The Fine Line Between Kendra And Alex – Hogan Against Dixie, TNA Manhandling WWE, Bobby Roode’s Contract, Bully As President, Booking Matt Morgan

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Fine Line Between Kendra and Alex. I am grateful that we can bring this to you every week. Even though this is our third week doing this, I feel like everyone can pick our minds as so what we think about various topics. If you haven’t noticed yet, Kendra and I are going back and forth between TNA Wrestling and WWE. This week is TNA and next week will be WWE on! If anyone has questions for next week that you want us to answer, please write them in the comments! Also, give us your thoughts about this various topics and who you agree with more! We love hearing from you! Without any further delay… it is time to walk that fine line between sanity and insanity. It’s time for The Fine Line Between Kendra and Alex!

What are your thoughts on Hulk Hogan throwing Dixie Carter under the bus, again?

Hulk and Dixie

Alex: This question comes from Hulk Hogan’s recent interview about his contract back in 2012. He said he didn’t know it expired and Dixie Carter didn’t know it expired. He found out 10 days after the contract was up. Now, how is he throwing Dixie under the bus? Why, because she didn’t know? Heck, Hulk didn’t even know. I would expect myself to know more about my contract than my boss. I mean, you signed the papers. You should know what you are signing. If Hulk can’t remember the date of when it expired, how did he remember anything else? I am sure his contract has something in there about promoting TNA. We don’t see that too much when he does television or radio appearances.

Hulk has thrown Dixie under the bus multiple times. The thing is, it is just his opinion. He thinks Bobby Roode should have been TNA World Champion during the UK Tour, but Jeff was the champion. It shows that Hulk doesn’t have as much power in the company as people think.

Getting back to the point though. Did Hulk’s contract expire with him not knowing? I don’t know. I would surely remember something as big as that. Was Hogan focusing on the business to much? Hey, TNA was making some serious strides back then by going live and they were probably talking about going on the road. I really can’t blame either one about Bobby Roode’s contract mishap though.

If you didn’t know, Roode’s contract expired last week and TNA forgot about it. Roode, on the other hand, didn’t forget. What was Roode trying to do though? Was he trying to see if TNA really wanted him? Was he testing them? If my contract was coming up, I would certainly ask my employer about it. I wouldn’t want to go without a job. Could Roode go to WWE? Sure, but we have to wonder where they would put him in the company. Every company has divisions. Hogan and Dixie aren’t the ones in charge of contracts. That goes to one person. That person in charge of that department is Bruce Prichard. Bruce should be wrapping his head all around these contracts. For Roode, that is his fault. As for Hogan’s contract… I don’t think Bruce was there yet.

I think people are looking into this more than it should. This was last year. It certainly got people talking though.

Kendra: I’m really disappointed in Hogan for the number of times he’s undercut Dixie in the media, but not at all surprised. This most recent contract issue is not the first time he’s done it, and it’s not something that anyone would get away with in any other industry. I can’t think of another industry where someone can openly bash their boss and keep their job. I don’t know if that’s something about the entertainment industry, the wrestling industry, or something about TNA. Personally, if I was the owner of a company and I found out that someone, no matter high up they were, was very openly bashing me, they would be called into a meeting and the problems would be discussed behind closed doors. That Dixie very obviously hasn’t stepped up and nipped this in the bud shows what little control she has over her company as a whole. Hogan and Bisch are running TNA out from under Dixie, and while she’s the figurehead, it’s obvious that she doesn’t have control of the employees in any way. The inmates are running the asylum, and if Dixie doesn’t step up and take control, they’re going to run her right out of business.

Do you think TNA is handling social media better than WWE? Why?


Alex: There is no question about this that TNA does a better job at social media than WWE. While watching both companies for the past couple of years, I can honestly tell TNA moved into that department first. I remember the commentators saying that Dixie Carter is on Twitter and you should follow her. I remember the show promoting TNA’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Shortly after, WWE started to do the same thing. Theirs grew much faster though. They took it a step further with Touts and Youtube, but that doesn’t mean they handle it better. They could have tons of social media sites, but how are they utilized? I remember the Touts on Raw where horrible. Half of the show was focused on social media. Give me a break. TNA took a different route.

They started using social media to further things. They are using it to push things along. WWE is there to be the top trend and create a lot of exposure while TNA is using the sites to enhance. Just look at last week alone. I criticized TNA that they booked Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Parks for Sunday. Well, the day after I wrote that piece, Joey and Parks started to build the feud on Twitter as they constantly tweeted back and forth with insults. The most important one so far is Brooke Hogan’s reaction from Bully Ray’s turn. I thought people were going to go after her by saying it is real, but I haven’t seen that. Instead, they are praising her and the company. I always never criticized Brooke’s work. While I don’t see her actually taking spots from other people on the show, I do like how she is wrapped up in this story with Bully. It worked perfectly. She is doing a great job. I always felt TNA did a better job on Twitter than WWE. While WWE may be better on Facebook, I do see more interaction on TNA’s end. I do think TNA has the upper hand social media.

