The Autopsy: Hardcore Justice

Without a doubt, last Thursday’s Hardcore Justice is one of Impact’s most important episodes in 2013 but why?? In this article I’m going to discuss the impact of this event on several groups and wrestlers and how important this night was for them.

Bobby Roode


A lot of people including me began to feel that Bobby lost his mojo when he lost the heavy weight belt, he began to lose momentum and even though his tag team with AA was good, I got this feeling hat Bobby was lost. A lot were sad that Bobby was disappearing from the main event spot, what a way to treat your longest reigning heavy weight champion. But suddenly all of this changed and it started ”again” with a beer bottle!! Bobby began to be the Roode that we all know and hated. Then came the surprise when Roode and bad influence joined forces, all of this led to his win in the tables match at HCJ!! This win made Roode jump to second place, what a push if you ask me, I can see him in the final 4 at no surrender, and he deserves this push.

Aces & 8s

TNA Bully Ray

Things didn’t look good at all for the bikers gang in the last couple of months, bully lost the holy grail, they lost their hitman (D.O.C), and the MEM began to gain more momentum. For me, I wasn’t satisfied that these guys were going down that easy after the massive build up that they got, but all of this changed at hardcore justice. Ray got his belt back, giving the gang more momentum and control plus this made the MEM go back to square one which is a good thing to make the build up towards BFG more interesting and to make the end of the aces and 8s a strong one.

Tito Ortiz


Well, like it or not the guy made an impact, an important one.  Unlike most people, I’m really interested in the whole MMA/wrestling cross over, I really want to see how will this work out. When I saw Tito’s debut I asked my self how to use him?? How to make him fit the current landscape in TNA?? The logical answer that came to my mind is to make him join or work with the Aces and eights to make him advertise his match with Jackson, plus the aces and 8s lost an important member (DOC) so they need a new hit man and he’s Tito Ortiz the UFC Hall of Famer. So for me it’s an interesting move and a shocking one to say the least to make him interfere and help bully in getting his title back, let’s see what will this move lead to.



Since TT is out of the picture for a while, TNA needed to find a face to put in the picture, so Velvet and ODB reappeared on the surface once again. Last Thursday Velvet didn’t make it to Hardcore Justice, so ODB was the only face in the match which was a great thing for her and gave her more heat, and boy it Is good to see ODB in the ring again. If she keeps going like that and gains more momentum, we may see her carrying the gold soon.


The last couple of months were tough for TNA, a lot of changes took place, people were released and people began to talk about how is TNA going to fall and stuff like that, but if you ask me I can feel that TNA is more focused and impact feels fresh, plus I love the fact that TNA is focusing more on their original stars and those who carried the company on their backs for a long time now like Bobby Roode. As for Hardcore Justice, the night added a lot to the road to Bound For Glory and raised a lot of questions:

1 – How will the Aces and 8s fall?

2 – With Angle out of the MEM, who’ll replace him?? And After getting back to square one how will they gain momentum again??

3 – What is the nature of the Tito/Aces and eights relation??

To know the answers don’t skip Impact and join take part in the road to BFG.

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  • Steven kelly

    Great article man and very valid points roll on thursdays impact

  • steidman

    Must say a good article as well. I am also interested on how the MMA crossover will turn out, like the fact that Tito turned on Rampage. Obviously, this has Spike written all over it as it is using TNA to promote Bellator and the Ortiz / Rampage fight in November.

    Really interested on how the Roode / Bad Influence alliance plays out. TNA surprised me, in a good way, by having both Kaz and Roode winning the 20 points. The BFG series just got real interesting.

    • Kazuya

      Was kinda predictable that Kaz and Roode would win to even up the points

      • AJ Steelle

        kaz is undefeated in ladder matches so i kinda of knew when tenay said 'these 4 were the ladder match veterans', i knew he was gonna win. But i was going 4 AJ. P1 P1 baby!!!!

  • Steven kelly

    Bfg is keeping fans guessing by having a log jam of wrestlers on much the same points only magnus has a credible lead and that may change

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    aces and eights is still going down and bully ray winning the title back did nothing for aces and eights at all

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    bfg series has not been that good this year at all and last years bfg series was alot alot better

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    it was so predictable that ortiz joined aces and eights because he is fighting jackson in november

  • Steven kelly

    Lol at the troll

  • Steve

    Im 40 years old and I’ve loved wrestling ever since watching World Class Champioship Wrestling! I watch both wrestling organization and TNA has way better wrestlers and story lines, but for whatever reason most choose to watch WWE over TNA, it just baffles my mind!!!

    • AJ Steele

      Mind control my friend, mind control. ;-)

  • AJ Steele

    Great article. At least your not biased like 99% of WWE brainwashed fans who always talk down to TNA. Been a fansince day1 and always will be. AJ Styles4Life.

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