The Final Members Of The Main Event Mafia

Main Event Mafia

Wow, what a crazy week of Impact we’ve had! Leading up to the show I wasn’t expecting the X-Division to feature in the show, let alone a character like Suicide…but I must give kudos to the creative team here. For weeks they’ve been pushing Chris Sabin- the comeback hero, who recovered from 2 ACL injuries to capture the X-Division title. Surely, Sabin was getting the chance he deserved in a match against Bully Ray at Destination X for the TNA Heavyweight Title, by cashing in the X-Division championship (or as it has been referred to, choosing option C). What we got was something entirely different. If Sabin had of cashed in, he most definitely would have lost to Bully Ray, who would have continued on his steamrolling path of destruction towards Bound For Glory. The TNA creative team steered us down the predictable, idyllic road where we would have seen a deserving guy get to realise his dream, but this Thursday that dream was sent crashing into a heap right from the first match. Sabin dropped his title to “Suicide”- someone else would be challenging Bully. Once again- the creative team did a fantastic job- no-one saw this one coming!

Now we’re staring at fantasy world title match up in Austin Aries-Bully Ray. These two have put on some amazing contests before, and despite the size difference, telling a compelling and believable story in a wrestling match. Austin Aries will probably lose, right? He’s still in the BFG series so he could lose and still meet Bully down the track. But let’s stop and have a think about it.


Sting and Kurt Angle, the “godfathers” of the Main Event Mafia (if you will), want to talk to “the masked man”, referring to the Suicide who won the X-Division Title earlier in the night… the same person we now know to be Austin Aries. Bobby Roode pauses in front of Sting and Angle, who grin maniacally at each other, like movie villains hatching an ultimate plan. Sting and Kurt Angle, in their opening promo, reminding us that the MEM is a family of former world champions. Sting, Kurt, Joe- all former TNA world heavyweight champions… and to round off the list- Austin Aries, & Bobby Roode.


Austin Aries got an almost babyface reaction after his unmasking on Thursday. Bobby Roode, was hardly heelish in his match with Magnus. The two dirty heels haven’t been as evil as of late. We know they can get along with each other, and they both desire the world heavyweight title. So will Aries lose at Destination X? Why is TNA pushing a feud with Hulk and Bully? You have to ask yourself- is Hogan going to challenge for the World Title at BFG, or even before it? HH has been on twitter, talking about getting in shape for his “last go round”…wait a second. Haven’t HH and Bischoff pulled our legs like this before- we know they love fooling gullible IWC members! I think Hogan will fight Bully at BFG, but I don’t think Bully will be WHC.

Austin Aries

So will Austin Aries be our next world champion? If he joins the MEM, he may just be.

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  • john

    Roode and Aries are notthe only likely mem candidates you have AJ, Jeff Hardy, Storm, Daniels and Hogan baring a surprise return of eiiter Steiner, Booker T (least likely) Jay Lletal, or improbable appearance of someone like Batista.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    we have seen aries and bully ray in a match so much all ready why not do something new for once

    • steidman

      bitching and whining the only thing you do?

  • Brad Drysdale

    Yes we've seen Bully/Aries before but only twice (pretty sure), which never had the world title on the line. And anyway, they put on great contests so why not? It's definitely not overkill, which I can't say the same for an AJ/Daniels feud, for example. Austin Aries deserves to be in the main event picture- he's an revolutionary wrestler, has great mic skills, presence and charisma, so I can't really argue against this move.
    He's also got a huge following…as he said last week, fans at every arena chant his name and want to see him at the top of the ladder.

  • pops

    Great comments dude- luv your stuff

  • Jamie Gregory

    my body is a cage, that keeps me from dancing with the one i love, my mind is the key…

  • lenny brunson