. He knows what to keep secret. If Sting was going to WWE, he would want it to be the biggest reveal of his career.

Sting’s profile is still under the Impact Wrestling roster on the company’s official website. Will Sting finally sign with WWE and Vince McMahon or will he re-sign with TNA Wrestling, or even take a different route? What are your thoughts?

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  • cowboy

    Like I said it before I would love for Sting to stay as the
    Only wrestler not to work for vince, I hope he stays wit TNA

  • cowboy

    By the way any more news about the 2 new knockouts?

    • Alex Barie

      The only Knockout I heard was about Shanna as she is part of TNA's Maximum Impact tour.

      • cowboy

        true and also Santana Garrett