The Impact Battlefield

We are almost a month past Slammiversary and it’s a busy time in TNA’s Impact Wrestling. The Bound For Glory Series is in full swing, the X-Division champion will be highlighted against Bully Ray when challenging for the World Title at Destination X, the Knockouts are firing, a new family looms on the horizon, and one Hogan looks like betraying another.

Last week we got to see all 12 competitors go at it in singles competition. Magnus rules the leader board with the only submission victory. Is it time to push him? Magnus must be an absolute pleasure to book as it’s possible to keep him waiting in the wings and building himself for a few more years before his “big push”, which everyone is expecting by touting him as the future of the business. He doesn’t have to win the series this year, and probably won’t. They could keep him hot by giving him the most wins, but ultimately losing the finals- still building the guy but keeping him in the mid-card. The BFG series is great in that it allows for that flexibility.

After Joe vs AJ, which was the match of the night, I decided to jump on the Samoa Joe bandwagon for the BFG series. I don’t think they’ll book Joe to win, but I’d be happy if he finished first-at least that way TNA can acknowledge what a wrestling machine this guy is. What I just can’t understand is why a guy like Joe, or Magnus, isn’t given the TV strap. In my mind it is such an easy way to build these guys into formidable opponents. Let one of them defend the TV title every 2 or 3 weeks (consistently!) for 6-8 months, and have them beat some big names! This pushes the wrestler, as well as gives credibility to a decrepit and virtually meaningless title.

Speaking of titles, we could see the disappearance of two TNA belts in the next few weeks. The TV title is looking like being sucked“back into the Abyss”- we haven’t seen it for weeks and I’m guessing we never will again! Eric Young and ODB also gave up their Knockout Tag Titles, which they technically were never allowed to win… although the roster page has not been updated to reflect the changes as of this writing, I’m expecting these two titles to gradually fade away.

While I’m enjoying the Knockouts action, I was surprised to see the dwindling numbers of ladies left in the division. No wonder they stopped having tag titles! Only Velvet Sky, Gail Kim, Mickie James, Taryn Tarrell were there as active wrestlers, and ODB too, if we can count her. 5 Knockouts in a division? Madison Rayne is having a baby, but where were Tara and Tessmacher?

I haven’t read spoilers for tomorrow night’s Impact, but it’s looking like Chris Sabin will be eligible to challenge Bully Ray for the World Title by cashing in his X-Division title. While I wanted Chris to have a lengthy, active reign at the top of the high-flyers, there’s no way he should miss an opportunity like this. Then will we have a new X-Champion-is it possible for Chris to rechallenge for that title?

The Main Event Mafia… Of course Kurt was going to rejoin Sting! That one was obvious, but still enjoyable to watch. Who’s next? I can’t see them recruiting any former members except Joe. He may want to focus on the BFG series, however…he’s facing Anderson in the Series tomorrow night. Will he rejoin the Mafia in order to get the win over Anderson and the Aces & Eights? I believe so. With 3 original members back in the saddle, there probably will only be one or two more spots. The remainder of the Mafia, will be made up of Jeff Hardy, and Matt Morgan. The Blueprint was so close to joining back in 2009, and if asked, I think he’ll be willing to jump on board. Jeff makes sense because he’s one of the only other wrestlers on the roster with “main event” experience. Is wearing a suit a prerequisite for membership?

Make sure you tune in to watch Impact this week… and stayed tuned for the Battlefield next time.

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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    u will be unhappy with the way they go with the x-divsion title match tonight Brad Drysdale