The Future Of Sting Amid TNA Uncertainty

sting11With all of the questions, skepticism and controversy surrounding the current state of TNA Wrestling, the question that I have is one that is not being addressed by the IWC or TNA themselves. That question is really quite simple.

What about Sting?

Remember Steve Borden, the most tenured active professional wrestler today? Remember the two United States Championships (remember when the belt actually meant something?), or the four tag team championships? Or how about the NWA title reign, his six WCW World Titles reigns and capturing the TNA World Title four times?

Remember The Stinger?tumblr_lsrami0vMI1r4ocu1o1_500

Well, I haven’t. I’ll never forget seeing Sting alongside Jim Helwig (Ultimate Warrior) as the Bladerunners in the old UWF as a kid and how they had a ominous presence that even the Road Warriors and Demolition didn’t have. He moved on to have brilliant 5-Star matches and feuds against legends Ric Flair and Larry Zbyszko. He’s been a teammate of the late-Eddie Gilbert, the Fabulous Freebirds and an ally (and eventual victim of the Road Warriors. This is a man who has stood beside TNA Wrestling since 2003, and was even the first (and only) inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. He’s a friend and mentor in the locker room and has provided balance to the TNA locker room since the day he arrived. Jeff Jarrett knew what he was doing when he convinced Sting to abandon the idea of finishing in the WWE by bringing him in and keeping him there. However, with no current direction and the disastrous New Main Event Mafia run, is it time for Sting to jump to WWE?

400fullI was once an opponent of Sting joining the WWE because I thought Vince and Triple H would work to bury him, likely underneath a Tombstone by The Undertaker at a future Wrestlemania. Although I am against a WM job to Taker, I have realized that, with proper booking, Sting could end his historic career with the WWE, where the exposure is there, the audience is there and the money is there. TNA poses to many unsure questions for Sting to properly plan his departure as an active wrestler. A true legend, Sting needs to go out on top. Not necessarily with gold around his waist, but with the respect he deserves after nearly 30 years in the ring. TNA is not in the position to offer such a sendoff.

Sting_(wrestler)However, WWE could use this as a momentum for Wrestlemania. If not a match against the Undertaker, how about Sting vs. Chris Jericho or Sting vs. HBK in Hardcore for Christ match? Or think of Sting vs. Ziggler or maybe CM Punk. What about retiring the US Title after Sting vs Dean Ambrose? The possibilities are endless, especially if you consider a RAW debut squash against Heath Slater! Ah, I could see it now…..

The upside to signing with WWE would be too much for Borden to resist, considering the state of TNA.  WWE knows what the financial upside to signing Sting would be tremendous and with legends making appearances on a part-time basis (HBK and Bret Hart), the time is now for WWE and The Stinger to come together. I’m not saying that Vince should give Sting the WWE Title, in fact I would be against that as much as I would be against another Hulk Hogan title reign (ugh, just the thought is sickening)  I would just like to see him go out the way he came in.

Not on the proverbial ‘Top,’ but with all the respect he has worked so hard for, the same respect he rightfully deserves. If TNA can’t offer that, Steve Borden should move on.


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  • lord of honor

    sting, thanks for 10 years in tna, but it's time to move on- tna can't afford your wages anymore. maybe, someday, when the finances improve, you can come back as a GM or somit, but not a full time wrestler

  • Sean

    'Sting vs. HBK in Hardcore for Christ match' – lol, what a suggestion. Both are strong christians with the 2 part of many christian involved events, but thats a Vince Russo style match just there.

    'I would just like to see him go out the way he came in.' – if this is in reference, not to the sting with short blonde hair, but the sting who had a dark character, which attracts the wrestling world to a great feud with the Undertaker, then definitely. WWE's ability to ignore TNA incidents will help, but Sting will need to rebuild that character, specially with a different Sting over the years

  • jblack424

    Sting vs ambrose retire the us championship. (Gold)
    Shield has to be in the card and by that I mean all 3 so I go- Rollins vs mysterio for cruiserweight title tournament final. Reigns beating goldberg.

  • Steven kelly

    I see n hear your points but i think sting wants the tag of the greatest wrestler never to have signed a wwe contract or wrestled for vince. The man is a legend tna just needs to light a fire in his soul because everybody can see hes not happy with how tna are booking him hes a shadow of what he was in the ring and it all started with the loss to bully ray. He has nothing left to fight for in tna. They need to give him that bk recent events i cnt mention cause of spoilers would have bn perfect to give him his fire back and there is still a way to do it but i doubt tna will

    • TNAChris

      He can’t even sit on the scorpion death lock anymore, he’s done.

    • yas

      don't forget that sting has wrestled for wwe under a wcw banner

  • Elron Savage

    Sting has always been one of my four favorites (the others being Bret Hart, HBK, and The Rock), and I have always wanted to see him in WWE. But I have my doubts about two of the names that this article named to have him face. I like Dolph Ziggler's momentum, but I do not think he is there just yet. Dean Ambrose I strongly am against. I don't even like his mic work. I am a fan of Rollins and Reins, but not at all of Ambrose, so he doesn't deserve to even be in the same breath as the Stinger.

    I agree with a Jericho/Sting, Punk/Sting, maybe even an Orton/Sting or even if he would do one more match, an HBK/Sting. However the battle I think would be a great one would have to be a Bryan/Sting. Bryan is at the top of his game, he has worked so hard, became extremely popular, and I think he would deserve a match with wrestling's best. He and Sting would give a great match without a doubt. What do you guys think? WM30 Daniel Bryan vs. "The Icon" Sting. My thought: YES! YES! YES! YES!

  • paula gasbarre

    just love THE ICON STING!!! he will always be my #1 wrestler of all time!!!! some people say they don't need him in TNA they do big time! I wish he was still GM I really thought he was good at it he did turn them around not like Dixie doing now! And I really loved what sting did to EC3 last week!

    • chris

      the general manager on pro wrestling shows is a just a tv character.

      sting is NOT going to wwe. he is too old. he will be 55 years old in march. McMahon has no use for a middle aged steve borden and he is not going to put him on the biggest stage in pro wrestling just to do him a favor.

      sting did not have the guts to join wwe when wcw folded in 2001. he missed his chance and now he should stay in tna's soundstage and end his career with a whimper.