Kendra: Yes, and no. I think the WWE has done a good job of setting up parameters for social media, and the things that the wrestlers are and are not allowed to on Facebook and Twitter, but many of the Superstars come across really boring. Some of them have ended up in Twitter wars with people outside of the WWE, but they have mostly been with other athletes or other stars, rarely with fans, though I admit that most of the WWE Superstars have been pretty decent to the fans on a whole. Now that Trip and Steph are on Twitter, they’re helping push the WWE, in a very clean and wholesome way. It seems a bit austere and scrubbed clean compared to the WWE I grew up on, and because of that it feels very fake. I think the WWE is missing the ball in a big way and are constantly playing catchup. I think the WWE really needs to step up with social media, more than just talking about trending on Twitter and pushing Touts each week on RAW.

TNA has less stringent rules on Facebook and Twitter, but we’ve seen that they’ve had some issues because of it. It was a couple years ago that Daniels was posting partying pics on Twitter, then he got pulled over for a DUI. He didn’t have a leg to stand on. It seems as though those in TNA get involved in a bit lower brow wars. The biggest names on Twitter have been Hogan, Bisch and Brooke. Hogan has constantly shoved his foot in his mouth since joining Twitter, as has Bisch, but in very different ways. There’s been Hogan bashing Dixie and his ex-wife on Twitter, Tweeting pictures of his own daughter with comments that many find a bit provocative – not very professional. Also, as I have said in the past, I have been blocked by both Hogan and Bisch, quite a long while ago. I don’t think I said anything too bad to either of them, but obviously they disagreed. I just went back and while I spoke strongly to them, I don’t think I overstepped my bounds, but that’s just me.

Hogan has proven that he is ruled by his emotions online, and while it can be good, it can also be bad. It was good for WNW when Hogan didn’t like what Richard said, but it can be very bad for TNA as a whole. Hogan’s daughter Brooke, on the other hand, has really stepped up and used social media, Twitter to be specific, beautifully. After Lockdown Brooke got on Twitter and stated that Bully turning heel and being the President of A&8′s was not how the show was booked, not how everything was supposed to go down, and how terribly hurt she was that her husband went bad and did horrible things to her. I thought Brooke was brilliant in how she handled this storyline on social media and should be given the props she deserves for it. Brooke has stepped up and has proven me wrong over and over. I ripped on her for nepotism in a huge way, but she’s proved that she can be fantastic on camera and proved that maybe she got the job because of her father, but that she could more than do the job she was given. More than I could say for a certain Bisch boy, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

I think both TNA and the WWE should look at how Brooke handled the most recent storyline and think about this going forward. They both have a lot to learn, but they are both making strides in their own way. If I had to pick one over the other, I think TNA is stronger right now, but only for Brooke – her father and Bisch have pulled TNA down with their unprofessional quips.

What are your thoughts on Bobby Roode’s contract mishap?


Alex: This was basically the biggest news story of last weekend. It certainly caught me off guard. In fact, when I first heard about it on Twitter (which is where I usually first read things), I didn’t believe it. I didn’t think this thing could happen. Well, what happened? It happened!

I saw that article on about this and I was stunned. How can this happen? Bobby Roode is one of the most talented people in TNA and his contract just expires? Were there any talks? It is said that Bobby knew his contract was up. I am glad he knows the details about his contract, as everyone should (including Hulk), but wouldn’t Roode say something? I mean, he would be without a job! I know if I was going to lose my job, I would certainly contact the employer. Did he think he could go to WWE easily? We know how that goes. They barely get signed and if they do, they keep you down. TNA has a lot of talent, but WWE has twice as much. They can’t even focus on the people now. They can’t even book CM Punk correctly. How are they going to book Roode?

The problem I have with this is… Bruce Prichard. He is the guy that oversees performer’s contracts. Didn’t he know about this? He should know contracts inside and out. That is his job. That is why he is in the company. Talent relations! I like Bruce. I think he is good for the company, but this can’t happen. It should never happen! I mean, who just forgets about a person?

Maybe Roode was trying to test TNA. Maybe he was sending them a message, an inside message to himself, on whether or not they notice. I have no idea and this is very scary. I know TNA doesn’t do great business, but I didn’t think they would be this bad. I am glad they worked something out.

