The Autopsy: TNA And The Olympics

Fact: When TNA does something good, the IWC ignores it since it’s cool to bash TNA.

Months ago, The Olympic Committee decided to kick out wrestling as an Olympic sport from the 2020 Olympics. Wrestling is an ancient sport and a corner stone in the Olympics. Since Kurt Angle has a gold medal in wrestling, he gave a damn. TNA made a ”Save wrestling 2020” t-shirt which was sold on their website and they created an online petition to save wrestling in the 2020 Olympics.

The result? TNA, along side other campaigns, brought back wrestling to the Olympics, but who cared?! This is something that needs to be praised and yes, we all should talk and discuss this because it was a really important cause but as usual, when TNA does something good, it gets ignored and buried. On the other hand, TNA should use this as an advertisement like what the WWE does with its Be a Star campaign or its contribution to the Make a Wish foundation. WWE didn’t take part in this which is an advantage for TNA.  Dixie, use it!!! As for the IWC, as I said, like Triple H, they have a habit of burying anything. Ignore the good things that TNA makes and focus only on the negatives which, to be frank, is not fair at all!!

As for TNA, I really have to thank them in taking part in this. Olympic wrestling is an important sport and canceling it was a really bad decision and a betrayal to the Olympics, especially when you hear that they wanted to bring baseball to the Olympics. ”WHAT!?”  Why doesn’t TNA try to take part in more campaigns like this?! Why doesn’t TNA try to do more social activities?! Such things bring more attention towards the company. And with the star power TNA has, imagine if TNA used Hulk Hogan in a campaign.  Think about the buzz!! Marketing isn’t only about having advertisements or going to radio stations, the best thing about marketing is that you have the chance to think outside the box.  Since TNA is on the road, they have a chance in making an impact in the city they are visiting by doing activities or starting some sort of a campaign. For example, go do sports instead of being a couch potato and advertise the Jeff Hardy fitness app.  There are a lot of things that TNA can do to make more impact, but the main message that I want to send through this article is ”Thanks Kurt and Dixie (TNA) for taking part in saving wrestling”…..


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  • TCB

    I will admit; when this was first announced I expected WWE to make a major stand on this. And lo and behold that didn't happen. It was TNA who took the stand to it. Even if TNA should have done a bit more in trying to get their name out there with this campaign in my opinion, I was surprised that it was they who participated in this movement more than WWE.

    • Jeff

      I am not surprised about wwe not making a stand.remember in wwe they are not called wrestlers, they are called “superstars” and they don’t do professional wrestling, They do “sports entertainment” so to sum it up not surprising IMO.

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    It is not a right decision taken by the Olympic Committee. Wrestling is an ancient sport and a corner stone in the Olympics and many people is joint with this games. I also like Wrestling as a sports..