Sting Vs. The Undertaker – If It Would Happen

The cameras roll from Orlando, Florida! The ring and stage is set-up in the Citrus Bowl. There are over 74,000 fans in attendance. The crowd is going crazy. Fireworks explode on the stage. They shoot through the open sky.

Mike: “Welcome everyone to TNF… TNA News Fantasy! It’s great to be here and we have one amazing match for you. I am Mike Tenay and with me is Todd Keneley.”

Todd: “Thanks Mike! I absolutely agree. This is going to be one hell of a match. Who would have thought that we would finally see The Undertaker face Sting?! It is finally going to happen!”

Undertaker black

Music hits and the lights go out. The bells sound. Flames start on the entrance stage. The crowd jumps to their feet. The Deadman… The Phenom… The Undertaker. He comes out with a black hood attached to his long black cape. He slowly walks down the ramp as the smoke surrounds him. He finally goes to the bottom of the ramp and turns sharply. He walks up the steps and waits. He raises his arms as bells and thunder sounds. The lights shine once again. He gets in the ring and walks around. He stops and stares at the entrance stage.

Sting rafters

Music hits and it is for The Icon… Sting! The lights darken once again and a spotlight shines back and forth. Then, the spotlight, from above, shines down to the middle of the ring. Here he comes! Sting flies down from the rafters. The crowd does a tremendous pop. He lands in the ring and takes off the hook. He has a black cape on as well. He also has a black hood on. Taker turns around and stares right into Sting. The spotlight still shines. Both are in the light. Both stare at each other. Taker quickly takes off his hood and reveals his bald head while turning his eyes to the back of his head. The crowd pops. He goes to stare at Sting. Sting twirls his bat, let’s it go, takes his hood off and does a huge “WOOOOO” after cupping his hands at his mouth. Another huge pop. Taker stares at Sting with his huge bold eyes. Both take off their capes at the same time. Earl Hebner, the referee, tells both of them to get back in their respective corners. Earl signals for the bell.

The Undertaker vs. Sting

Undertaker vs. Sting

Both quickly come out of their corners and walk around the ring. They sometimes do a hoping side step to keep each other on their toes. They slowly stop and move forward. They lock-up! Both push each other. They are in the middle of the ring. Neither are budging. They let go and both stumble back a couple of steps. Both stand straight up and look at each other in the eyes again. They walk around the ring again. The crowd is cheering like crazy. They lock-up again. This time Taker pushes Sting back in the corner. Taker let’s go of the lock-up and goes for a quick punch, but Sting ducks and goes around Taker. He pushes Undertaker in the corner. Taker turns around and Sting blasts him with punches to the face as well as knife edge chops to the chest. He does his fast pace combo. It doesn’t budge Taker. Taker stands straight up as Sting takes it to him. Suddenly, Undertaker grabs Sting by the neck with both of his hands. He tosses Sting in the corner and gives him rights and lefts right to the chest and gut. He goes up and down his torso from the chest to the gut to the ribs. Earl counts to 4 and gets right in the middle to break it up. Taker walks away. He walks in a circle. He turns to Sting to go after him again, but Sting pops out of the corner and knocks The Deadman right down with a closeline. WHAT A POP!

Mike: “We are just getting started and the crowd loves every second of it. You can’t count either person out!”

Taker gets to his feet and Sting runs to him again for a closeline. Sting is gaining momentum. Undertaker gets up once more. Sting runs to him for a closeline, but Taker ducks. Sting goes running into the ropes. He comes back. Deadman turns around and rattles Sting down with a big boot to the face. Sting certainly felt that. He gets up and stumbles to the ring ropes. Taker runs to him and closelines him out. Sting lands on his feet on the outside but hits his head on the ring apron. Sting falls back onto the floor. Taker walks around the ring. Sting slowly gets up to his feet. Sting slowly walks backwards as he is near the ramp. Undertaker signals his “Cut Throat” sign. Sting’s eyes widen. He walks closer to the ring. Undertaker, though, bounces off the ropes and runs full force. OH… Taker jumps over the ropes for a suicide dive! He comes down and lands right on Sting! Both men are down! Both men are motionless. Earl starts the count! 1-2-3-both start to move-5-both get on their knees-7-both get to their feet-9-both slide in the ring. Both slowly get to a vertical base. They start punching back and forth. Sting hits Taker but Taker plants Sting with a huge right hand. Sting does a knife edge chop but Taker does an uppercut. Sting kicks Taker in the gut and does a punch. Taker does a punch and then an uppercut. Both are wobbly. Just then, Taker grabs Sting by the throat. He quickly lifts him up for a Chokeslam, but Sting slides out. He grabs Taker’s head from behind and… BOOM… hits him with the Scorpion Death Drop! The crowd jumps up. Sting covers: 1-2-OH!

Todd: “What a match. That was so close!”