Kendra: It seems as though there’s more issues in TNA than we had thought. It seems as though whoever is in charge of contracts – Prichard – has been dropping the ball in a huge way. From the sounds of things Hogan deals directly with Dixie with his contract, something I’m not sure about as it seems like Prichard’s job as Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations. I’ve always liked Prichard on screen, and I thought he was decent with his desk work, but it’s not looking like it these days. There’s been so many people who have had contract issues with TNA over the past couple years. Between the huge cuts in pay for the Knockouts, and how EY’s contract in 2010 was financially cut in half! Then there was the issues with EY’s newest contract when there was big questions about whether he was staying or not. There’s been big issues with RVD’s contracts since he first joined TNA, and it looks as though he’s still having contract issues. Continuing on you have Devon who’s contract was up before anyone knew it, and I’m not believing it was storyline for A&8′s, they dropped the ball with Devon in a huge way. TNA was lucky enough that Bully continued working for a time after his contract had run out and while they were working out his new contract. Then there’s Roode’s newest contract issues. To me that screams serious problems with the person in charge of the TNA wrestlers’ contracts. I don’t know exactly where the ball is being dropped because I’m not working in Talent Relations in TNA, but obviously there’s a serious issue there somewhere. I’m not saying fire Prichard and hire someone else, but maybe it’s time to bring someone in who can work with Prichard to make sure this doesn’t keep happening. If TNA continues on in this way they’re going to end up with a huge lawsuit on their hands if they’re not careful, and that could set them back in a huge way.

Was making Bully Ray the president of Aces & 8s the best idea?


Alex: There were so many people as candidates to being the president of Aces & 8s. You had AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Eric Bischoff, Bully Ray, Brooke Hogan, and Hulk Hogan. I am sure there were more but those were the main names I heard. Lots of them make sense. In fact, you can give a story for each of those stars and it would make sense. Will it go over? I think they would if booked correctly. AJ Styles as the president would be epic. Jeff Jarrett coming back would be awesome. Hulk Hogan being the president may be a stretch, but it could have worked. None of that matters though. Bully Ray is the president. Now, was that the best idea?

I would have to say yes and no earlier in the week. I really thought they could have done Jeff Jarrett. But, after watching Impact Wrestling, I can honestly say Ray worked out to be the best idea. Not only does it make logical sense, but he fits the bill. When Ray was heel about a year and a half ago, I said he was probably the best heel in the business. He slowly turned face and he made the compassionate big guy work. He turns again and is now that best heel. In fact, he is more over now than he was when he first turned into the bully. He is so over, a fan punched him after Impact Wrestling in Chicago! This man has talent!

Richard is saying that he thinks there could be someone else involved higher than Ray, but how can you get any higher than president? Would you name the person God? We will have to wait and see, but I honestly think Ray was the best idea. Worked beautifully! He is my #1 heel!

Kendra: I think making Bully the President of A&8′s was a very smart move. Was it the best move? I’m not sure of that, but I do believe it was smart. Bully has more than proven himself this past year. He has stepped into a role that I didn’t think he could handle. Bully has been the best face, and it’s something I didn’t believe I thought he could do. He proved that being a face doesn’t have to be all sweetness and light, that you can be edgy and interesting and still be a good guy. But Bully pulled off mannerisms that I didn’t think he had in him. It was the little looks and touches between Bully and Brooke that shocked me. Yes, of course he can make out with her, but it was the sweeter moments that got me – the touch of hands, the looks between them, the gentle caresses – that showed serious talent from Bully that I didn’t think was in there. That growth has made his heel turn something so much more powerful. Bully is arguably one of the best heels in the business, and has been for the past twenty years, so putting him in A&8′s was a great move. Even better was how it was handled. I’m still wondering if Brooke is going to turn heel on her father, but that’s something to be addressed later. Bull Bully in A&8′s is a natural, and something I’d been calling for since the inception of A&8′s. When Bully went off that he’d fooled all of us for the past nine months, I had to respond that he’s wrong. Some of us did see it coming.

But should Bully be President of A&8′s? I don’t think so. I see Bully as more of the VP, right behind either Jeff Jarrett or AJ styles. To me those are the men who have the biggest issues with TNA, and one of them should be the leader of the group. But while AJ has a huge beef with TNA, I don’t think he could pull off being that much of a bad boy, that he could be the leader of the biggest heel faction in the history of TNA. I love AJ, but he’s not the best heel. But even bigger than AJ’s beef with TNA, there’s JJ’s. Jeff Jarrett has huge issue with a lot of things in TNA, so why not direct all that ire into being the president of the biggest bad TNA has ever seen? JJ wasn’t really involved in nWo in any big way, so why not bring him back as the President of A&8′s? To me that feels really right.

How is Mat Morgan being booked?

