The Future Of TNA On One Man’s Shoulders

Today marks 6 months until my 31st birthday. Now I’m not one for bothering about my age, it doesn’t really scare me. That was until my wife kindly commented that after today I will always be closer to 40 than I will 21. And that made me think of this article. Where will we be when i’m 40?

In the last ten years (or just over) we have seen WWF become WWE, WCW and ECW gone, Cena,Punk and Orton took over from Triple H, Rock and Stone Cold. We saw a Rated R decade of decadence, the end of an (attitude) era and the birth of TNA.

A lot can change in ten years in wrestling, new stars come through and old stars fade away, and as much as I always say the WWE doesnt promote their mid card talent you can look through the roster and pick people that realistically could be new main event guys in a decades time. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for TNA .

Yes in ten years time we could still have Austin Aries, James Storm or Robert Roode but they have all been in the main event spots. Looking through the TNA roster there’s very few names that haven’t had the chance yet that I think could be the face of 2023. In fact I can only pick 1 name . As with all my posts I’m not judging this on wrestling ability, I’m judging this on what I see in a world champion/main event and that’s believably. I need to believe that they are the best at that time, whether it be by selling themselves on the mic, looking the part or just the gimmick they have.

That man is Magnus. My first taste of Magnus wasn’t when TNA aired the roman gladiator vignettes it was on the U.K version of gladiators. He played a gladiator called Oblivion or The Big O and along with another guy he was the main heel. He would mock people when he beat them and be truly unsportsmanlike when he lost. I didn’t know back then that he had wrestling training or as we now know he was heading to TNA, all I knew is he played the role to perfection. He was the one shining light in an otherwise mediocre show( this show also featured Mason Ryan from WWE who did less to impress me on that than he has done in WWE. ) So I already know he can talk, and talk well. I love English accents, I believe we have the best accents in the world, yes i’m biased but I do, except when it comes to wrestling promo’s. There’s not many times I hear a English guy get on the mic in a wrestling ring and I’m impressed. There’s a few exceptions, William Regal, Paul Birchall and Magnus but not many more, I think Barrett is amazing but I can’t stand his mic work. So not only can he talk the part but he looks the part and I believe he will be the first English world champion and the future face of TNA but that’s it. I can’t think of another person on the TNA roster that looks like they could be ‘the man’ in ten years time that hasn’t already had that ball to run with. Maybe a year ago I would of given you Jay Lethal, The Pope or Crimson but they have all gone, I know Crimson while not on the roster is still technically with TNA but who knows when or if he’ll be back. Here and now as far as talent goes, its brilliant, for what I want from my wrestling they have the best roster but the future looks bleak.  The WWE has realised now what indie guys can do so that lessens the chances of TNA getting a new A.J, Samoa Joe or Christopher Daniels so they need to start the build now, because as my wife has made me realise, the futures nearer than you think.

I’m sure a lot of you will see people that I don’t, please comment below. I love debating wrestling ifs and buts so have your say.


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  • Alex Barie

    While reading the first part of this article where you wrote that you can't see anyone fit the part as the future of TNA. I was actually thinking, "Magnus!" Long behold. that is the name you brought up. I am a huge fan of Magnus not just by his ring work, but by his mic work and he looks like a champion. I never look at people and say that he looks like a champion as I know anyone can be champion if they have the ability. Magnus does have a great look though.

    We aren't the only ones who like Magnus and think he is the future. Kurt Angle mentioned Magnus in my interview with him back in August. Angle thinks he could be the future. I personally agree with Kurt. Magnus has so much to offer.

    Another guy I am thinking of as the future is Christian York. The only problem is, he can only be the short-term future. He is 35 years old and if he wants to make it to the top, he has to go for it now. There's no way I can see him on top in 10 years.

  • Mark freeman

    After writing this I remembered your Angle interview, for him to only mention one guy speaks volume for Magnus’s future. As for Yorke, as you said he is quite old now so he’s not going to be ‘the future’. Also he looks quite old, every time I see him I can’t help but think he looks like Randy the Ram Robinson(Mickey Rouke the wrestler)

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