Tale Of The Tape: Impact 7/3/14


The show started off with a great video. It has one of the best opening videos I have seen from impact in a while. I can’t help but notice some short little clips in the montage that just makes the video a cut above the rest. There were quick clips of the board of directors meeting and glass being punched. Words just can’t describe this. I’m actually pumped for this show.

PROMO #1: Angle VS Joe

Kurt came out to announce that it was the Red, White and Blue Throwdown. Being a Canadian, I guess I’m just not as pumped about it as some of you are. But I liked the little details around the ring to celebrate Independence Day. The lights and the decorations around the stage were awesome to see. He then reinstate Earl Hebner and praised his work in TNA. I don’t think I have ever seen this done in a wrestling show, but again, I have only been watching for just a little more than a year, but Kurt ran down the entire card for the night. That seemed like a really cool idea. Then Joe ran out to interrupt and talk about how Angle would book himself in a title match as soon as possible. It’s funny because I thought it actually made sense. When was the last time TNA was not run by an evil authority? That was a while ago. Then the two ran down a lot of facts. I was never a big Joe fan because being a relatively new viewer, I never had the chance to see the Joe that was in shape and could actually wrestle. Angle even made a good point about Joe being half-assed half the time. Overall, I thought this promo was good because of the mic skills, but I didn’t understand where Joe is going with this. He has been aimless or off TV for a long time.

There was a backstage segment where MVP and Kenny jumped Roode. Kurt was being a concerned GM and checked on him. It has been a while since someone checked in on wrestlers, so I thought that was cool. After the segments, the first match for the tag team title started. I was hoping for a Menagerie entrance seeing that everyone got new clothes, including the stilt walkers. Looks like you Americans are pretty serious about Independence Day! It’s also impossible to notice Rebel. The match was pretty good. The spots are mostly the ones we have already seen from these wrestlers. The Menagerie tag team provided a new element to the title chase just by being there. They were huge! Roode and Angle went to MVP and King to sort things out. I really love the mannerism of MVP in this segment. Roode and King in a street fight followed. King walked out to elevator music. Please get a new entrance theme for King. There were some brutal spots in this match but it was what it was. A street fight doesn’t really excite me but that would be a rant for another day.

The Hardcore American Icon starred in another backstage interview. He hyped out his match, followed by Roode talking about his goal back in TNA wrestling. Following that, there was another segment involving a pretty good conversation between Aries and Angle. This set up a X-Division match for next week.

PROMO #2: Brittany VS Madison Rayne

Brittany called out Rayne to apologize. Brittany has pretty good mic skills but you can see the swerve from a mile away. It was well-executed though and Brittany pulled it off surprisingly well.

PROMO HIT OR MISS: barely a hit.


Bully cut a good promo backstage talking about how he wanted to put EC3 and Dixie through a table. The camera positioning was great! MVP cut a promo for Lashley and he was a great mouthpiece of Lashley. I hope it remains this way for the rest of Lashley’s reign. EC3 and Bully went at it in a Slammiversary rematch. Throughout this match, I was wondering how they were going to end this match without ruining EC3’s streak while keeping Bully’s street cred. Rhino returning surprised me, but did you see the way EC3 worked the crowd? The guy knew how to do every little thing to pump up the crowd. I am excited about how Dixie’s crew now mirror MVP’s crew in some ways. EY was being reasonable for once and started getting worried about facing Lashley. Roode pumped him up and promised to be in his corner, so I was excited about not having interference in this match.

After a short interview with Dixie’s crew and a pump-up video for BFG, we got a very very well produced summary of Shaw’s rerun in TNA. Just when Gunner and Shaw were walking somewhere, they met Anderson, who led Shaw to Christy to get him to apologize. The segment was uncomfortable to say the least but I guess it wrapped stuff up. The Stifler segment that followed was even more uncomfortable. Between that and the Knockouts match, we got an awesome and rare Menagerie promo. Knux said they really needed the money. They just had their match like 30 minutes ago. Did they put the segment out of place? The Knockout match was better than I expected because there was no stupid referee interference. Gail Kim was sexy as usual and after taking the Botox Injection like a champ, she became one. Does this mark the end of the Beautiful People?

After the match, we were treated with a MVP recap, and Kurt running down the card for next week. We then got the World Heavyweight Title match right away. Hebner kicked Roode and MVP out of ringside immediately. Why couldn’t they have done this earlier? There weren’t that many big spots in this match, but the match psychology was great!

Overall, I realized this show was so action-packed. There were only two short in ring promos this week. The promos this week weren’t amazing and unforgettable, but seeing that there were only two promos this week, it is kind of nice to see that TNA is going a new direction with the balance of action and promos. Good show, can’t wait for the six-sided ring!

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