Sting can’t believe it. He falls back and stays on the mat. But, Undertaker sits up. He turns to Sting and then gets to his feet. Sting sees Taker getting up and can’t believe it. He uses the ropes to get up. Sting marches to Taker, but Taker punches Sting in the face and then whips him in the ropes. Sting comes back. The Phenom lifts him up and hits a side walk slam. He gets to his feet and then gets Sting up. He whips Sting in the corner. He runs and SMASHES Sting. He then whips Sting in the opposing corner. Undertaker runs to him, but Sting kicks him in the face. Taker stumbles back. Sting runs up to him, but Taker picks him up, spins him around and PLANTS him with the snake eyes. Taker starts running as Sting slowly turns. Taker hits him with a big boot. He bounces off the ropes and drops down for a leg drop. Taker covers: 1-2-AH! Sting kicks out. Undertaker gets up. He waits in the corner. Sting starts to move. Taker grabs Sting and brings him to his feet. He starts working on the arm. He twists the arm around and then snaps it down. He does another twist and then elbows the bicep. He does another twist and heads toward the corner. Taker climbs it.

Mike: “We could be looking for Old School here! Classic Undertaker!”

Undertaker walks along the top rope. Sting is looking down, but suddenly brings his head up and stares right in the eyes of Taker. Sting brings a smile. Taker tilts his head. Sting falls forward and OH! Taker falls right on the top rope.

Todd: “No one would ever want to land like that! That’s for sure!”

Taker is in severe pain. Sting gets up and brings Taker in the ring. He pushes The Deadman back into the corner. Sting runs away. He turns and runs back… Stinger Splash! Sting runs away again. He turns and runs full force for another Stinger Splash! He brings Taker out and goes for the Scorpion Death Drop… but Taker spins out, faces Sting, and grabs his throat. He lifts him up and Chokeslam! Taker covers: 1-2-NO!

Undertaker knows what he needs to do. He gets up to a vertical base. He then gets Sting up. He picks him up and sets up for the Tombstone Piledriver. He has it all set. All of a sudden, Sting leans forward! It forces Taker to lean backwards. Out of nowhere… Sting has Taker set-up. Sting drops down… Tombstone Piledriver on Undertaker! Sting puts Taker’s hands on his chest and Earl counts: 1-2-NO!!!

Sting falls over. He is lying on his back. So is Taker. The crowd can’t believe what they are seeing. Undertaker slowly rises. Well, Sting does the same thing. Both turn and face each other. Taker rolls his eyes to the back of his head. Sting cuffs his hands and does a “WOOOO!” Both quickly stand to their feet and fight back and forth again. Both start punching. Each punch takes their strength though. It takes their energy. They start slowing down. Taker does one punch and Sting falls back. He bounces off the ropes. He comes to Taker and punches him. Taker falls back off the ropes. Taker comes back and grabs Sting by the throat. Chokeslam… BUT, Sting kicks the side of Taker’s leg and Taker releases the choke. Sting takes the legs out from under Undertaker. He goes for it! Scorpion Death Lock! It has it locked in! Taker is in pain. He is in agony. He is in the middle of the ring. Earl is asking Taker. The crowd is on his feet.

Todd: “He is going to tap! I think he is going to tap!”

Taker starts crawling to the side of the ring. He gets closer and closer. He reaches and GRABS THE ROPES! Earl counts to 4 and Sting let’s go. Sting falls to his knees. He turns and sees The Undertaker using the ropes to stand. Sting slowly gets up. They turn and face each other. Undertaker chokes Sting, out of nowhere, and lifts him up. He hits the Chokeslam! Undertaker stumbles. He does the “Cut Throat” taunt. He then waits. Sting slowly moves. He turns to the side and then is on his hands and knees. He finally gets to a vertical base. Undertaker pops out from leaning against the ropes and lifts Sting up. He turns him upside down and Tombstone Piledriver! Taker crosses Sting’s arms on his chest and Earl counts: 1-2-3! Winner: The Undertaker

Mike: “I don’t care if Sting fell victim to the 3 count… both men won tonight. This was one classic match. These two finally fought and gave it their all.”

Undertaker’s music hits but he is lying on his back. Neither him or Sting are moving. Earl checks on both. Undertaker slowly rises. He stays there for a minute or so and then gets up. He can barely stand. He uses Earl for support. The crowd is standing. They are all applauding. Sting starts to move now. He crawls to the ropes and uses them to get up. He faces The Undertaker. He slowly walks toward him. Both nod and then the lights go out with the spotlight on both of them.

Todd: “Thank you everyone for joining us on another epic match! Until next time, this is TNA News Fantasy!

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  • todd

    Lmaooo wtf is this nonsense?

    • Alex Barie

      Did you even read it? Fantasy wrestling. Booking matches that may never happen.

      • Jesse Sherwood

        I thought it was a well written piece here, Alex, though I would rather have a 3 Man booth with JR, Tenay, and King for this match. If we are going to merge companies, let's merge the announce teams!

  • Jon Edney

    Good read. While I'm a longtime, committed Sting fan, I don't see any situation that sees him going over if this were to ever happen. I think the only swerve I would have put in it would be maybe Hebner takes a dive, and Sting locks in the Scorpian Death Lock and gets a tap, but unofficial, to keep the "what if" element to an excellent match. Those are my 2 cents, put them in the piggy bank I guess lol

  • Numero Uno

    When is May's TNF?

  • Numero Uno

    Why did u do 2 and stop