Tale Of The Tape: Impact 8/20/14


The opening video to this week’s Impact was epic to say the least. The negative effect really set the tone for the video. The problem with this episode of Hardcore Justice is that I didn’t know it was happening until last week when they ran through the line-up. What made it worse was the sudden change in time. They gave us less than a week to prepare the change from Thursday to Wednesday… This would be a joke in the IWC for a long while. This episode deserves way more hype than this.

The episode started with a Stairway to Janice match. This feud didn’t really work for me. I thought the whole Abyss character is stale, but this feud does put over Bram big time. I just think that a fight over a piece of wood with nails in it isn’t interesting, especially when that thing is barely used. The fans really loved this match and the wrestlers both worked hard here. This match was a brutal spotfest so kudos to the wrestlers. Bram is really growing on me now, and I hope after this feud, he doesn’t get stuck with hardcore matches in the hardcore division with Abyss anymore. There was a short backstage segment where EC3 talked about his experience in jail and how everything became clear to him. Magnus had a backstage segment where he promised Bram that he would win the Six Side of Steel match later the night. Good to see Magnus again, because he was lost pretty much after Bram debuted.

PROMO #1: EC3 w/ Spud VS Rhino

EC3 came out to start the promo with Rhino and Spud. Taz was totally correct when describing Spud’s outfit here. He looked exactly like a trial size bottle of Pepto Bismol. EC3 started the promo by thanking Kurt for putting in jail, saying that it helped him realize whose fault it was. He then pointed the finger to Rhino for failing to do his job. Rhino wasn’t going to let EC3 just yell at him like that. They yelled at each other before EC3 let out his aggressive side and beat up Rhino around the ring. EC3 was really gold here. He was good from his facial expression, to his physical presence, to his manipulation of the crowd. This more aggressive side of EC3 pretty much completes his character. Rhino definitely held his own there and perfected his part. However, the unsung hero is Spud. Without saying a single word on the mic, he contributed a hell lot to this promo. His tried to break up the fight but you can really feel the genuine fear in his eyes. This guy is legendary and he is amazing, especially with what he is given.


Joe talked about how he was going to win his match because Low-Ki was too cocky. Through this promo, I thought Joe came out as the cocky one. I have never been a huge fan of Joe, but Low-Ki really interested me. I thought Low-Ki was way more suitable to be the X-Division Champion than Low-Ki. The Hardy Boyz then talked about being in a new journey that would take their legacy to another level. I was genuinely excited about this because personally, I love watching tag-team wrestling, maybe even more than singles matches. They then showed a package to put over the X-Division. My favourite part was Low-Ki’s voice. His soothing deep voice underlines his determination and aggression. He is a complete package with a clear goal in mind. He came back to the company just to re-establish the X-Division; whereas Joe was all over the place last year and the only thing I’ve learned about him in the last one and a half year is that he’s always mad. The match had great match psychology with Low-Ki using his quick strikes against Joe’s size. This was probably the best Joe match I’ve seen. Without a doubt, Low-Ki helped carry this match as sold all of Joe’s moves so well. The crowd loved the match, but I eventually want to see Low-Ki beat Joe with the Ki Krusher.

Backstage, the Hardy Boyz visited D-von’s room. Then JB interviewed Mr. Anderson backstage to have Shaw interrupt. This was really going stale for me. I’m not even sure which one is the heel. So let me summarize this. First, Anderson is the face and Shaw was the heel. However, Face Gunner fixes Heel Shaw and Heel Shaw hasn’t done anything bad since then. So assuming Shaw is fixed, Anderson has done so many heel actions. I’d think that Anderson’s the heel but the crowd cheers for Anderson. Anderson’s charisma makes him hard to be hated. The match was a bit too short, and this “I Quit” match came out of nowhere.

Backstage, Hardy Boyz came out of Team 3D’s room and apparently they agreed on an idea. Angelina and Gail fought backstage to set up a Last Knockout Standing match. If this ends Angelina’s run, I’m all through with it. Roode stood beside the ring to cut a segment about wanting the title again.

PROMO #2: Hardy Boyz VS Team 3D VS the Wolves

Hardy Boyz came out to cut a promo putting themselves over. Jeff even started his own chant, which made it sound so weird. They then invited Team 3D to the ring and they delivered another genuine promo. The place blew up chanting for Team 3D. These guys all know exactly how to work the crowd. They invited the Wolves on stage to see if they would agree with the idea. The Wolves pretty much said they were okay with anything. They never did explain what the idea was though. Overall, I thought everyone in the ring in this promo held their ground on the mic. Whatever they are doing with the three teams, I can’t wait to watch it. By the end of this, the Wolves would definitely be put over big time.


Dixie then cut a segment on her bed to talk about her injury and pretty much wrote herself out. I thought this segment was pretty good and I couldn’t exactly tell if she really suffered an injury. Then, they showed the same promo with Storm and Sanada. I thought this was really weird how they would show it again. To be honest, this was the most uncomfortable segment I saw last week and playing it again made it even worse. The last knockout standing match came out of nowhere and the two ladies worked hard in this one. The spot at the end was sick. I haven’t seen the Knockouts do something like that in forever. However, after teasing the breakup with the Beautiful People, they were working perfectly together again this week… What is happening with the Beautiful People?

Backstage, Kurt finally explained Jeff Hardy’s idea. There would be a

PROMO #3: MVP & Crew

This felt a little more like a filler than a real promo. MVP ran down Lashley’s defenses and put over Lashley in the expenses of his past opponents. When Tenay introduced the crew, he said there would be no one more concerned about the outcome of this match than Lashley. Lashley looked so bored during this promo, that he did seem like that heel monster they were trying to make him. I loved MVP’s jabs at different wrestlers too. I like his mic work more than his ring work, and it seems like MVP is definitely having fun doing this.

PROMO HIT OR MISS: hit, but only because MVP is so good on the mic. If it was anyone else, I don’t think it would’ve worked

The actual Six Side of Steel match was about 10 minutes long. I thought that was way too short for a main event, especially for a gimmick match like this. It was awesome for Tenay to point out that EY’s pants were a tribute to NY Ranger’s jersey. I’m a hockey fan but I definitely didn’t see that. I thought this match was a bit messy and chaotic. This was a bit of a spotfest and felt choppy. I thought the X-Division match looked more like a main event than this match. Nice to see Magnus having his moments in this match, but I thought that wasn’t enough. The ending would be controversial but it was suspenseful. I personally liked the ending. I’m kind of curious to see what would happen next!

Overall, this was another solid episode of impact. It’s too bad that this was the first Wednesday show and the viewership was extremely low. There were a lot of sick spots in this episode and the promos were awesome. Even the Knockouts match was sick. This episode marks the beginning of a new feud for EC3 and I am betting that this will be a historical date, when EC3 becomes the star that he will be.

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