Matt Morgan

Alex: I have always been a fan of Matt Morgan since he has been in TNA. In fact, I liked him in WWE, but I feel like we got to see him preform better in TNA. I remember him in 2009 as he was one of the people that was trying to get into Main Event Mafia. He certainly didn’t join in, but I recall him facing Kurt Angle. That really sold me as Matt being a big competitor. Matt was able to keep up with Kurt which is something that is so hard to do. Since then, I was rooting for Matt to be TNA World Champion. We never saw that. The past year, we haven’t seen Matt at all. We seen him in a commercial for Direct Auto Insurance. That was it. Usually if you are in a commercial, the company promotes you so it promotes the commercial with promotes the company. Nope. Matt was nowhere to be found. He is a talented guy! It all came down to his contract. It was expiring and he wanted to go to WWE. Well, WWE and TNA had that litigation and no one was able to go from TNA to WWE. Matt couldn’t go. He didn’t want to be without a job. He wanted his name relevant. He stayed with TNA.

We seen him join with Joey Ryan, which makes sense but really shouldn’t have happened. Last week, Matt attacked Jeff Hardy in his match. This week, he went after Joseph Parks. How does that make sense? You can’t attack the World Champion one week and then move to Parks the other week. Main eventer to mid-carter. Please! I wouldn’t even do that. It looks like they are trying to find a place for Matt. He is all over the place. We know he is against Hogan, but he isn’t with Aces & 8s. Maybe he should be. I really don’t see him thriving as a singles star with Aces & 8s around. Matt can’t go after the title. He can feud with Jeff Hardy, but Jeff may still feud with Bully. Matt deserves to be on television. He deserves the spotlight, but where are you going to put him? The booking of his character is crazy. I like his heel character, so I would stick with that, but I would make him team with Joey for the titles for right now. They already did that, but make them unstoppable. Until TNA clears up with Aces, Matt is stuck floating around the scene with no real purpose.

Kendra: I’m really worried about Morgan in TNA. TNA worked really hard to get Morgan back, and pulled it off, but now I’m worried. I know Morgan can do whatever is put in front of him, the problem is that the character they have put Morgan into isn’t a character. All I’ve been seeing is Morgan with a beard being totally pissed off at Hogan. I read that Sting has really been behind Morgan backstage, and pushed him to grow the beard, something I think would work if Morgan wasn’t still dressing the exact same way he always dresses. The jeans and same t-shirts are just not working. If he wants to be a character, he really needs to work with Sting and creative to come up with a character and a style of dress to go along with it. This same Morgan in the same clothes doesn’t work. And what happened to the cape he ‘stole’ from Hogan? I’m sorry, but that was not the same cape Hogan used to wear. It looks close, but the fabric is wrong. The biggest problem is that after only a couple weeks, the whole cape idea was dropped and we haven’t heard or seen anything about it since.

I’ve been very vocal about Matt Morgan Syndrome in the wrestling industry, and it appears that Morgan is still suffering from it. Okay, so Morgan is mad at Hogan, so he’s taking out what he calls Hogan’s mistakes. That could work really well, and it’s a step in the right direction of Morgan looking dominant. The problem that I have with all of this is that it’s not a character, and really not much of a storyline. What TNA really needs to do is work with Morgan to build a character, make him into something. If you look at some of the best characters in wrestling, they’re more than ‘a big guy who is mad at the boss’, they are not just a flat character type, and that’s what Morgan needs to break out of. I think that’s been Morgan’s problem for much of his wrestling career, from stuttering in the WWE to changing his flat character type up ever couple weeks when whatever it is they decided to try didn’t work right off the bat. I think it’s a problem both TNA and the WWE are having right now, they’re not giving their wrestlers time enough to build their characters into something the fans will either love or hate. If it’s not working within a couple weeks, they change it up, so of course it won’t work! Morgan has been one of the biggest victims of this problem, which is why I’ve been calling it Matt Morgan Syndrome. If Morgan was built into an actual character, he would be unstoppable!

Thanks everyone for reading. What questions do you want us to answer for next week? Who do you agree with more? What are your thoughts on these topics? Walk the line!

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  • Mark Freeman

    'Richard is saying that he thinks there could be someone else involved higher than Ray, but how can you get any higher than president? Would you name the person God?'

    I'm still thinking as Double J as the man behind it, he could be the financial backer. He wants his company back and is using the money Dixie gave him for TNA to take down TNA. It could then lead to A.J as Jarretts right hand man. Not so much members of the group more so advisers. Jarrett with the money and A.J with the close relationship to Dixie that has meant he could could feed Bully and the Aces inside info.

    • Anthony Moorman

      Or you could have someone as the “Founder” which to me says Jeff Jarrett