Thank You Dixie!!!

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For those of you that know your TNA history will be all too familiar with how the company very nearly went bust in 2002. The weekly PPV format was not selling as much as the Jarrett’s were hoping and funds were starting to run dry. With the company seemingly in dire straits and ready to fold, in stepped Robert Carter of Panda Energy to save the day and purchase a 71% stake in TNA Wrestling. This purchase was made after Dixie Carter, Robert’s daughter, had brought TNA to his attention and explained the potential that was present in TNA. Jeff Jarrett still retained a stake in the company and was very much part of the backstage process but more importantly TNA had financial stability.

Okay so brief history lesson over let’s move on to my main focal point that there are still fans who believe that Dixie Carter is bad for TNA. Now I am not referring to the on screen character that she portrays on Impact but the actual business woman backstage that has done so much for TNA Wrestling. Think of any major event that has happened in TNA and you can bet that Dixie Carter was a driving force behind it. Happy when Christian Cage debuted at Genesis 2005? Screamed the house down when Kurt Angle headbutted Samoa Joe? Was thrilled when TNA first started airing Impact in 2004? You can thank Dixie Carter for those moments. Yes that woman who fans claim is bad for TNA has was integral behind it all.

Of course some people point out that Dixie doesn’t come from a wrestling background and that is true. However those same people should also bare in mind that many promotions over the years were run by “wrestling” people and still fell by the way side. As proven with WCW, JCP, and most of the old territories wrestling people don’t necessarily always know what’s best for wrestling. Dixie is a fan and know one knows what fans want better than fans.

TNA Hogan

Obviously over the years not every gamble has come to fruition but at least TNA/Dixie were willing to make the gamble. Lots has been written about Hulk Hogan’s time on Impact Wrestling but regardless of whether one deems it a failure or success I would guess that the majority of fans were excited for his debut back in 2010. That’s the point that so many people miss is that the decisions Dixie makes are for the betterment of TNA and for us fans. No one can predict the future obviously but we all thought bringing Hogan in was a great decision. Indeed the buzz around TNA before his debut was unlike any other before and that was because Dixie was trying to improve TNA for everyone.

For any fans out there thinking that Dixie is not good for TNA just stop and ask yourself who would you rather have running TNA? Is there anybody else that loves the company as much? Jeff Jarrett maybe but he is currently working on GFW so that would rule him out. No doubt some will point to Paul Heyman and from a creative stand point I agree but from a business stand point just look at who owns ECW now. Is that where we want TNA to be? Absolutely not!!!

6 sided ring new york

We want TNA to be the alternative and so does Dixie. Earlier this year the product was criticized but that was a transition period. Look at the product now though. Great shows playing out before vibrant crowds and once again we have a buzz surrounding TNA. Now there are lots of people responsible for that, a wrestling show is a collaborative effort. John Gaburick has to take some credit, the writers, the talent, and yes, Dixie Carter as well, played her part in not only the on screen side but also in bringing TNA to New York.

I understand that we all get frustrated with the show sometimes and that we think we all know what’s best for TNA. I’m no different, but we also need to step back and look at what those in charge are really trying to do. Take the recent confirmation that Vince Russo is a consultant for TNA. Naturally this was met with wide criticism among fans but again why would it be so bad to get the opinion of a man who a) cares about TNA and b) helped produce the highest ratings wrestling has ever seen. It doesn’t matter if you like Russo or not what matters is do you really think Dixie Carter would seek advice/help from someone who she thinks would be detrimental to the company? The answer is clearly no.

Obviously mistakes have been made at times just like with every other wrestling promotion, that’s just part of the business. However I don’t believe that a decision has ever been made because Dixie personally found it amusing or to cut her nose off to spite her face. Dixie doesn’t come across as an egomaniac but more as a genuine fan who loves TNA. A fan who has been prepared to take chances to help further the progression of the company. Has every chance worked? Of course it hasn’t, but ultimately you can’t hit a home run unless you swing for the fences. No fan wants to watch a show that plays it safe and TNA has never done that.

So in closing I am taking a different approach to most fans and looking at the positives that TNA has been achieving recently. Hot shows before even hotter crowds, ratings up, talents being signed to long term contracts and TNA being referred to in a positive manner. So for that I say “Thank you Dixie”.

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  • Luchador

    I agree she has tried to make TNA the best and I thank you Dixie, without TNA I wouldn’t be watching wrestling

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading and glad you agreed with it!!!

    • Christopher Bell

      Your right, Luchador. I have been having a hard time convincing myself of watching anything of modern day WWE. I used to really like NXT but over the last few weeks, the show seems to be getting more boring. The only interesting part is the last ten minutes. TNA Impact Wrestling is far better than anything WWE puts on.

      • Mark M

        Thank you for reading…..I agree that Impact has been the best wrestling show on TV for some time now.

  • victoria burt

    Thank you Dixie Carter!!!! I haven’t watched TNA for ages but I really enjoy her input. Unlike other companies she really does have its best interest at heart. What makes her even better is that she will ask for help when she feels like she’s drowning, and that a very attractive quality to have. What makes TNA so pure and stripped back is the hard work and dedication Dixie and the stars put into the shows, yes I would love the shows to stop being pre – recorded in advance but hey its working for them for the time being. I have no doubt and faith in the company that it will grow and grow in coming months and years. And as it stands I feel TNA is a good equivalent to WWE and would never look down on that company. The heart and soul that is put in that company is what’s keeping it alive and so different in a good way. Massive hi five to Dixie and EC3

    • Mark M

      Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it. What you have stated is exactly how TNA fans should feel…..the fact they don’t is a testament to how good her on screen character is.

      • victoria burt

        Anytime brilliant writing once AGAIN!!!!!!!