The Mark’s View On Impact

Here’s my personal view on impact, I will judge each segment of the show with my highs and lows. This is going to be my opinion, I not going to be looking for good/bad wrestling but my feelings on whether I find something entertaining or not.

Bully and the Aces. Followed by Sting backstage


  • Bully was awesome on the mic
  • The crowd were amazing
  • The group all looked good taking down Chavo/Hernandez
  • D-Lo looked great in there too, its nice to see. D-Lo is someone I always liked back in his Nation of Domination Days


  • The camera angle showed us a bit too much of Hernadez when he was coming to the ring, they were very tight trunks
  • It doesn’t make sense that Bully,D-Von or D-Lo would form a motorcycle gang
  • What was with the shaky camera during the Sting section, it was very distracting

****4 Stars – I really enjoyed the start,it set the tone for the night. It was a great way to start the show and the crowd were amazing.

Knockouts tag match


  • Tight trunks not a problem for me here
  • An actual match featuring women wrestlers that I want to watch


  • I like the idea of a female ref for knockouts matches, its different. However it looks like a Gail Kim/Taryn feud is coming.

*** 3 Stars – It really looks like we may be getting beautiful people part 2, so while I’m bummed about losing a female ref  this would be the silver lining.

Robbie T vs Robbie E


  • Rob Terry is British (i’m also British so its nice to see fellow country men on wrestling shows)
  • It was quick


  • I didn’t like the match at the PPV, and I had no interest in seeing this again
  • Big Robs dancing, I would rather be watching Sweet T  - that’s not a compliment
  • I’ve never seen the Jersey Shore nor do I know if its big, but I don’t like the Robbie E character

*1 Star – This didn’t grab my interest in the slightest, I don’t understand having a big build, then a PPV match only to squash the guy the next show, that to me has ended the feud but Lockdown should of done that. The only reason for this match would of been Little Rob winning dirty to carry this thing forward.

A.J returns – Daniels vs Storm


  • Love Bad Influence, I know they are clearly TNA’s attempt at heel DX but I love it
  • I want a L.O.D outfit
  • wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhaaaaaattttttttt a TUSH. That had me laughing
  • A.J taking out B.I and Storm made sense. Is he heel, is he face or does he just not care?
  • Even a missed BME looks impressive


  • A.J looked very Aces and Eights in his leather jacket, so if (and I think he will) he joins them, TNA have spoiled the shock
  • Two top heels should be able to beat Storm
  • I didn’t like the video of A.J’s family and friends, I know it was there to show his downward spiral but we have already seen all this

****4 Stars – This is why I watch wrestling. Great promo at the start, good match and a logical conclusion. A.J coming to save Storm from the team that drove him out then taking out Storm for his part in his fall from grace made sense.

Joseph Parks and Matt Morgan


  • Parks is amazing, when I watch wrestling I like to believe what I’m watching, and for me Joseph is Abyss’s lawyer brother because there is no way these two are the same guy


  • Matt Morgan doesn’t cut it for me, I don’t buy him in this role despite his size
  • Backing down from Parks doesn’t help this, neither does blind sighting him. I know heels are devious but monster heels are supposed to dominant

***3 Stars – This is for Parks, while not the best gimmick ever its played right and believable. Morgan should go back to be Joey Ryan’s enforcer.

I’ve left most of the backstage segment out because they all tie in to the main event. I’m splitting the main event and the closing segment in two along with the backstage segments.

Sting vs Aries 


  • Roode ducking out when Sting said he wanted to fight, perfect thing for a dysfunctional tag team to do. If I was paired with someone I didn’t really like and something came along I  didn’t want to do, I’d try anything to get the other guy to do it
  • Bad Heels – Great tag team name
  • Aries laying on the top rope, even against the Icon Sting adds to his belief that he’s the greatest man ever to live.
  • Some good high flying spots
  • Great believable finish


  • Austin Aries is just a bit too small for me. 
  • Ad break in the middle of the main event

****4 Stars – Again this was perfect for me. The ‘we are better than anyone else’ tag team gloating about a fallen icon, Sting saying he wants to fight and Roode ditching his partner. Great match and neither man dominated or looked weak, I just wish Aries was as tall as Roode as I find it hard to see him as a believable threat to Sting in a straight up fight.

