The Monday Night Wars 2 Began

3 years ago, the wrestling world was filled with excitement. Why? Because TNA Impact moved to Monday nights. It was a start of long and big things to come!

Hulk and Dixie

March 8, 2010 wasn’t the first Monday night show TNA has done. We all remember that historic January 4, 2010 showing. March 8th was different though. While January 4th was a one time thing, March 8th was their first of many of consecutive weeks airing on Monday night. I can honestly say that I was excited and stoked when this was announced. Let’s face it, WWE Raw wasn’t the greatest thing back then. Not only that, it made everyone think of the ’90s with the Monday Night Wars. Oh yes… competition has arrived! We are about to see something amazing take place! The wrestling world will be popular once again!

If you look back before this date, we see TNA firing the first shot at WWE as they went live on a Monday night, aka January 4th. TNA pulled out a lot of stops, but WWE fired back. WWE brought Bret Hart onto their show. This was the first time he would be on WWE TV since 1997! TNA is not going to take that. Would you? I know I wouldn’t. I would want to retaliate! I would want to fire back because no one wants to feel like they got defeated. TNA fired back with their permanent move to Monday nights.

Eric and Hulk

I will be the first one to admit that I watched TNA Impact more then Raw when they were competing. I loved the alternative choice. The problem is, no one was watching with me. I can probably bet people were switching back and forth between shows, but no one stuck with TNA for a particular time. What was TNA doing wrong?

There were numerous things that hurt the company and their Monday show. First off, they started the whole Monday night ordeal right around Wrestlemania time. Who in the right mind would do that? I seriously would not take that chance. TNA must have thought they had the momentum. Did they? They pulled out a great rating on the January 4th show. Was it as good as WWE’s? No way, but it was good for TNA. TNA must have thought they can keep or improve that number. It’s all common sense that they wouldn’t be able to. Wrestlemania is the biggest time of the year for WWE. No one is going to take that away… no matter how bad WWE is. People will still want to tune in.

Weeks past and TNA’s ratings did not improve. They were hurting. In order to save money, TNA started to go live one week and tape another week. That was a huge mistake on so many levels. I can understand they wanted to save money, but did you think you wouldn’t have to spend money in order to compete with WWE? TNA spent lots of money but they needed to spend more. Cutting down to a tape show was not the right choice at all. For example, WCW went live with Monday Night Nitro. Who said they should go live? Eric Bischoff! At that time, Raw was taped. So, if a live show competes with a taped show… you can figure which show would prevail. That is how WCW gained a lot of ground. In fact, Raw had to go live to compete with WCW.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I remember reading a tweet that Dixie Carter sent out. I forget exactly what it said, but it basically talked about where the limit was as to how far they could go. She obviously saw the ratings for the show the night before. It wasn’t good. TNA pulled an 0.8 cable rating. What a disappointment. What a low! Everyone found out it wasn’t working.

TNA Impact had to go back to Thursdays. It was their only choice. They had to regain their viewers. They had to start over. Switching days and times really throws people off. It really hurts the show. That is what Tru-TV did to Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. A show can’t survive.

I personally loved TNA when they were on Mondays, but I personally think it was a mistake to stay on Monday nights. January 4th really helped them. They changing on March 8th affected them. The biggest thing was them taping their shows. We knew they weren’t going to survive. It was a great learning experience for the company. Have they tried Mondays since then? No! That’s good though. They need to build their brand and the company. They need the ratings first in order to peck on Vince McMahon’s door.

So much as changed in TNA since the March 8, 2010 episode. I want to give you a terse overview on what we seen back then:

  • Abyss was sporting the WWE Hall of Fame ring.
  • AJ Styles turns his hooded jacket into a Nature Boy robe.
  • Sting and Dixie Carter can’t get on the same page anymore.
  • Rob Van Dam debuts in the company with a fast win against Sting.
  • Bubba “The Love” Sponge and Kevin Nash are still relevant.
  • Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley were still around.

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