Aces and 8′s/Hulk


  • They looked dominant in taking out the roster
  • Wes and the group taking out Angle again makes sense
  • Bully Ray is fricken awesome
  • All the members looked legit tough except one (see cons)
  • The backstage fallout on the night of Lockdown from Brooke really added to the selling of a ‘real marriage break down’


  • I grew up with Hogan as my hero(ish)(I preferred Ultimate Warrior) but him brooding backstage does nothing for me
  • The club house scenes with A&8′s were just the same stuff we’ve seen for the last 9 months except no masks and Bully talking, They need to do something different
  • Ken Anderson – When they attacked Sting, he stood at the side doing nothing, he didn’t even have a menacing look on his face. He then climbed out of the ring and hit Sting on the backside. This is supposed to be a mean bike gang, yet he didn’t show me anything tough
  • Ken Anderson – During the melee, at one point he was clearly stood in the middle of the ring, no one attacking him yet two feet away Samoa Joe was beating on someone. It was maybe only 10 seconds before he hit Joe  but when your the only member of your group wearing a bright white T-shirt it doesn’t scream hard ass watching someone get a beating.
  • Bully should of taken Hogan out, why wouldn’t he. Hogan had already said he wouldn’t fire the group
  • While attacking Angle made sense, it was supposed to be random so what are the odds of it been Angle. They should of taken out a big heel (someone like Morgan) they still could of taken Angle out sometime later
  • Ad break during Bullies promo

****4 Stars – Again this did what I want a wrestling angle to do, I just need Aces to do more. The same club house scenes for nine months is too much. TNA wasn’t in the impact zone tonight so that could of been the way to lose the club house.

Show Rating – *** 3 Stars. While I’ve scored many segments or matches higher than this, the whole show could of been better. The first impact on the road and I thought they’d do more. I was hoping for maybe one title match. I don’t need a lot of wrestling for a show to be good, as long as everything else serves a purpose. We wasted too much time showing Sting/Hogan and Aces backstage. These could of been done with one or two segments. Matt Morgan and Parks served a purpose because it lead to a match next week and I’m hoping for an Abyss return soon. I’m thinking Morgan Carbon Foot Printing Parks back to OVW and setting up a feud with a returning Abyss, maybe that will help change my opinion on him. When I watch any sport on T.V atmosphere makes it better and the crowd was amazing here, its great to see impact on the road. Good commentary is a must also. Todd Keneley has really grown on me, and with Mike Tenay now doing the history and technical stuff and Tazz been a heel  it really works.

Thank you for taking time to read this and please let me know what you think. This is my first attempt at this and I’d like to know if its something you’d want to read each week. I’d say I’m a semi mark. I know backstage info and how everything is pre planned, however I watch every show like its real, so I’m hoping this is a nice alternative look at impact that’s different to the brilliant blogs over on WNW by Kendra.

Until next week Mark Out

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  • The Ignored Monster

    Their shirts said Dirty Heels not Bad Heels.

    • Mark freeman

      It did, sorry I had bad influence on the brain

  • Kendra Bunyon

    I agree with you on most things, but I’d have liked to see your thoughts on the really bad attack on Angle backstage.

    About your comments on Mr. Anderson. You think maybe he’s a mole? He hadn’t really been involved in a lot of the big attacks, but more than that, he was brought into the group in a very different way from everyone else. I see Anderson turning on the gang before too long.

    Just a thought.


    • Mark Freeman

      Regarding the Angle thing backstage, I always find group attacks backstage a little off. I always seems like two many people in too little a space, so for that reason I didn't mark that as a con purely because it made sense(if it wasn't random as we were lead to believe) for the group to take out Angle again.
      I never thought that about Ken, Ken. It is a possibility. However at this moment he doesn't look like he belongs in the group, and someone undercover should really blend. For everything that's said about Garrett, he sells his character,(For you guys in the know, he may be 'green' and sloppy, but from my view he comes across as someone who is new into the gang, with these big personalities and he's eager to please, which sometimes means he makes mistakes – I know its not, I know he is green but he has an air of believabiltiy) where as mole or not Anderson didn't.
      I do like the idea now though, it has me thinking, it could lead to a great story evolution, and I really do like Anderson, I think that's why I noticed this, I want him to do more, so for me this would be a fantastic twist.

      • Mark Freeman

        sorry on my phone replying

        Regarding the Angle thing backstage, I always find group attacks backstage a little off. It always seems like too many people in too little a space, so for that reason

  • cedric taylor

    I don’t agree with you on everything. I do like how thorough you are. You are a great writer

    • Mark Freeman

      Wow thank you. This site is my first attempt at any form of public writing that's nice to hear.